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September 13, 2008 2:16 am

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Digital Painting 2 is the sixth book in Ballistic Publishing's d'artiste series, and surely a must to be seen. Like other books in this series, Digital Painting 2 focuses on a small group of four select Master Artists.

The book is divided into four sections, by artist. The artists are: Mélanie Delon, Don Seegmiller, Marta Dahlig, and Daniel Dociu. In each of these sections, you are presented with in-depth tutorials by the artist, a selection of the artist's own work, and an invited artist gallery.

But, there is so much more than that. Each artist section has a full bio and interview with the artist, and plenty of working tips in their tutorials. Furthermore, each artist tells a bit about each of their images presented in the book, as well as their comments on the works of the artists in their invited artist gallery. So, you not only get the chance to see how they work, but also what inspires them, what drives them on, and how they perceive art and use that in their own unique works.


Book Spread


Mélanie Delon is presented first, and whose work graces the cover of the book. She is a freelance illustrator working with Imagine FX, a concept artist for Ubisoft, and currently working on the second volume of her published work, "Elixir". She is a visual storyteller, and her work and tutorials truly reflects that in this collection.


Mélanie Delon, FRANCE


Don Seegmiller is presented next with three in-depth tutorials of his own. Author of several digital painting books, and currently teaching senior illustration courses at Brigham Young University, his specialty is creature design. His works in this book show his diversity in grand fashion.


Red Queen
Don Seegmiller, USA


Marta Dahlig, hailing from Poland, is currently working for Future Publishing. She is another visual storyteller, but unique in that she uses a great deal of symbolism in her work. Her separate pieces on the seven deadly sins, presented in this book, are truly inspiring.


Marta Dahlig, POLAND


Daniel Dociu studied art and architecture, and it really shows in his industrial/abstract works. Once art director for the likes of Squaresoft and Electronic Arts, he is currently working with NCSoft's North American projects. He also offers some fantastic words of advice in the book for getting into the industry.


Daniel Dociu, USA


By their own credentials and art experience, these selected master artists were a perfect fit for this book. Their words, works and tutorials make this book really shine. So, as you can see, Digital Painting 2 is not merely a collection of fine artwork, but a treasure trove of information and inspiration that any digital artist would surely want on his or her bookshelf.

Also, as I've said in the past of Ballistic Publishing, they really provide books of the finest quality print. If you should decide to purchase a copy, you might find yourself seeking the rest of the collection as well.


Limited Edition - $170.00 (USD)
Slip Cased - $69.00 (USD)

About Ballistic Publishing

Ballistic Publishing is the leading, award-winning, independent publisher of books for the digital arts industry. Dedicated to producing the highest quality publications celebrating the talents of digital artists worldwide, it is setting high standards in all areas of publishing from the quality of content, design and delivery to its responsiveness to the market. Ballistic Publishing is based in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, with offices in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and Tampa (Florida, USA).

All supporting images are copyright to their respective artists, and used with permission from Ballistic Publishing.
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September 15, 2008

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