Tutorial on Poser Dependent Parameters Part 4

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Part 4 of the tutorial on Poser Dependent Parameters is about Sequential Dependencies. Sequential rotation is illustrated with cumulative, propagating, repetitive, successive and superposed deformations of a folding paper model. Square path design is the basis to explain sequential translation. The examples to support the study of sequential rotation-translation are cable and pulley system as well as dynamic change of animatable axis location of an actor to follow oval and S shape paths. Phantom motion and corrective translations associated with the axis relocalisation are introduced. Sequential morphing examples are the design of multiplicative Master design for tank track motion by repetitive morphs, blending of multiple morphs and postive-negative control of morphs by sequential design.

All examples listed above are components of 8 Poser scene files included with the tutorial.

Work with Poser 8 and above versions

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Kazam561 11:10AM | Thu, 26 January 2017

Thank you again for your tutorials!


smandle 9:43PM | Wed, 24 August 2016

Thank you.


kittykat98 4:47PM | Tue, 05 April 2016

Merci beaucoup...thanks a lot for these tutorials Denis. I learn a lot from them and appreciate the time you put into making them. I'm making some mechanical 'gadgets' with lots of moving parts and your lessons are a big help. This is one reason I stay with Poser, no one ever does stuff like this for Daz3D. Thanks again, Bob in Fredericton (just down the road from you).