Skyscraper Balcony by TruForm ()

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Software:   Poser 7+, Daz Studio 3

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Product Notes

The Skyscraper balcony is a wide seating area surrounded by plants to give it a peaceful look while overlooking the city, There are 5 surrounding buildings which can be moved about to make sure the view is filled if the camera angle changes. Also, the room that leads to the balcony contains separated walls and doors that are able to open, so you can furnish it if desired.

OBJ included for other use.

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Cheryl_pride ( posted at 7:36AM Sun, 18 February 2018

Thank a lot, I like it very much!

JohnDoe641 ( posted at 8:22PM Sun, 28 January 2018

Wow, thank you for this great freebie!

GrandmaT ( posted at 12:08PM Mon, 27 November 2017

Thank you!

Deckart85 ( posted at 10:27AM Sun, 26 November 2017

When can I move in? Thanks for that one too. Amazing and most inspiring.

Agepfc ( posted at 6:49AM Sat, 21 October 2017

Superb freebie, thanks! But am I missing something, because for me it loads into Poser without any materials?

Ilena ( posted at 3:38PM Mon, 04 September 2017

What a great thing to give as a freebie. Thank you! :)

carollee ( posted at 9:13AM Wed, 16 August 2017

Thanks for sharing=)

rachris480907 ( posted at 11:50PM Fri, 11 August 2017

Great! Thanks so much!

Aquariante7 ( posted at 6:13AM Tue, 01 August 2017

Thank you for this, its awesome! :)

KnightTek ( posted at 4:00PM Sun, 30 July 2017

Awesome! Thank you!!

Bonnyb1234 ( posted at 4:50PM Thu, 27 July 2017

thanks :)

cdward ( posted at 11:44PM Mon, 24 July 2017

Like all the models I've purchased from TruForm, this is wonderful work, and an exceptional freebie.

tsKylie ( posted at 4:57PM Mon, 24 July 2017

Could not get this to work in Daz 4.9, everything was scaled tiny.

boelss ( posted at 10:19AM Sun, 23 July 2017

Thank you very much.

DreaminGirl ( posted at 12:42AM Sun, 23 July 2017

Thank you so much for this! :)

Venture2016 ( posted at 6:16PM Mon, 17 July 2017

Just downloaded and installed this and it works like a charm. Thanks for uploading it. 😃

Oblomov ( posted at 5:19AM Sun, 16 July 2017

Many thanks!

AnitramE ( posted at 10:36AM Sat, 15 July 2017

Thank you!

TKArlington ( posted at 1:09AM Sat, 15 July 2017

This is a fantastic package to give away as a freebie. Many thanks!

inaani ( posted at 12:04PM Wed, 12 July 2017

Danke ;)

warrenao ( posted at 9:25PM Tue, 11 July 2017

Whoa! Nice!

CNorth ( posted at 5:33AM Tue, 11 July 2017

Thank you so much! It is beautiful!

Ozuna2012 ( posted at 2:08PM Mon, 10 July 2017

Thanks a lot, buddy. Every post you make is truly perfect; specially because since suits Poser 7, i can use it without any problem. Bless you.

DeepRed ( posted at 5:28AM Mon, 10 July 2017

Thanks heaps. Must find a way to combine it with TruForm's earlier freebie, the Holiday Apartment.

StevieC ( posted at 7:18PM Sun, 09 July 2017

Your models are impeccable! Thank you!

elleque ( posted at 6:31AM Sun, 09 July 2017

Awesome! Thank you!

Dreamdesigner ( posted at 9:59PM Sat, 08 July 2017

Gorgeous and generous! Thank you very much :-)

zombietaggerung ( posted at 4:32PM Sat, 08 July 2017

This is quite spectacular, thank you very much for sharing

Kalypso ( posted at 11:45AM Sat, 08 July 2017

Thank you, looks amazing!

quietrob ( posted at 4:14AM Sat, 08 July 2017

TruForm does it again! Thanks Tru. My runtime is filled with both paid and free stuff from you. I love it all!