Joe Vinton [orbital] Exhibits His Bryce Work

March 8, 2009 10:32 pm

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Avid 'Brycer' Joe Vinton, better known as longtime Renderosity member orbital, invites anyone near his corner of the globe to visit his exhibited Bryce artwork in a gallery at the Repton School in the village of Repton in Derbyshire. The Gallery will be open and attended by Joe every Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm and on Sunday afternoons from 1.30- 4 pm, until March 28th.

As the gallery's sole resident for the entire month of March, Joe states, "the plan really is to promote digital art, and of course, Bryce." No stranger here on Renderosity, Joe had been voted Artist of the Month for his Bryce work in 2008, and also went on to win Artist of the Year. Fortunately, for most of us who cannot be there in person to visit the gallery, Joe gives us a bit of a tour of his exhibit, and was kind enough to answer a few questions along the way.

Bryce lunatic escaped from the boolean asylum.

It must be absolutely thrilling to have sole residency of a gallery for an entire month. How is it that you were able to do this?

It has been quite exciting to see my work displayed this way, as opposed to online. I'm lucky in that I know a friend who helps to find people to display at the gallery. She put my name forward along with some examples, to see if the owner was interested. The gallery is part of Repton College, which was used in the film "Goodbye Mr Chips". I'm hoping that I can promote digital art to the school's pupils and also to whoever may pop in. Just a mention of thanks to ICM and Rochr who gave me permission to showcase some of their images to give an idea of what we as a community are capable of, when I put foward my pitch to secure a place.

How has the experience been so far?'s still only my first week, and I've got until the 28th of March. So far, I've sold 3 pieces, which is a bonus as I wasn't really expecting to sell any. I've had a fair few visitors so far, and the feedback has been very positive. You're never sure how people are going to react to what's on display. It's one thing to get recognition here on Renderosity where most people are familiar with how the images are made, but when you have people saying nice things who have no idea how the images are created, then it's suprising, but very satisfying.

"Postcard from Beyond" on exhibit

Ever curious on this matter, what kind of formula do you use in pricing your artwork?

Well, that's always difficult, and something that needs a great deal of thought. You obviously want to take into consideration time spent and the costs of materials, etc. I got some great feedback from the guys in the Bryce Forum, and also from the people at the gallery. On the ones I've sold, I managed to more than double the price I had to outlay to get them produced.

How did you prepare yourself for the exhibit?

Well, first off, I had to re-render all the images apart from a couple, as I had fallen into the trap of time saving and rendering them for web resolution. That went quite smoothly, although I did need to make some adjustments. I rendered them out at 5000 pixels in width, at 300dpi. Next was getting them printed at a reasonable price, as I was on a fairly tight budget. Luckily, I had a local printer who I know print them up for me. She printed onto glossy photo paper, then applied them to a self adhesive foam board. Each one cost about $26 to have done. The good thing is she can also print them up onto mounted canvas and other formats should anyone wish.

You had mentioned this as being a way to promote digital art. Is this how you approached it, and what further thoughts do you have on digital art compared to traditional art?

Initially, to sell the idea, I put forward the notion that digital art is all part of the digital revolution, and that it was a different way to become involved in doing something creative. I also explained that I didn't have any traditional art training other than the basics that were taught at school. The other selling point was down to the gallery itself. The gallery is part of the school which is in the village of Repton. I explained that digital art ties in with what a lot of today's kids are into, whether it be computer games or movies. Working within that industry may appeal far more to some kids than painting ever could.

My thoughts on digital art would of course be rather one-sided, but that's not to say that since I have become involved with that I haven't learned to appreciate traditional art more. I believe that over time digital art will become more accepted, and seen as a serious medium. Think back to thirty years ago when people started using synthesizers and drum machines to make music. Musicians were quick to scorn this type of music as it didn't involve learning to play an instrument. But since then, some of the finest music created has been done this way.

So, in time people will list their favourite artists as ones who have created stuff with a computer.

"Where dreams are made" on exhibit

What would you tell someone interested in exhibiting their works? What tips might best help someone to prepare?

Hard to say, because I've had a lot of help setting this one up and it's all new to me. One way that might get you a foot in the door is to offer to do a talk at your local school, even better if it's the one that you went to. Or, maybe try to enter competitions at local events, to pit digital art against traditional.

What kind of questions are you receiving from the general public viewing your exhibited work? What kind of questions are they asking about digital art in general?

Mainly about where I get my ideas, what inspires me, etc. I tend to just say I have a wierd imagination, and that I watched too much Star Wars as a kid. If they ask how it's made, I have a simple demonstration set up on my laptop, plus wireframes of the images on display.

I also get them to have a go if they wish. I actually had one guy who is a 60 year-old high court judge in competition with his friend, who is a lawyer, to see who could come up with the best image.

"Dark Times : Wretched Soul " on exhibit

What is your particular favorite piece that you are exhibiting, and what piece seems to get the most attention in the gallery?

My favourite piece would be the one called "Deep". But people coming in have different favourites. Oddly enough, most of my female guests favour the image "Dark Times : Wretched Soul," which is a lot moodier than most of my work. They seem to like the subtle tones and then the sharp injection of red. Maybe some one can psychoanalyze this for me?

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March 9, 2009

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Article Comments

maraich ( posted at 3:15AM Mon, 09 March 2009

I'm a Bryce user as well, though certainly not in your league. I am a hugely admire your work, and am extremely happy for you.

drawbridgep ( posted at 8:17AM Mon, 09 March 2009

They look incredible! If I were in England, I'd certainly make an effort to get up north to visit the exhibition. Well done Joe.

Whimsical ( posted at 8:49AM Mon, 09 March 2009

Excellent article and good luck with the exhibition!!

TheBryster ( posted at 11:36AM Mon, 09 March 2009

A staggering achievement. I have my best pieces layed out in a fancy photo album, but the dream of a gallery display is way out of my league. Hat's off to you, Sir!

calum5 ( posted at 3:21PM Mon, 09 March 2009

Nice one Joe..:)

StaceyG ( posted at 4:08PM Mon, 09 March 2009

WOW, very very nice. Your work is outstanding. Congrats:)

IO4 ( posted at 1:01AM Tue, 10 March 2009

Congratulations on getting your own exhibition! Your images are superb. Well done:)

Lown ( posted at 2:28AM Tue, 10 March 2009

Well done my freind, looks awesome!

Khushrenada ( posted at 6:45AM Tue, 10 March 2009

I've always liked the sense of scale in the renders,the hugeness of the work :)

JeniferC ( posted at 10:02AM Tue, 10 March 2009

It's exciting to see more gallery displays for digital art. Congratulations! And, I hope the rest of show is very successful for you.

johnyf ( posted at 12:43AM Wed, 11 March 2009

Best of luck with the exhibition, it looks great!

dbrv6 ( posted at 7:16AM Wed, 11 March 2009

Extremly nice and congrats! G'luck with the exhibit!

wfd1 ( posted at 1:35PM Wed, 11 March 2009

WoW! Awesome and inspiring...Best of luck with your ehibit.

Bjornlo ( posted at 3:19AM Fri, 13 March 2009

Impressive scale, scope ansd quality in your images. Also kudos on the ambition to show digital work in this arena.

KristiS ( posted at 10:58AM Fri, 13 March 2009

This has to be very exciting for you. I think it's Awesome!!! Keep up the great work : ) Congrats!!!

ysvry ( posted at 6:44PM Sat, 14 March 2009

congrats, great exhibition and good you show the kids how its done.

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