Renderosity Returns from DragonCon

LillianH · September 7, 2004 11:11 pm

We have survived another eye-popping adventure through the wild world that is Dragon*Con. It was another amazing event. Here is a small pictoral taste of the fantasy and the fun of this incredible conference.
Message1914059.jpg Two of the happy Renderosity prize winners! Message1916436.jpg A special thanks to Curious Labs, 3-AXIS, Sixus1 Media (Les and Rebekah Garner), FXR Software (Per Hakanson and Brent Kingston), Audre, sndcastie, Luna, Atticwear, the Renderosity Interactive Magazine Team (midreal and dido6), International Media Arts, Catamongus Studios & Avery Smartcat, the Dragon*Con staff, all of the artists and guests that graciously permitted interviews, and all the attendees (especially the ones wearing costumes ;-) for making this such an amazing adventure! Message1914070.jpg Message1918816.jpg Renderosity pictures from the show:

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highspank ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 09 September 2004

AWWWWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!