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deemarie · July 18, 2005 7:40 am

Each month we will showcase a Renderosity Artist [or in this case artists] who provides the Renderosity Community with Free Stuff items, in appreciation for their dedication to Renderosity and their generosity and thoughtfulness. This month we are proud to showcase the works of Sharen and Mike Custer, better know to their Renderosity fellow artists as SAMS3D.
Message2345225.jpgTell us a little bit about Sharen and Mike. Okay, Mike just turned 58 and I am 49 we have been together for a really long time, we live in a small town, and will never be very important people. We are real simple folks and we like it that way. We have found: "keep it simple and be kind, never sweat the small stuff or big stuff it just does not matter" I understand you have been modeling for about 13 years. How did you discover Poser? Actually, we have been modeling longer, but with computers since 1991, that is when we got our first computer. Mike was a draftsman and I was a graphics illustrator. What was the first model you created? Our first 3D model was our John Deere Tractor, and I remember my first customer was Marque from Renderosity, she is a doll and we will always be grateful to her. Did your first model work out the way you planned? Oh yes, and more so. We made some money from selling our work and best of all met all these wonderful people whom have touched our lives so, so much. When you're making a new model, do each of you have specific jobs? Yes, Mike does the actual modeling and then gives it to me, I then get it all ready for Poser, Vue, and Bryce, doing the joints and texture maps, zipping it up and getting it on the web page. We both put about the same amount of time and effort in our work. I do some models, but not many, I just don't have time and Mike is much faster and better than me. I do better at the rest of it.
Message2343421.jpg Sundial Current Free Model SAMS3D
Do you have a favorite free model? It would be the rooms, always need a place to put somebody, and especially newbies need a place for their models. So, the rooms that we have created for free are my favorite, cause I know everyone can use them. How long have you been a member of the Poser community, and what do you like best about it?? Weve been a part of the community since 1999 our first stop was Renderostiy. The people, all sorts of people, different backgrounds but yet we all have a common interest. That is very cool.
Message2343416.jpg Relic jgmart Barn by SAMS3D
Can you tell us something about the models you create for the Weather Channel, that are used to help explain weather disasters? Those were fun to do, but the best was watching what the Weather Channel did to them. They called us on the phone and asked if we could create a mobile home, high-rise and some simple houses. No need to texture them that much cause they were going to tear them apart in their animated disasters. When we saw the first viewing we were sitting at our kitchen table having coffee, then all of a sudden we saw our umbrella go by the TV screen, then the mobile home followed all blown up it was fun to watch. Where do you get your ideas for models, and what version of Poser do you use to create them? We get our model ideas mostly from our day-to-day lives, but a lot of the members here write to us and ask if we can do a model for them. Then we offer those for free. I still use Poser 4, but just started to play with Poser 6. Im getting the hang of it and will do more with Poser 6 soon. I like to stay with Poser 4 because there are still a lot of people who can only afford it, and still use it. Someday it will all even out and everyone will be on the same page and hopefully we will too. When you're making your models and nothing is going right ... what keeps you going? On the days that I want to hang it up, it never fails, I will get an encouraging e-mail from someone and that always pulls me back in. To know that I could help someone, that is what really keeps us coming back to it. Funny, I never thought I would care so much for strangers. But, for some reason they all feel like family. Do you have a favorite free stuff provider? I have a couple, of course everyone knows I love the Koshini line and I adore Capsces, the work Beck does, and she offers it always to us. Sixus1; excellent models and good people. The freebies offered here at Renderosity too, from all the members. Really good work, I admire that. Do you have a favorite image created with your free stuff? Actually, I love them all, but I am partial to the Rosemary Baby Carriage we created. I love how that turned out, so the image Nightwalk, by pipinoco, is my favorite.
GalleryImage597136.jpg Nightwalk pipinoco - Rosemary Baby Carraige by SAMS3D
Do you have any advice for people just starting out sharing their models? Yes, be patient, be understanding to those that are using your models, and be willing to correct errors if someone points out a mistake. We have learned a lot by listening to others and have gotten better because of them. What will the next free item be? This summer is very busy for us, but a friend of ours wants us to do an in-ground pool. We want to do that, but we also have to be careful, we don't want to take sales away from others that sell that kind of an item. That will be one, soon but the next one I want to be special, something everyone can use ... that is the hard part and I want it to be good quality. To answer your question, I am just not sure yet. Thank you again, this was fun, and thank you to Renderosity, they will always stay in our hearts forever ... you are the BEST! Sharen and Mike
We invite you to visit: Message2343419.jpg
Message2251852.jpgA special "thank you" to contributing columnist, artist, Angel1, for taking time out of her busy schedule to conduct this month's Free Stuff Artist Interview.
If you know of a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist that you would like to have us showcase, please drop Dee-Marie a note with the artist's Renderosity username, and keep checking the Front Page News, you never know who we will be showcasing next! July 18, 2005

Article Comments

Shadow_Fyre ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 19 July 2005

I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful free items you have provided the community over the years. Your models are high quality and wonderfully done. I just love the basic, everyday items you have done, they always add the perfect touches to our images. The models in your store are awesome as well! Thank you again for such wonderful gifts and a very interesting interview into your lives :) hugs ~weezie

HeavyRay ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 19 July 2005

I'm guessing this will be one of the longest Free Stuff Artist threads, because Sharen & Mike are such great people! I guess guys aren't supposed to use terms like "sweet", but if the term fits... SAMS3D has been one of the pillars of the community as (VERY GENEROUS) free stuff providers, merchants and FRIENDS to so many! They certainly "walk the talk" - appreciate life and each other - and are never embroiled in any of the oh-so-frequent flame wars! Am I biased - probably! I have bought a majority of their models and do consider myself a friend, so I've experienced the pleasure of knowing and doing business with them. These two are the tops, and certainly deserve any/all good things said about them!!!! - Ray

agiel ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 20 July 2005

Congratulations for your well deserved spotlight ! :) It is nice to see your hard work recognized. We will not be able to thank you enough for the help your free objecs have provided to many beginners.

tesign ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 20 July 2005

A big heartest congratulation to you both. You both deserve this so very much for your great and invalueable generosity for the community here, not just free models but quality models. I too must say that I'm very impress with your consistancy in giving. Your thoughts with regards to making free models that may affect those similar on sale show to sya that you are very careful and considerate people too..hard to come by :) Here saluting to Mike and Sharen (standing on chair stacked atop table with both hands above eyebrows).

Lyne ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 20 July 2005

I must say that your freebies are the BEST quality and the most complete I have ever gotten! You are just TOO generous and sweet to our community and to folks "in person"! :)) Thank you both for being who you are!

tradivoro ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 20 July 2005

Hey Sharen and Mike, just wanted to say thank you for all the free models that you've provided all these years... I'm sure everyone in the Vue community has used one of your models at one point or another... thanks for your generosity... You definitely deserve the recognition... :)

Debs ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 21 July 2005

Congratulations to you both!! Your free items were the first I downloaded when I started using poser many years ago.THANK YOU!! Many thanks for all the wonderful high quality items you have provided us all over the years,I am so pleased to see your hard work,generosity and thoughtfulness has been recognised.

svdl ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 21 July 2005

Congratulations, a well deserved recognition for all the wonderful models you share. They all work like a dream! Thank you for your generosity!

masha ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 21 July 2005

A big vote of thanks and appreciation for your fine work and constant generosity. Cheers to you!!!!

faveral ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 22 July 2005

Thank you both both for your generosity, your support to fellow modellers, your invaluable advice and your kindness !

SAMS3D ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 22 July 2005

Thank you all for your support and kind words.

whbos ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 23 July 2005

I've always enjoyed the models from SAMS3D and it's one of my top stopping places to see what's new. The models are all top quality and when I'm looking for a building, it's the first site I think of. They are very generous to the community.

vilian ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 24 July 2005

Thank you both for your hard work ! Your generosity is muchly appreciated in a world where almost everything costs $$. Your freebies are of highest quality. Please keep it this way - and good luck to you !

Niles ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 25 July 2005

Congratulations , love your models. My most useful props come from you guys. You have a knack for the everyday things we need. Your freebies are are unmatched in quality. Thanks so much.

cedarwolf ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 25 July 2005

Your kindness and generosity are legendary. I wish for you folks only the best in profits and health now and in the future.

Marque ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 30 July 2005

One of the nicest folks at Renderosity, always a kind word. Thank you for all the hard work you do and for all of your great models...excellent job! Marque

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