Renderosity Breaks 25,000 Mark!!

Jack D. Kammerer · August 13, 2000 8:33 pm

Hello Everyone!! Almost a year ago, Ed and myself, along with many other talented individuals got together and took over Renderosity. In that time allot of things have changed... some of the great's moved on to new area's or directions, while new people came in and took over... Change has been a regular thing around here... where it is the faces that help to keep the show on the road, or the program that houses Renderosity... and with every change, we continue to advance in the directions that we originally intended for this "Large" and "Great" site!! Every week someone NEW hears about and comes to Renderosity, bringing with them their talents, products, skills and desires to our fine home!! No longer are we just a small nitche' Web Site, but a small CITY... think about that for a second... a CITY!! Three months ago, on May 06th, I reported that we had OVER 15,000 active members here at Renderosity... just 3 MONTHS AGO!! While today... TODAY... 3 Months later, we now have over 25,150 ACTIVE MEMBERS!!! 25,150 people that come here at least once a month, to surf through the galleries, pick up Freestuff, visit the forums, or just hang out with some of their new friends!! 25,150 PEOPLE!! That is a SMALL CITY!! That's allot of people!! I also wonder what other Site (like can boast that...?? NONE, and I MEAN NONE, of this would have been possible, if not for the hard work that allot of the staff, both New and Old, put into this place. NOR, would it have been possible had it not been from YOU the Community!! Think about it for a moment... YOU DESERVE TO BE CONGRATULATED!! ALL of you help to make Renderosity what it is today, through all of your dedication, hard work, your desire to share with others what you learned, your WILLINESS to accept people... not from the color of their skin, not their religious views, but from a common thread that we all share.... ART!!! Renderosity has become a Small City made up of Poets, Lovers, Visionaries and Dreamers! Sure, sometimes we have squabbles and arguements, but look at what YOU HELPED TO CREATE!! And nor are we finished... not by a long shot!! So where do we go from here, and what is on the horizon for Renderosity?? Our goal has been, and remains to be, to bring the companies that make the products that we all use closer to US, the consumers. That as the company developes the new versions of their products, that they listen to us, the users, to bridge the gaps and tailor the product to meet the needs that we need. Rather then them "guess-ti-mating" what we desire to see in the next version, that by hearing us and working WITH us, the product will NOT ONLY fit our needs, but also insures the sale of that product, rather than it sitting on some store self gathering dust, a loss of profit to the company and eventually bringing about an end to a product that we would use. It is our desire, by working with these companies, that we would ALSO help to bring to YOU more affordable solutions to the products that we use. That instead of going out to CompUSA and buying, let's use Poser for example, for $300 bucks, that you would be able to get Poser here at Renderosity for $200... a savings to you!! To also be able to host CONTESTS that would give people a chance to WIN the software or products, Online classes and Support Forums to help LEARN how to use the software or get the most out of it, FREE or AFFORDABLE plugins and accessories, a place for YOU, the members of Renderosity, to advertise your talents and resumes so that you can get jobs, Full or Part time, in a field that YOU enjoy! There are ALREADY several members of Renderosity that has been contacted and hired by other companies (such as Microsoft, the Comic Industry, Advertising Agencies and Gaming Companies), so we know that if we hosted people's Resume's they would be looked at!! What is currently in the works with Renderosity and Dark Soul Images? Lot's!!! This has been a very busy month for the Staff of Renderosity and Dark Soul Images: Internet Media, inc.!! As many of you may know, Ed and I have hardly been around much do to everything that we have been doing, leaving most of the work to fall on the shoulders of the rest of the Staff. For that we are sorry, to both you (the Members) and to our wonderful and talented staff!! Mark Wieger and Greg Mazurek, along with Ed and I, have been working long hours to create a NEW and IMPROVED Online Store Catalog that will not only represent the products of Artists, but also the Artists and their companies as well, not just on Renderosity, but also for it's sister site: Renderotica. Already, the new system is in place and being used on ( another website that Ed and I own that is much like Renderosity, but deals with Comic Books!! So if you want to see what the new catalog will look like, feel free to check it out!! Right now, Ed and I are looking for Volunteers that want to help out at both Renderosity and United Comics!! We want to be able to open new forums in Renderosity to include other programs besides Poser, plus also have experienced moderators in the Existing forums... I know that some of you have already volunteered and havent heard back from me, I am sorry, been very busy and have yet to catch up with all my e-mail, but if you could please send a note to Ed ( he will get you set up and answer any questions that you may have!! Also, I have been working with Mark Wieger who owns and, a company that offers affordable web space and site design. He will be offering web space, domain registration and site design to Members of Renderosity VERY CHEAP, without the Content restrictions and Banner Advertising that other Web Sites impose on it's users!! So if you keep getting slammed by Yahoo or Geocities for having content or high download ratios and tired of not having a thumbnail showing on your Freestuff, this will take care of it for you!! Odds and Ends... Upcoming Contest: I mentioned in July about a contest with Renderosity coming up, well, I will give you a hint of what that contest is for and what it is about... The Contest will begin in September ( details, rules and guidelines will be announced in the next week or so), and the theme of the contest will be to design the NEW Renderosity LOGO!!! This logo will be used, not only on the site, but also on Tee-shirts, Jackets, Hats and other merchandise that will be sold to proudly announce that you are a Member of the Largest Art Community on the Internet and sales of these products will help to support Renderosity, it's Staff and the Community!!! So watch the Front Page for more information about the Contest and where the money from the sales of the products will go!! Zygote News and Free Camel: I wanted to take a moment out to thank each and everyone of you for helping to make the Renderosity Newsletter a HUGE success!! That mailing went out to over 17,000 members and wanted to thank those of you who took advantage of the 35% discount that Zygote offered, each and everyone of you helped to make it a success and insures that there will be other specials like that happening in the future!! THANK YOU!! I also wanted to thank Dan Farr, Chad Smith, Eric Allen, Doug Wheeler, Tandi and the REST of the Zygote Team that gave us a chance and a free Character to Renderosity and it's Members!!! THANKS YOU'RE THE BEST!! Thanks for the Advertising: A special thanks goes out to everyone that has mentioned Renderosity on their websites, webrings and search engines! Currently Renderosity has over 1400 links of references in the search engines made by the Members of Renderosity who have proudly stated that they are members!! Our deepest and most sincere thanks goes out to all of you! A note of thanks goes out to Cooler for pointing out that we have been mentioned in this months Computer Arts Magazine and for sending us the artical!! So far, to date, we have been mentioned in 5 magazines that have let people know about this Community and what we have to offer to others!! That about sums it up for now, I will be making some more announcements in the very near future, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for helping to make the Vision that Ed, I and others have a REALITY, the work and money that goes into running this place would never have been worth it, if you were not here. YOU are what makes Renderosity what it is, you help to breath life into this Online City... and you, all of you, have become a part of my family!! With Sincere Love and Appreciation, Jack D. Kammerer

Article Comments

DigitalArtist ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 13 August 2000

Jack and Ed, Congratulations GUYS! this is great news.. I'll help out anyway I can :D Its time to go PUBLIC :D! Now that people know about this place, why not put some money into stocks? I'd buy some! Again Congrats :D LONG LIVE RENDEROSITY! -Matt

Falcon ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 13 August 2000

Congrats on the 25k users..........

schnaps ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

I'm not surprised we now have 25,000 fellow members. In fact, I'm just waiting for the announcement of 100,000 thousand or more. I see it coming soon...probably sooner than everyone thinks. Oh yah, I would be more than happy to help out in any way I can, I've already sent Ed an e-mail regarding this. Have a good one! Schnaps

PITBULL ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

I've been coming to this site for a while now. from the first 3d related picture i ever made back when i first got poser, up till the present wehn i am blessed with the ability to be inspired by the works and opinions of fellow renderians.:D the point of all this is that, even though i have gotten more expensive programs that produce great results, on thing that remains true, poser/bryce related art have given me a purpose. when i sign on to the internet, i head straight for Renderosity, i'm eager to hear what others think of my work, and intrested to see how a total stranger can take programs that i use, and through their vision, produce results i'm astonished by. now don't get me wrong, i consider myself an artist also, my work in some peoples mind speaks for itself, yet, just to see what "Joe" thinks about and shows the "CITY" is amazing. i can't wait to see where the site goe's in the future, and with every new member, i await the comments and critisism. thanks jack and Ed, simply put, you have given us a window to the world, where we can listen and take note. not just a web page filled with words, but a place where opinions run rampid, and a persons imagination is the limit.

Xtinction ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

I'm scared...frightened...terrified of the possabilities for this site and what it could lead to. This site could very well be the MSN of the 3d world. Under the guidance of our Co-Mayors of this fine city, we could...dare i say it....rule the 3d world! Mwoooohahahahah! I'm being silly again...but seriously, thats an impressive number for a 3d site. Hmmm maybe we should give out roles for our city...i'll be the local barber (since i'm know for my hair post work). :) Ok i'll be not silly anymore...thanks for the hard work everyone for making us "big time" on the web. :) -X

CGAS ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Finding Renderosity was one of the best 'INTERNET MOMENTS' I've had in a long while.As far as floating the site goes, Im a co owner of a small web design/ isp company and I have quite a few succesfull clients. From watching their attempts I'd reccomend holding back. At your growth rate another two years of this could yield huge rewards both in terms of Financial benefits and perhaps even more importantly for the community, in terms of Software companies and the like activly seeking out the opinion of renderosity and its members. Congratulations guys.

Jacko ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Hi guys! I must say that this news came as no surprise to me what so ever. The fact is that you are the greatest. Live well. /Jacko

februus ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Just joined up at UnitedComics---thought you'd like a pro over there ;) Will be upping my twisted creations there very soon. Matt

Lon Chaney ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Great news :) My favorite place on the web gets even better.To all the staff my hats off to you!! A job well done

Grook ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Congrats!! Very exciting to see this great site flourishing! This site is one of my every day stops during my net surfing. Possibly you should open up a temporary suggestion box for how to expand the site in ways the users would like to see it grow? --Exos

Starfall_na`Lyr ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Thanks to the creators of renderosity and it's staff one and all. I have only been a member a short time, but during that time my art has progressed much faster than it would on it's own. Viva la Renderosity!!! ~Starfall

wolfdd ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Congratulations. It's great watching this community growing. The sad part of this is, the current servers seem to reach their limits. The last time I often did get an SQL-error 'Too many connections'... wolfdd

Hell^Dog ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

"Weeee are tthe champions, my friend!!!! And well keep on figting till the end!!!" WE RULE PEOPLE!!!!

whiteeagle ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

A few months back i had never heard of 3D design in a way that was possible for me to work at home with. Thanks to all of you here from Renderosity, i can make and create my own figures now. There is always someone online who can help out, and if not, the great forums will give you a good answer within a few days. To the whole Team of Renderosity Congratulations on your big succes, and keep up the great work. Renderosity Forever!!!! ~Dutch Angel~

BellaDark ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

This is just fantastic!!! Renderosity is my cyber home... I've been here only, well, not even two months yet, and it's given me a new lease on life!!! Not that I NEEDED one necessarily, but the joy I've found in 3D art... Invaluable!!! Thank you, Ed and Jack, fellow renderians..... Picasso :O)

Fillingim ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Absolutely fabulous!!!!! Renderosity is in my opinion not only a great Graphics and Animation site but also the smoothest running site I have encountered online. You guys have really done a wonderful job!!!

dragongirl ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Sounds like you guys have some great plans. I look forward to them all. The best to you and many thanks for all your efforts for all of us so far. Congratulations for all you accomplishments!

Nocturne ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 14 August 2000

Renderosity should start organising conventions. Heck, you could do it in several parts of the world, given the diversity of the countries and artists represented here. :) I sympathise for the poor hotels, though, if thousands of people show up. :)Try to lure graphics companies, panels of people who 'made' it or pioneered techniques, etc- could be fun.

FALCON2 ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 August 2000

Congragulations Jack & Co. you have done a wondrous job with the site(s). I agree that we'll hit 100K sooner than anyone thinks. Now to all of you, a sincere THANK YOU. I've been insanely busy of late but its paid off. I just returned from GenCon, and I've gotten a green light from 2 Game companies to do graphics for them, and 5 more requests from other companies for the same! Its thanks to the communities at Renderosity/otica that I could deliver professional quality works to these folks. THANK YOU ALL ! Falcon

jelli ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 August 2000

Thanks & congrats Jack & Co! Renderocity has completely changed my life. Discovering Poser and Renderocity has erased everything what earlier could be mentioned as 'spare time' and I enjoy every minute of it. I'm certain that you in a near future will be able to count in 100k citizens! This is thrilling...hang on! Regards, Jelli

Thorne ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 August 2000

WOOHOO!!!! =};-}>

termatton ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 August 2000

Well, I'd like to Thank everyone for their hard work as well. And for all the help as well. I started here about a month and half ago and now my roommates swear I live on this site. All I can say is everyone related to this site, users, administrators, support people, etc. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! Congratulations to all!!!!

frogman ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 August 2000

Congragulations !! to the entire staff!! Renderosity is an Oasis! I am "very" new with computer art and just recently uploaded my first few images. I feel supported here and encouraged. I have "never" seen a site run as well as this one, for me it has been consistently flawless!! And I am "always" aware and thankful for all the work this wonderful staff has done. By providing this site you have touched many people out there in the world, and also brought us all together. This is no small thing, and I am sure that I can speak for many of us in saying that you are to be commended for your excellent work and community spirit. Thank you for everything, and in the future if I can help this staff or the site I will..All my thumbs up to all of you.

mapper_2 ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 August 2000

No surprize, I expect it will be 50k in the next couple months. This place is great!! I can find just about anything i need and the help i get from some of the members is invaluable. Keep up the great work!!! Thankyou.

Dnick ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 August 2000

When I first found Renderosity last fall... I was glad I had DSL..LOL I spent days going through every page of images and couldn't wait to get my hands on Bryce and Poser... THANKS to ALL staff and members... I love this place...

Jackie ( posted at 12:00AM Tue, 15 August 2000

Congrats, and YEEHA!...I'm proud to be a member.

Olivier ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 16 August 2000

Renderosity is dead! Viva RenderoCity! And one day... viva RenderoCountry? Why not RendEarth? What so ever, you gave birth to this little artists and poets town and for this reason (but there are so many) you really deserve our highest affection, Jack, Ed, Diane and all the team and members.

Lady Cherry ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 16 August 2000

Im very proud to be here to see everything that happens here also glad to have been here a while even though silent at times i love the work and the community as a whole! Much love to all! -Lady Cherry

S-Tamp ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 16 August 2000

Hello Jack, and all the renderosity team. Even if I don't write nor post often, shame for such an old member like me, I'd like to congratulate all of you for the great job you did in building such a city. No surprise in such a success. You worked fine to build it. Good workers do good job, and you've VERY good. Thank you.

--Divide-By-Zero-- ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 16 August 2000

Congratulations!!! I joined in february and I truly believe that renderosity has helped me grow, motivated me, and has helped to teach me to harness the power known as 3D. I remember a few months ago, that when surfing around, only about 150 members would be logged in on average. But now its an average of 300 users logged in around the clock! Good Luck, and keep growing! --D-B-Z--

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