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deemarie · June 27, 2005 6:30 am

In the finest tradition of "punctuated-equilibrium," 3D modeling in the area of medical science has just taken a great leap forward. Under the leadership of Bryan Brandenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Zygote Media Group leads this new millennium with the development of highly detailed 3D models of the human body. Zygote has released a series of male and female models with anatomically accurate muscle, organ, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic and skeletal systems. The full body mesh comes with and without genitalia. So who is Zygote? Yes, this is the long-standing company that brought Poser content to the community for many years. Brian is the first to say that the team at Zygote is absolutely top notch. The designing force, behind the new medical models are; Roger Clarke and David Dunston. Brians description of Zygote, Roger, and David is quite amazing. As principles in Zygote Media Group (founded in 1994), Roger Clarke and David Dunston have directed the companys growth and development into the industries leading source for high-end 3D science content. We founded Zygote with the mission to create and provide the highest quality 3D anatomy and biology content, and our company has always taken pride in delivering what we internally call Zygote Quality. For over a decade, Dave has taken personally responsibility for the companys visual graphics and 3D content quality says Clarke. Davids work has been seen in all sorts of media, from motion pictures and broadcast television to printed publications. Time recently utilized one of Davids renderings as a two-page spread in their June 6th article; Getting Fit From Head to Toe. Rogers work has been widely seen as well. He was instrumental in developing the anatomy seen on the silver screen in films, such as The Fifth Element and Hollow Man. His work is also utilized every day in textbooks, at schools and universities, as well as in pharmaceutical and bio-medical device companies around the world.
The exciting part of these bio-medical models, is that, with some rigging on your part and modern animation techniques, these models can be made to simulate the pumping of fluid through the circulatory system. This can provide a valuable learning and medical diagnostic tool for various blockages. Range of motion simulations from joint implants can be demonstrated to a patient who is about to undergo a joint replacement, or has recently had joint surgery. If you have not already done so, it is worth your while to visit The Zygote web site, and navigate to their bio-medical section to view the animation. Perhaps the greatest excitement about Zygote's bio-mechanical model is their development of a Poser 6 version. Currently, the male medical model is fixed in a standard anatomical position, which does not allow for posing in Poser. However, each of the props, when selected, will appear in the correct position. Each mesh is meticulously crafted to interweave with each system in the body that has been produced by Zygote. These models are high in poly count and consume a great deal of Poser resources if all are loaded at once. However, they load well in Poser 5 and may even have slightly faster load and render times. The Zygote mesh is available for other applications and formats such as 3D Studio MAX, Maya, C4D, HRC, LWO, OBJ, and XSI. Obviously, one can export from Poser and bring the mesh into Bryce, for example. Adamites's X-Ray materials can be used to demonstrate locations of PICC catheters [or modeled orthopedic hardware, or a simple transverse fracture], with Photoshop post-work. An export into XSI, with the Camera clipping plane, is great for a slice view of the internal organs such as the heart model. The internal organs can easily be sized and positioned to work with the standard Poser models. The only limits as to what can be done is up to the user.
When in Poser, in the Materials Room, each model can be re-textured by selecting the individual parts and using a texture you have made in UVMapper, or the future textures to be released by Zygote this summer. Transparencies for the outer membrane of the lungs and heart are especially useful for illustrative purposes.
There will never be a rival to the famed Frank Netter, M.D., who's 6000 plus hand drawn images still dominate todays medical text books. Nevertheless, many 3D artists are turning to models, such as the Zygote medical models, to produce medical illustrations for specialty markets. Trial lawyers, medical product manufacturers, schools, books, brochures, hospitals, hospices, and a myriad of market shares in the bio-medical industry today, utilize illustrations and animations from simple to complex. The better the 3D mesh and product, the more the world turns to 3D for their presentations. Zygote is simply the way of the future. Medical illustrations are not for the light hearted. The Association of Medical Illustrators for example, is a national organization that certifies illustrators who have reached a certain level of medical and artistic proficiency and training. (Renderosity has previoulsy explored the AMI in the following article). Their members are few, distinguished, and well educated. However, you do not need certification to make illustrations if you have great market contacts and great tools. The first step is up to you find your own market. The second step is crucial you must have great tools to deliver in a professional, timely, and accurate manner, and Zygote is that tool!
So what does the future hold? Brian says that the non-compete agreement with his former employer, DAZ, has now expired. Bones (rigging) and texture are being applied to the Poser male model, and the female model for Poser is well under way. Zygote is working with the Association of Medical Illustrators as a sponsor. Zygote will have a booth at SIGGRAPH 2005, so look up Brian, Roger, and Dave and say hi when you visit.

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June 27, 2005

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SndCastie ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 27 June 2005

Wow this is great wish I knew how to do all that thanks for sharing a very interesting article SndCastie

KimberlyC ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 27 June 2005

Wow.. very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

BigRedKane ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 29 June 2005

Cool article, I've always been interested in anatomical effects such as seen in Hollow Man and Fifth Element and always keep an eye out for such content for Poser. However, I question what the price will be on these high quality models, likely they will far exceed the price range of the average Poser Nevertheless, interesting stuff (and some good pics on the site). Thanks for shareing :-)

Crimmy ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 02 July 2005

I too enjoy such things and am fascinated to no end! Hopefully they are within my price range. Keep up the interesting articles!

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