Classic Cleavage - G8F

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Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Classic Cleavage is a body-shaping morph for Genesis 8 Females. I'd been looking for a good cleavage morph, and decided to make my own when I couldn't find one that was quite what I wanted. It actually came out a little "fuller" than I had planned, so perhaps I'll do another some time. Originally made for Genesis 3 Females, this is a version for Genesis 8.

This is what you might call "push cleavage", caused by clothing pressing the breasts together, so it's not going to look right on a naked model.
Unzip the file to your Daz content folder, usually "My Daz 3D Library".

The dial is in the parameters tab: [object name] > Actor > Chest > Real World > Classic Cleavage

The images show the morph applied to a base Genesis 8 model, with no other body shaping applied.

Credits: Head and skin are GDN3A Eliza, Rafaella Hair by Kool, i13 Classroom Teacher Outfit, all from Daz.

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palax73 7:45AM | Thu, 14 May 2020

Thank you mate.


SuperMassive 10:12AM | Mon, 26 August 2019

Thank you!

clell 1:36PM | Sun, 19 May 2019

Thank You :)


james3dmc 8:04PM | Fri, 15 February 2019

Thank you!

IronHide78 6:54PM | Sun, 25 November 2018



Palaemon 5:33PM | Sat, 07 July 2018

Thank you !

Rowwena 8:35AM | Fri, 06 July 2018

Thank you for the tips. I will give them a try to see what works best. :smile:

togs 12:07AM | Fri, 06 July 2018

One more thought - if you're dialing Classic Cleavage into a model that's already fuller figured than the base Genesis 3/8 model, you'll need to adjust your settings to avoid a situation where the breasts cross the center line and start to intersect with each other - at that point it becomes a lot harder to get a good fit.

togs 12:00AM | Fri, 06 July 2018

The other thing that may help are some of the hidden settings in the Parameters tab. With the top I used in the demo images, for example, I got good results with the following settings ON THE CLOTHING: Actor > Chest > CTRLBreastImplants - 25% Actor > Chest > PBMBreastsCleavage - 25% Then I used the left and right pectoral bones, again on the clothing and set the following values: Up-Down 2.5% Side-Side 2.5% Z Scale 110% This was with smoothing off completely, just to see what was possible.

togs 11:44PM | Thu, 05 July 2018

Hi Rowenna, The morph was designed for clothing that accent decolletage - tube tops, bustiers, etc. If you're fitting a sweater, for example, you'd be better off using the default cleavage shaper, or using pose controls to push the breasts together. Some vendors products do better than others - and seem to generally work better with girls with curves - outoftouch comes to mind for example. Smoothing will certainly help - try a value of 4 for smoothing iterations and 3 for collision iterations. Some clothing will also do better with the smoothing type set to "Generic" rather than the default of "Base Shape Matching". Better still would be one of the helper products such as "Fit Control" or "Wear Them All". I hope that helps in a general sense, let me know if you have particular issues - if it's an item I have in my library, I'd be glad to try.

Rowwena 5:20PM | Thu, 05 July 2018

I seem to be having a problem with both the G3 and G8 Versions. The morphs load just fine - but I cannot for the life of me get any clothes to fit over breasts once the morph is applied. Any idea what might be wrong? I am using DAZ version 4.10 Thank You

miketee10021 1:38PM | Wed, 04 July 2018

Thank you!


thelufias 10:31AM | Wed, 04 July 2018

Most excellent...thank you very much


SilverDolphin 3:36AM | Wed, 04 July 2018

Nice morph thanks