Issue 4 Content Announced!

audre · December 6, 2002 3:16 am


Front Cover by Rio
Back Cover by Craves
CD-Rom Silkscreen by -mars.

Featured Articles

Perseus and Andromeda Creativity Unleashed by cneofotistos (Christos Neofotistos) Bringing life to an Oasis by Freeze (Karin and Richard Winter) Brave New Patterns by abmlober (Andreas Lober) Every Picture Tells a Story - HobbyHopper by Cris_Palomino Maximize Your Lighting With Vray Renderer! by id_ivan (Rivanoor) Disrupted Fractals in Bryce by jba (Jonathan Allen) Frog Prince by lollypop (Helmut Schaub) The Pecking Order by jekart_2000 (John E. Kaufmann) Sophisticated Primitives - Building Models Fast! by Kixum (Scott Franz) Creating a Digital Artist by miketche (Michael Wilson) Lake of Legends by moodflow (Jeff Quick) Making the Music Box - page (Larry Page) by deemarie Whats wrong with this Picture? by shred300 (Ozan Tuzun) The Making of Fluid Dreams by 4thorder (Michael A. Falatine) ZSpheres of Influence - Making Models in Zbrush 1.5 by southerngfx (Glen Southern) Reinventing the Past by Aeneas (Erik Heyninck) When is a Chicken Bone really a Dragon? by archetype (Eric Wadley) Recreating Nature With WorldBuilder by BorisB (Georg Bachmann) The Making of Intel Outside by Bleze (Marko Jakobi) Advanced Conforming Joints for Poser Pro Pack by caleb68 (Arthur Newkirk) Sound Design For Animation Part II: Dialog by silver (Donnie Christianson) In Vegas by stealthman (Matthew Hansel) Grouping a Figure in Rhino 3D for use in Poser by the3dwizard (Phillip Easton) 3D Scanning Do It Yourself, Really (Part II) by thee_immortal_one Running A Contest - Without Running Into Trouble by Prizm Break (Jerry Composano) Painting from Poetry - artist Jonathon Earl Bowser by vshane (Vicki Shane) How I Created Lance's Battle by ToxicAngel (Janne Pitken) Cabin Fever: An Architectural Rendering by carterhog (R. Scott Carter) Cool Features @ Make Your Mark quotes from: gavinjohnson, Pacifier, Luthor, ziggie , Hairybiker, GonWaki, digitalheresy, RageMage, er_bear14, ICMgraphics, Valandar, Maxxstevens, TheDaedalus, jango_fett, tjames, tammymc, AristaProductionLab, Digital Bass

Bonus CD Content:

Art Gallery Images We've included an awesome selection of member images on this issue's cdrom. Check it out to see some wonderful art by: 4thorder, aapasuo, aartika, AGOR, Alekssander, archetype, Arctur, beachadonis, Bubba, calzgal, Cinema1954, Crasher, crommcruac, Curio, dragongirl, dreampaint, dzogchen, ElectricAardvark, eon, Erik0815Erik, FantasioX, gevidal, giovanino, grissle, HMG_Designs, iceblademush, ICMgraphics, jlmattson, juprez, kaciasea, kaiservr, lemonjim, litst, ljsargent, lollypop, Lynne, -mars-, McF, MichaelEaton, MikeArizma, miketche, MindVision-GDS, MRX3010, Paniolga, Pharie82, PhilEmery, pidjy, pixilator, pmermino, polartech, PunkClown, rabid_bunny, ritter, RogueElement, roobol, scifirex, sixus1, specs2, sturkwurk, Synapse, thehankster, ToxicAngel, tuttle, and YL. This Issues Cover Contest Entries: Yup, it's true -- We've included issue 4's Cover Contest on the cdrom too! We've got: Rio, Craves, -mars-, archetype, MindVision-GDS, PunkClown, Greenspace, FantasioX, Curio, sixusl, pidjy, Crasher, Flaxynn, Alph, mutedbanshee, SndCastie, Qwister, ywaters, NightVoice, juprez, Cada, redinard, Hisminky, tate, vdelor, figharo, miketche, Paniola, catlin, Ondine, liewald, koncz, ElectricAardvark, gevidal, Bubba, lekssander, jrlsinger, calzgal, grissle, chambo1957, mytim, sturkwurk, MatrixG, Chia, joedee5150, Bernado, lorddrackmus, tuttle, MikeArizma, darktrance, Eternal, Darkness, Malefic, weezy136, djdj1978, YL, Wanda, Burns, jlmattson, Erick081Erik, KiDAcE, Maxx2, lollypop, GrendelPrime, MRX3010, iceblademush, beachadonis, ICMgraphics, CAMBOU, atlpup, shemosus, polyphilo, sarienya, misitegothica, Rendered2Blue, awycoff, HMG, Designs, wallis, frol66, Synapse, designerin, JorgeValdes, RayMcLester, kaciasea, Lynne, Violet71au, aartika, pixilator, 3DAllusion, hitch2, megaionstorm, MRIguy, Pharie82, dragongirl, magnet, janvanakker, Pauli, Carolyn, asunta, Gawain, lemonjim, Kismet, Queen, and 4thorder. Free Stuff from: Bit Brush Graphics - High Rez 3D Textures, Crescent - MartiniGlass (Poser), SciFi Helmet for Vicki and Mike (Poser), Potion Bottle (Poser), Potion Bottle 2 (Poser), WineGlass (Poser), WineGlass2 (Poser), WineGlass3 (Poser), WineGlass4 (Poser), dodger - Asian Pole Arms (5Poser Props), Bardiches (5 Poser Props), Fireball Spell Effect (Poser), Scythe Sword (Poser), Wooden Torch (Poser) BlackRay Rifle (Poser), Bonfire! (Poser), Mark V Blaster (Poser), draculaz - Flying Boxes!(3DS Max), SpaceShip(3DS Max), SpaceShip Two(3DS Max), Sky Building (3DS Max), Sky Building Two (3DS Max), kurokuma - Racing PodRace (LightWave), Arachnid Warrior (LightWave), BattleDroid (LightWave), Klingon Bird of Prey (LightWave), BORG Alcove (LightWave), Osiris9 - Auckland Sky Tower (Bryce), Hover Car (Bryce), Star Gate (Bryce), Sukuna Vimana (Bryce), Sundara Vimana (Bryce), Vailixi Control Panel (Bryce), Papillonmillenium - Ready to use Interface (2D), Ready to use Interface 2 (2D), Ready to use Interface 3 (2D), Ready to use Interface 4 (2D), Ready to use Interface 5 (2D), Pefo - Pavillion (Carrara/RDS), Batisse Number 2 (Carrera/RDS), Pavillion Number 15, PhilC - Soap Bubbles! Poser), Cavalier's Hat (Poser), Gloves for Mike (Poser), P5 Halter Top Dress and Tut ( Poser5), P5 Harem Costume and Tut (Poser5), Romantic Cape (Poser), Spike - French Doors (Bryce), Small Round Table (Poser), SylvieB9 - Brick Textures (Bryce), Double Door Model (Bryce), Garden Furniture (Bryce), Small Bridge Model (Bryce), WickerBox Model (Bryce), Wood Plank Textures (Bryce), Wood Tile Textures (Bryce), x2000 - Renderosibee (Poser), zippy- Thatch Roof Texture (Poser), Old Town Kit Model (Poser), Old Town Kit 2 Model (Poser), Old Town Kit 2 Accessory Models (Poser), WWI Trench Kit PartOne (Poser), WWI Trench Kit PartTwo (Poser), POW Escape Kit ModelSet (Poser) Demos/Software from: e-on Software - Vue d'Esprit, Cygnus Software - Fractal eXtreme, Elefont, Spiralizer, IMI 3D - 3D Art Composer MarketPlace: Included in the cdrom you will also find highlights of some of our merchants and our exclusive Digital Fine Art Prints

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silver thumbsup.gif Very high quality printing, design is very good, and the variety of content and articles gives everyone something to sink their teeth into. Great job gang!
BRY-N thumbsup.gif It just keeps getting betternbetter!!! Issue 3 is mindblowing
LadyJaiven thumbsup.gif Oh wow, I just ordered my subscription on the 22nd of September, and got my 1st issue on the 25th! None of that 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of 1st issue here ;) When I opened it, I was impressed at the quality of the articles and the tutorial by Picky on cloth painting is amazing.. There is so much information, not to mention pointers, included in this magazine. The bonus CD was awesome. I love this magazine! :) I look forward to my other issues ;) -- Jai :)
leeds thumbsup.gif HI Folks. Just have to tell you I am so impressed with Renderosity Magazine, issue 3. It is just exceptionally well written. I will enjoy using and rereading it. If you feel you can devote one tutorial every so often to beginners in Poser 5, I would be most grateful. Many of the tutorials seem placed toward the more skilled users, but we all have to start somewhere. Thanks for this great Magazine. Cheers Leeds

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Article Comments

a_super_hero ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 06 December 2002

I wish they had more Poser straight items, and less other things. Most of the stuff with Poser is how to use more expensive items with it.

SndCastie ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 06 December 2002

Sounds great can't wait to get my issue :O)

Grimtwist ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 08 December 2002

Hey -I'd buy it just for that cover alone!

Disciple3d ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 09 December 2002

I've enjoyed the tutorials and cd quite a bit but have found the software reviews less than objective.

zapper1977 ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 27 January 2003

does need more content, tutorials from all the software forums,ligthwave, poser,3dmax,maya,Adobe photo shop,Pantshop pro, etc,etc. great magazine but like #dworld they lots of tutorials that should be the real focus is how the people create using the software, the magazine has potential just need to put it all in writting. It could be better than the other magizines really easy just need MORE content.

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