September 2013 Vendor of the Month - StudioArtVartanian

September 2, 2013 1:29 am

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file_497926.jpgCongratulations to StudioArtVartanian for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for September!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is 'StudioArtVartanian'?

This is the 3rd time I have had this great honor, so I'll try not to get you bored by repeating myself :)

Im Joanna, my friends here at the community are calling me Jo. I consider myself an artist to the bone, since I've been involved in arts all of my life. I'm spending most of my day working my 3D projects, to evolve my 3d skills, learning new things continuously, and puzzling myself all the time on how to achieve doing something better than the last time.

I'm enjoyng spending time with my family and friends and a good laugh! I love animals, cats and dogs mostly, as they are in my immediate environment and I feel responsible for them 'cause it's very difficult for them to survive in the cold modern city. I try to feed and take care of as many as I can, but it's never enough. I love watching detective TV series' on season marathons, for relaxation in my free time. I'm intrigued and having fun trying to solve the mystery in advance.

How long have you been involved in digital art?

I've been involved in digital art since 2000. I started by painting digital book ilustrations, and eventually creating 3d content.

Can you give us some hints on what you may be currently working on?

I will try, this could be a little complicated with my style of work as I'm involved in several things at a time. I may be working on something, take a break to start on something new 'cause it seems a great idea...and so on, lol. But, my priorities are my collaborations, as I hate disappointing my co-workers.

Currently, I work on a million things, lol. A collaboration with lunchlady, a pose prop pack for M4, Knights in white satin - an expansion of our Nights in white satin V4 pack. A huge project with renapd and nikisatez, including character, hair and outfit, plus an expansion for my Dawn character Maraki. At the same time, I'm also working on a texture expansion and refits of Alpha scalp, a morph and material update for my old girl Karmir, plus a few more things in the background.

What software is currently in your digital toolset and why?

Blacksmith 3D for texturing and extreme detailed morphing, Hexagon for modeling and morphing, the classic Photoshop, Gimp for image adjustment and 'tablet' painting. Poser 7 to Poser pro 2014, but I create the most of my content in Poser Pro 2010-2012. I keep the older versions for testing my products, Daz Studio 2.2 for testing and creating my DS mats and DS 4,6 pro for creating and testing my Genesis content, plus many little utility programs. Lately, I have also added ZBrush and Reality Paint in my toolset, but I'm still learning those...not quite there yet.

Could you list any current favorites among the products you've created and tell us a bit about their creation?

My latest projects, 1984 Hair and 1984 Apollo, 'cause it was very challenging. I had to work on 2 networked pcs almost all day long, 'cause I wanted badly to have something new in my store for the Blow Up sale, to treat my clients with something new at that time. I'm happy I managed to complete both in time without any compromises on quality. Yet, it wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Jennblake who's our guardian angel! She stood although with a fever to test immediately and make it happen! Thank you so much Jenn, we love you!

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work?

My biggest challenges are Time and Space! Time 'cause there is never enough, till the very last minute I need to add something in my product to make it better, more functional and when I have to have something ready on time, especially when I'm doing colaboretions, that is killing me :) Space 'cause I'm always trying to find ways to reduce my product MB size, especially my hair and clothing. I want them High res, since my goal is to make them realistic and versatile, loaded with morphs, but I also need to limit the MB for better function in Poser and product package purposes.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process, and are there any workflow tips you might wish to provide?

Usually, I start with an idea, something I saw or someone suggested, and I would like to see it in Poser. The next step is making notes and sketches trying to find the "means" of how to bring to life what I have in my mind. I'm collecting references and resources in the project folder and I go on from there.

Most everyone I know would love to work from home, but it does take a bit of self-motivation. What do you consider "best practices" in working from home in this particular field?

Pure love of what you do and at least double the normal working hours. Working from home has both its advantages and disadvantages. You work at the convenience of your own environment, but that makes it longer hours as you get lost in your projects and eventually you forget there's an outside world too. No need to leave to go home. So, loving what you do does take its toll. But I guess this happens even if you don't work at home when you truly love your work.

Do you have any other advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Like I said before, just work on projects that inspire you, this will help you find your style. Never stop working on a product until you're very pleased with it. Keep learning new things and when you get stuck, just Google for the solution. I'm sure you will find a tutorial that will help you.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I Just love Renderosity :) Its my 2nd home, as this community helped me to find more aspects about myself, start a new career creating 3D content, I'm inspiring and learning from other artists, exchanging ideas and helping each other. I believe I've made lifetime friends among the artists and the wonderful Rendo staff!

Do you have any final words or advice for other digital artists?

I want to give a huge thanks to the Rendo community for honoring me again as a VOM, and for the acceptance and support all of you have showed for my work! I will do my best never to disappoint you and I will continue creating quality content for you. As for a word of advice to other digital artists, just work with your heart and truly enjoy what you're creating. It's the best recipie for successful results.


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Article Comments

Tempesta3d ( posted at 1:54AM Mon, 02 September 2013

Very well deserved, she is highly talented and extremely gentle and her creations are inspiring and original.

Pierrot_Lunaire ( posted at 2:18AM Mon, 02 September 2013

WOW!! Great!! Yep, very well deserved award, congrats dear Jo :)

SWAM ( posted at 3:59AM Mon, 02 September 2013

congratulations sweetie :-) VERY well deserved

Anagord ( posted at 5:21AM Mon, 02 September 2013


Frequency ( posted at 5:54AM Mon, 02 September 2013

Amazing artist, very much looking forward to this interview!

Nouschka ( posted at 7:37AM Mon, 02 September 2013

right deserved, she is a stunning vendor with awesome creations!

GrayCloudDesign ( posted at 9:09AM Mon, 02 September 2013

Congratulations!!! Very well deserved.

linwhite ( posted at 10:32AM Mon, 02 September 2013

Well deserved for a great artist and a wonderful person to boot.

Strixowl ( posted at 12:11PM Mon, 02 September 2013

Love Alpha Scalp :)

Mihrelle ( posted at 1:09PM Mon, 02 September 2013

Congratulations Jo, really well deserved !

RodS ( posted at 2:51PM Mon, 02 September 2013

Well deserved! Fantastic products! Congratulations!!

luciferino ( posted at 4:21PM Mon, 02 September 2013

WOWWWW!!!!!! Compliments Joanna !!!!! you deserve it a lot. COMPLIMENTI !!!!!! hugs and Kisses Orietta

matrix03 ( posted at 7:33PM Mon, 02 September 2013

congratulations and one of my favorite vendors too!

Silverwind ( posted at 10:16PM Mon, 02 September 2013

Well deserved indeed! Congratulations! hugs

FroschGott ( posted at 10:39AM Tue, 03 September 2013

My absolutely favourite vendor did it again. :) Congrats Joanna! :)

3dBim ( posted at 2:46PM Tue, 03 September 2013

YES! Congratulations!

LUNA3D ( posted at 3:35PM Tue, 03 September 2013

congrats ;o))) more of all ;o)

scooby37 ( posted at 11:20PM Tue, 03 September 2013

Congratulations Joanna, very well deserved, you are very talented and creative and bring us some wonderful 3D toys.

Savage_dragon ( posted at 7:55AM Wed, 04 September 2013

Congratz, Jo!

emay68 ( posted at 3:57PM Wed, 04 September 2013

Congrats! I love your work and have many of your incredible creations! :o)

julesart ( posted at 6:32PM Wed, 04 September 2013

Congratulations sweetie!!!!! Well deserved for sure! Your creations are amazing!!!!!

Kalypso ( posted at 1:35AM Thu, 05 September 2013

Congratulations Jo! You do awesome work and totally deserve this!

StevenTylerRocks ( posted at 2:31AM Thu, 05 September 2013

Congratulations Joanna!!! Love, love, LOVE your creations! You definitely deserve this!!! = )

shadowborg ( posted at 7:10AM Thu, 05 September 2013

Congratulations!! Love Maraki! the best Dawn character so far

digiPixel ( posted at 12:31PM Thu, 05 September 2013

Ohww .. you look soo gorgeous Hun!! .. Big congratz Jo dear. What else can I say then Love your products .. specialy the hairs winks Keep 'm coming .. You rock!! (and looking forward to your interview :D )

mixart ( posted at 2:36PM Thu, 05 September 2013

. . . ! ! ! Congrats ! ! ! . . .

MarciaGomes ( posted at 4:40PM Thu, 05 September 2013

Congratulations, your products are wonderful.

parrotdolphin ( posted at 10:27PM Thu, 05 September 2013

Congrats Joanna!

ScottAL ( posted at 5:29PM Fri, 06 September 2013

Congratulations, your stuff is really great, very realistic, like it a lot. g

Shaylea ( posted at 9:53PM Fri, 06 September 2013


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