April 2009 Vendor of the Month - Nursoda

April 1, 2009 1:59 pm

Tags: Nursoda, VOM

Who is Nursoda?
his name is Frank van Rueschen, father of two extrem cool teenagers and married with the most delightful woman on this planet
36 years old, male-nurse, 1,85 meters high and mush too fat for this size
he cuts his hair by himself and he drives a 15 years old car - he wears clothing from ebay, he drinks bear, he is a smoker, his childs say he advance very conservativ views and the most delightful woman on this planet´s opinion is, that he spend to mush time with his computer

How long have you been involved in digital art?
i think it was 2002 - i bought a second hand Cinema4D 5Go version and so i became infected

What are you currently working on?
at the moment i work hard to write an interview in a foreign language and also i´m working on a new outfit for Kali - and i hope to accomplish a free stuff upload in the next few days with some stockings, sleeves and a slip figure for Kali and Kelm and there is a folder full of insubordinate , sweet and ugly little guys on my HD that wants to become out of it

What software do you use and why?
silo - its an easy straightforward modelling program without frills and furbelows
Roadkill for the maps - i like free solutions
Photoshop and from time to time gimp
Poser7 and a little bit D|S

Where do you find inspiration for your products?
i think the people around me are my favorit inspiration and every kind of art galeries, garage sales, books like "World Of Fairies"  the drawings of Brian Froud are full of inspiration and they do impress me since i was 6 or 8 years old
and i live in a small town in northern germany with a fantastic nature around and you do not have to be very fanciful to see Goblins and Fairies in every shrubbery
... ok sometimes an object like a trash plastic bag inspires me - especially when i´m tired

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
dont forgett to regale your sweetheart! think free, and for creating the most impressive figures of all, you do not need a computer ;o) everything else comes alone

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
i think more than i realize - in the whole time i played with digital art, the Renderosity galeries gives an high standard to my own ambition and i see many people that worked hard to achieve, hold or outgun this standard and this is a very thrilling and fascinating running movement that entertains me more and more

Do you have any final words?
i will say thanks to all the people that like my products and many thanks to all the people that puchase it from Renderosity. I am very happy to be a part of this fantastic community and i´m very proud of this award

i hope my english is ok - i am dependent on an online dictionary

thanks a lot



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Article Comments

karanta ( posted at 2:48AM Tue, 07 April 2009

Herzlichen Glückwunsch :) Schön, jemanden mit eigenständigen Poser Figuren hier als Merchant des Monats zu sehen :) Ich hoffe, Du wirst noch viele diese fantastischen Figuren machen. Congratulations :) It's very nice to see somebody as a merchant of the month who makes so unique Poser figures :) I hope you will continue to make such fantastic Characters.

Charmz ( posted at 11:16AM Tue, 07 April 2009

Congratulations Nursoda! Your characters are the most unique fae I have seen in 3d. Love them all!

jeanne_50 ( posted at 1:10PM Tue, 07 April 2009

Herzlichen Glückwunsh! Ich war sehr froh als ich meine geliebte Brian Froud Figuren als "lebende" 3D Figuren zu sehen bekam. :)(Ich denke mein Deutsh ist nich halb so gut als dein English :)) Congratulations! I was so happy to see my favourite Brian Froud figures came to "life" in 3D! Keep up on doing the great work! Love, Jeanne

DM ( posted at 2:13PM Tue, 07 April 2009

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser wohl verdienten Anerkennung! :) Congratulations to this well deserved honor!

DarkAngelGrafics ( posted at 5:02PM Tue, 07 April 2009

COngratulations; this well deserved :) Es freut mich ganz besonders, dich (und deine wunderschönen Figuren) hier zu sehen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!

Vanadis11 ( posted at 12:55AM Wed, 08 April 2009

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und ein schönes Interview! ;)

animajikgraphics ( posted at 3:34AM Wed, 08 April 2009

Congratulations Frank! Well deserved honor for such a creative guy! Keep those crazy and wonderful characters coming. Best to you and your family.

HHDrache ( posted at 4:45AM Wed, 08 April 2009

congrats.. well deserved Gratulation.. wohl verdient :-)

Eganko ( posted at 5:53AM Wed, 08 April 2009

Congratulations!!! You deserve it!!!

anny ( posted at 10:05AM Wed, 08 April 2009

Ich gratuliere ganz herzlich! Ich bin ganz begeistert von Kali und Kelm und Loik hat meine Runtime ja nun auch bereichert! Wünsche Dir weiterhin gute Ideen und viel Erfolg!

Contajen ( posted at 11:34AM Wed, 08 April 2009


jennblake ( posted at 2:45PM Wed, 08 April 2009

I just love your work! Congratulations on being Vendor of the Month! Please keep making your own special types of characters. I come to check regularly to see if you have any new toys up in the store. Can't wait till the next little creature arrives! I own them all, and will continue to buy. You are so creative and thankfully unique. Congratulations!

Sparkles ( posted at 3:03PM Wed, 08 April 2009

Congrats...Love your characters and thank you for making such out of the ordinary for us to share. You deserve this much!!

Silver ( posted at 7:09PM Wed, 08 April 2009

Congratulations I adore all of your products!

Amicizia ( posted at 11:41PM Wed, 08 April 2009

Für mich warste ja schon immer der Größte g Ich freu mich riesig über deinen Erfolg.

marforno ( posted at 12:36AM Thu, 09 April 2009

Congratulations...!!! very well deserved...!!!

Conniekat8 ( posted at 1:54AM Thu, 09 April 2009

Congratulations! I love the stuff you come up, keep doing it! Well deserved accolades!!!!!!

Mirabilis ( posted at 3:27AM Thu, 09 April 2009

Congrats! I really enjoy your creativity and the fantasy and quality you put in your products, :)

Pommerlis ( posted at 4:11AM Thu, 09 April 2009

Ich gratuliere ganz herzlich! I love your characters and they inspire me a lot. I think I have them all by now, including the Reipus. It's so well deserved! I can't wait for the next one.

UrbanChilli ( posted at 3:44PM Thu, 09 April 2009

Congratulations. Your figuers are so unique and each have their own personality.

TaLaDesign ( posted at 6:56PM Thu, 09 April 2009

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, man ey das hast ma wieder gut gemacht. Schau nur das bei der Stange bleibst. Alle Achtung und man liest sich ;)

aerodreams ( posted at 3:03AM Fri, 10 April 2009

Congratulations Nursoda! Your characters are the most unique fae I have seen in 3d.thank you

eschen ( posted at 11:28AM Fri, 10 April 2009

Glückwunsch. Der Award ist mehr als verdient. Jede Figur ist besser als die vorherige. Da scheint das Potential noch lange nicht ausgeschöpft zu sein ;-). Congratulations. Although, you're not as long as other brilliant artist in this shop I think you are worth to get it right now. Stay tuned with your work. I still recognize an increase in quality from product to product ;-).

kainxxx2000 ( posted at 10:07PM Fri, 10 April 2009

Congratulations I love the Lada hair!!! keep up the good work!

freak69 ( posted at 12:01AM Sun, 12 April 2009

CONGRATS! and looking forward to your new products in the future!!!im a fan!

crocodilian ( posted at 12:30AM Sun, 12 April 2009

Nursoda is the best. Your work is professional grade, and your characters are truly original creations. There are a very few digital artists who are able to conceive and realize a vision in polygons and texture maps. And the poses they come with are first rate and inspired . . . Frank puts most other efforts to shame.

traeumerle62 ( posted at 10:15AM Sun, 12 April 2009

Herzlichen Glückwunsch ...wusste ja dass aus Dir noch was wird :-)

Jean-Luc_Ajrarn ( posted at 6:41AM Mon, 13 April 2009

Congratulations! Your figures are wonderful. :)

LBAMagic ( posted at 7:25AM Mon, 13 April 2009

Congratulations! Way to go! I love all your offbeat characters. I'm looking forward to seeing all your "insubordinate , sweet and ugly little guys" from your HD.

Sylvia ( posted at 6:51PM Mon, 13 April 2009

CONGRATULATIONS Your Characters are Magical, & always put a Smile in the Heart!!! You are a Sweet & Great Artist & Designer... Thanks so much!! Keep up with your Amazing Work :-}

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