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Software:   Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License:  This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

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Product Notes

Contemporary Loft is another free asset I am giving away. It is a simple room with 11 windows, a center pillar, and a door.You may decorate the room as you see fit as it is very spacious! There are shaders for both Iray and 3Delight render engines.

Below is the previous room I created "Contemporary Room".


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Freestuff Comments

max_thehitman ( posted at 4:38PM Tue, 28 November 2017

This looks very nice! Thank you so much! I will use it! Congrats on a nice loft studio!

GrandmaT ( posted at 11:54AM Mon, 27 November 2017

Beautiful! Thank you.

llynara ( posted at 5:22PM Tue, 21 November 2017

Thank you!

jenndale13 ( posted at 10:02PM Fri, 13 October 2017

I love the contemporary room it was gorgeous and very well made. :D So I'm getting this one too :D Thank you!

genaris ( posted at 11:32PM Wed, 11 October 2017

THANK YOU for this wonderful looks lovely and very useful!

kordouane ( posted at 3:10AM Tue, 03 October 2017

Thank you very much !!

rachris480907 ( posted at 11:10PM Mon, 18 September 2017

Fantastic! Thanks so much!

daybird ( posted at 11:53AM Wed, 13 September 2017

Great freestuff, thx a lot.

beachsidelegs ( posted at 1:34PM Tue, 12 September 2017

Thank you very much :)

giulband ( posted at 2:53AM Sat, 09 September 2017

Thank you for the wonderful model I like it very much !!

poisinivy ( posted at 2:09PM Fri, 08 September 2017

Thank you very much

thelufias ( posted at 1:33PM Fri, 08 September 2017

Thank you very much

speculoos ( posted at 11:30AM Fri, 08 September 2017

Wonderful. Thank you very much...

Divamakeup ( posted at 6:36PM Thu, 07 September 2017

Fantastic looking room! I'm looking forward to adding some furniture and decorating it for some renders. Thank you for sharing your awesome work with us! :)

PhthaloBlue ( posted at 5:19PM Thu, 07 September 2017

Thank you very much!😄

miketee10021 ( posted at 3:31PM Thu, 07 September 2017

Thank you so much!

maneki_neko ( posted at 2:25PM Thu, 07 September 2017

very nice and spacious with those huge windows! thanks a lot ^^