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KristiS · April 11, 2017 5:41 pm

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The Member of the Month for April, 2017 is:


I'm very pleased to announce that the Renderosity Member of the Month for April, 2017 is duanemoody.

duanemoody has been a member of Renderosity since 2000. He is always so helpful and kind to all members no matter what they need. We are delighted to name him as our Member of the Month.

When did you join Renderosity?

I joined Renderosity in July of 2000, not long after getting Poser 4 in the mail from I still have the box somewhere. LOL

What brought you to Renderosity?

Probably the AltaVista search I was using to find Poser. That, and the absence of alternatives. Remember, even deviantArt didn't exist yet.

How long have you been creating art?

Compared to the works I see I'm afraid to call my visual productions 'art,' but I've been writing/coding/ranting/doodling for roughly 35 years.

What software(s) do you use the most?

Creatively, it's Poser, TextWrangler, Blender, Scrivener, Ren'Py, and Adobe Photoshop, in no particular order. I'm not counting the utilities I've written (some of which are up on GitHub).

How do you feel your art defines you?

Hopefully it reflects my tinker's itch when it comes to correcting a mesh or pushing its limits in terms of a new character that's appealing and believable. I credit everything I know about facial anatomy to working on the figures Chris Creek & Mike Lane sculpted; when it came time to create my first body texture, because the character's freckled I read everything I could find about the biomechanics of melanin and the MC1R gene that governs it to ensure my Photoshop brushes were accurate. I can't tell if that's craftsmanship, being on the spectrum or both.

Out of all the art you have created, do you have a favorite?

Right now I think I'm prouder of the freestuff I've created over the years because people actually used it. My galleries have usually been sparse due to embarrassment over my meager knowledge of lighting.

Is there something you'd like to share with us that we may not know?

I had the pleasure of meeting both Poser's product manager and Dan Farr in 2011 at AnimeExpo. It's something to get to look at Michael 1 in the flesh.

Be sure to visit duanemoody to see more of his work Here to see his Freestuff!

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