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gToon · February 14, 2018 10:45 pm

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Announcing the 2017 Renderosity Honorable Mention Award:


In addition to being our September, 2017, Vendor of the Month, fabiana has now won the Honorable Mention Vendor award for 2017. Congratulations to you, fabiana!

This incredibly talented artist/vendor has been a member of Renderosity since 2001. She has nearly 2,000 followers. Spend 10 minutes in her store and gallery and you'll see why: her work is carefully crafted and very beautiful. Fabiana specializes in 3D figure assets like clothing and accessories and her gallery is filled with lovely images. Enchanting is the word that comes to mind!

Be sure to visit fabiana's Renderosity storefront and gallery. She has such a wide variety of items in her store and all of them are imaginative and of very high quality.

I am completely in love with the fact I won this award, I love my job and is a pleasure to be recognized for it. I think to Renderosity for the constant support, the warm environment to work in, and the love I always felt was dedicated to me and my products. Respect and appreciation makes this place so unique. So, again, thanks, from the bottom of my heart.


FIRE by fabiana

Interview with fabiana

Tell us about yourself: who is Fabiana?

Alright, who I am... I would say I am a working-artist-mom that found out the way to mix all what she learnt during her life and make some magical things she would love to see in real world. I think that is correct and pretty much the truth about what I do.

In more words, I am a 52 years old woman, married with her best buddy ever since 1987, with a pair of daughters and a granddaughter that sums it all in laughs and wonders, every day. THESE are my real blessings, all the rest is just work, efforts and God's will.

In a more proffesional mood, I can say that I have been a very prolific and well known artist in my local arts circles back in the 90's, before to discover Internet and later the marvels of 3D.

Now I am this 3D designer you know, working with my younger daughther Lucila, a vendor also, and driving her in this path of creation and contents developing.

How did you happen to become a vendor at Renderosity?

Well I started selling my contents at the already gone 3dcommune, unfortunately no longer available since 2008. Then I was already having some products here as an approach to the Big Rendo, but I really got in love with it and since then it has been my home and the place where are and work my most long-date and loved friends... so it is home in many aspects indeed.

You have such a great talent in creating 3D figure assets? What is your secret?

You never can ask a girl to tell her secrets LOL

But given that we are here in confidence I can say that the only secret is to feed every second the imagination to grow to wilderness and free of any limits. Sometimes it could appear as impossible or "too off" but believe me, it never is.

I can remember loads of things considered "too off" or "too odd" or even "un-useful" that really changed the game in many aspects of life around the world. So why not us with our crazy ideas???

I adore 3D, it gives me the tools to make whatever I imagine, and also, the big spectrum of vendors and designers make us to not suffer the bore of having to do all by ourselves... I adore to use products from these vendors I admire.

The key in the making of 3D is to be organized and let the wild energy to flow for the originality and uniqueness of the product.

Can you tell us a little bit about your workflow when creating a new asset?

Lately I am experiencing some different ways to complete the idea. it could start in a previous product or the promos of it, or can come from a very "brained" project that sat on the wait for long time. Right now I am doing both styles.

It always start with shaders and materials. Before to define the final shape of something I need to see it in real surfaces. If it works visually on me, then I go ahead and keep modeling to the final stage.

How has renderosity affected your life as an artist and creator?

This is home. You are at home. You can do whatever at home, even to do nothing and still be loved :D

As I said, here I have friends that I consider family because they know what I live, if I am sick, if I have fears, if I have lab results to check, if I am travelling and need assistance... And Renderosity is a spot in the map where I can go, as I did before, and find love.

Any last comment you'd like to make before we close the interview?

I say thanks to this community, compound of administrators, customers, friends. Our lives wouldn´t be the same without you. I am serious about this.

Keep growing, keep improving, don´t give up.

For the younger folks that are just starting... explore the crazy side, don´t copy yourselves, don´t stay in the comfort zone too long :D For the steady ones, experienced ones like us... let's fight the boredom, let's keep going to the crazy side too.

Don´t let that crazy side to be so full of kids without some cool oldies like us :D

Thanks a lot, let's go to create something that shines today :D

fabiana Store & Gallery Video

Be sure to visit fabiana's store and gallery.

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