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KristiS · February 1, 2017 4:02 pm

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The Member of the Month for February, 2017, is


hborre is a well known, long time member of the Community. We look forward to many more years of enjoying hborre's work and appreciate all they contribute to Renderosity and it's members.

When did you join Renderosity?

I joined Renderosity almost 11 years ago on March 20, 2005

What brought you to Renderosity?

The Forum drew me in, it became my source of information and solutions to problems which made my 3d experience pleasurable and exciting.

How long have you been creating art?

I have always been interested in creating art although I have no formal training. But I grew up during a time when comic books had a tremendous influence on me, so I spent time trying to draw my favorite superheroes.

What software(s) do you use the most?

For 3D rendering, Poser has always been my preference although I am now dabbling into DAZStudio and the latest Genesis models. I definitely would like to branch out to other 3D software like Vue or Bryce. Try my hand at creating environments and landscapes. For 2D, Adobe Photoshop has always been my preference, first software I ever used for art manipulation.

How do you feel your art defines you?

I believe it brings out the child in me. I love science fiction and fantasy as well as comic book superheroes & villains. They fuel my imagination and shape the type of art I am capable of creating. It also keeps me young.

Out of all the art you have created, do you have a favorite?

I have so many but I created one last year for a contest which was never officially posted in the Renderosity Gallery. Composed and rendered in Poser, it combines both Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, interests which greatly influence my imagination.

Is there something you'd like to share with us that we may not know?

I happen to be a support research scientist in the field of Flow Cytometry. My role is to provide a service and support to other fellow researchers using our facility, my responsibility is to run several instruments for them. I, also, sing in a church choir, having done so for over 30 years.

Be sure to visit hborre's gallery to see more!

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WandW ( posted at 8:44PM Thu, 16 February 2017

Congrats, and thanx for yor help over the years, my Friend!! 😸