Here's what the Poser team has been working on

SchelleFire · July 10, 2019 3:51 pm

Poser Transition Update

As we announced June 20, Poser has found a new home. Now that we have had a chance to catch our breath, we'd like to talk to you about some challenges and opportunities we are facing.

But before all that, we'd like to thank Smith Micro for their professionalism and support. They have been a long-time business partner for our Renderosity group and have gone above and beyond to make this acquisition possible.

What we are doing right now

Poser sales and support is available at Poser Software and also at Renderosity, depending on where visitors are most comfortable.

We are adding to our dev team and seeking advice from previous Poser team members, contributors and community members to construct a product roadmap.

Our dev team is working to re-design the license management system to a more flexible architecture while still honoring previously sold licenses.

Once this part of the process is complete, existing Poser 11 users will need to download and install a new updated version of the software. When it's ready, you'll be the first to know.

During the transition, we are working diligently to minimize the impact to existing Poser customers but there may be bumps in the road. Please bear with us.

We have lots of other things on our to-do list, but these are the high points.

What we are doing for the future

One of our key goals has been to get the band back together.

We are building a tech advisory board and inviting some recognizable faces (or names at least) to join. Don't be surprised if Chuck "Nerd3D" Taylor, Larry Weinberg, Ted "bagginsbill" Czotter, or Stephan Werner make an appearance.

We are currently producing automated builds for Windows 64-bit on a regular basis and will soon be sending out invites to beta testers.

More soon ...

Article Comments

kaleberg ( posted at 4:41PM Wed, 10 July 2019

That's good news. I was wondering what was happening with Poser. I've tried, but I still can't get used to Daz Studio. Poser is much more comfortable. Here's hoping for a new release and new features, and I'll add a vote for continuing Mac support, though this will probably mean moving to Metal.

Count3Dimensions ( posted at 4:47PM Wed, 10 July 2019

"One of our key goals has been to get the band back together."

Please tell me you mean making a version of Poser that runs Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 (and other Daz-only products), or at least makes Poser a trouble-free, lucrative venue for modellers.

janhal ( posted at 4:56PM Wed, 10 July 2019

Did "Content Paradise" come with it. Or all the Poser figures/add-ons.? Hal - I old Poser user.

anupaum ( posted at 5:55PM Wed, 10 July 2019

Can you PLEASE work on updating the cloth room? Having "real time" cloth simulations (like in Marvelous Designer) would really speed up workflow and make dynamic clothes a lot easier to use.

RodS ( posted at 5:57PM Wed, 10 July 2019

Good news indeed! As a Poser user since version 8, I'd be thrilled to see future updates. It would be great to see Bagginsbill back on the team as well as the others. I'll definitely be keeping an eye peeled for further developments.

mdbruffy ( posted at 6:20PM Wed, 10 July 2019

I'll be watching and waiting for that updated version. My copy of Poser pro has been glitchy for awhile now.

SeanMartin ( posted at 9:20PM Wed, 10 July 2019

Good to know. Just remember some of us Mac users are still on OSs that go back a little ways (in my case, 10.10).

And maybe get DAZ to create Poser versions of their G8 characters? Frankly, it shouldnt be up to you guys to create things for DAZ to make all the money off it.

Bodo ( posted at 10:10PM Wed, 10 July 2019

Super! Luv You!

jangs ( posted at 10:16PM Wed, 10 July 2019

포저 화이팅!!!!!!

Bodo ( posted at 10:23PM Wed, 10 July 2019

Luv it ! Great !!!!

Deecey ( posted at 11:08PM Wed, 10 July 2019

"One of our key goals has been to get the band back together."

Like Jake and Elwood getting the Blues Brothers back together. First thing I thought of. 8-)

juramoon ( posted at 1:51AM Thu, 11 July 2019

This is the best news I’ve had on Poser development for a long time. I use Poser 11 Pro.

I also use Daz, but I’m always thinking of Poser when I do and fall back to it very time.

I like the current working environment in Poser 11, but ...

  1. The Poser Pro fitting room never did work properly.
  2. Let’s hope that the Daz Studio/ Poser content bridge which stopped working is replaced to allow better Daz content importing.
  3. I hope that this re-invigorates the Poser content developers.
  4. It would be sad if the next generation of Poser software becomes a clone of Daz, or worst still ... get’s treated as the poor cousin of the 3D world for, which has been the case for a long time.

me195 ( posted at 3:28AM Thu, 11 July 2019

Good to know. Thank you for the update.

thoennes ( posted at 4:09AM Thu, 11 July 2019

Cool!! Makes me feel like Poser is in good hands. The names dropped are superstars. And, there's no doubt that rendo knows what makes a good application. Or figure, for that matter. What with the whole "selling stuff to 3d artists" business model 😆

I hope we hear more of these updates. Like with Blender's development: not rushed, no secrets, constant updates, nightly builds, betas, previews, demos and a relentlessly powerful forward movement.

I'm up for a Poser ride like that! 😀

Levanah ( posted at 5:01AM Thu, 11 July 2019

My PP11 wasn't installed no more due to too many bugs, and now can't get it no more since download manager is offline already, thus am looking forward to the new version.

Y-Phil ( posted at 6:48AM Thu, 11 July 2019

Yesss! 😁

br1ras ( posted at 7:38AM Thu, 11 July 2019

I've been using Poser for the last 20 or so years, and I welcome Renderosity stepping in. A much needed injection of new ideas and enthusiasm. I also tried DS but gave up, Poser is more friendy, but lately has gone...old. Genesis is almost unusable on the Poser Platform, and the Genesis Character have grown visibly better looking than all the pre-Genesis stuff. I'm waiting to see a lot of exciting things in the Poser future.

Azpir8king ( posted at 8:14AM Thu, 11 July 2019

Awesome. Looking forward to the product (and capabilities) growing. More than happy to add my two cents as more of a "User" than a product creator.

stareagle ( posted at 8:56AM Thu, 11 July 2019

I second kaleberg's point about continuing Mac support....

Goldenthrush ( posted at 9:25AM Thu, 11 July 2019

Please continue Mac Support! :3 Very important for people like me who are not good with futzing over to Windows. I'd be happy with the d-force clothing coming with an Obj so they can be used in Poser's dynamics, by the way.

MajinBoo ( posted at 10:01AM Thu, 11 July 2019

Thank you for the update. I'm just happy to hear Poser the program is still getting the attention it deserves. With your team and advisors I'm hoping to see more new products include Poser version of products. I never could get the hang of Daz Studio so I'm grateful for all your efforts.

G315t ( posted at 1:03PM Thu, 11 July 2019

Good to see Poser is still living and in new hands. I never switched to DAZStudio and still stick with V4/M4 Figures in Poser 10 Pro. But it gets old. I hope to see how the development goes on from here.

LmWolfSpirit ( posted at 1:57PM Thu, 11 July 2019

Please, particularly for new content creators and for those who have given up because of this issue, do something about a real world measurement system. Yes, I know that most older creators have figured this out and that there are a ton of tutorials, but for many it is a hugely cumbersome and often inaccurate way to get content into Poser. Many people (even older creators) would appreciate bringing in something like a wall and just having to say, "I want this wall to be 14 feet tall in real world measurements" and have it happen.

rps53 ( posted at 2:21PM Thu, 11 July 2019

What about the compatibility of Poser and Mac OS 10.14 Mojave?

rbaker1956 ( posted at 4:31PM Thu, 11 July 2019

Oh gosh guys. I really hope you're not thinking of continuing on without a MacOS version!. I've been a user since Poser 2! If you switch to Windows only...I'm just gone!

EdArt3D ( posted at 4:33PM Thu, 11 July 2019

Please, for the next version, consider the native integration of the Genesis 3 and 8 characters as well as the use of the NVIDIA Iray rendering engine (and NVIDIA MDL compliant shaders). Keep up the great work, now Poser is in good hands here!

jarek2001 ( posted at 4:34PM Thu, 11 July 2019

Good Luck Guys!

ronaldknights ( posted at 4:38PM Thu, 11 July 2019

I've decided to stick with Poser 10 (Macintosh) until I've seen sufficient progress to merit my investment in an upgrade.

jennblake ( posted at 4:38PM Thu, 11 July 2019

We have no plans of discontinuing support for Mac. Not sure where that came from. 😄

As a rule, it is not up to the software creator to make a figure created by an outside party work in a specific software. It is always up to the creator of the figure to decide what programs a figure is, or is not, compatible with. As we decided to make La Femme work in Poser only, and HiveWire3D has decided to make their figures work in Poser and DazStudio. It is up to Daz to make the figures work or not work in Poser. That is not up to us. it is up to them. 😄

Byrdie ( posted at 4:42PM Thu, 11 July 2019

Looking forward to the Poser 11 update, though I haven't gone Pro yet -- too many unexpected RL issues this month means finances are tight for awhile. Hoping it'll be better by the time next upgrade is out. Meanwhile, I have all my old installers & service packs for Poser Pro 2014; will there be any problem using those now? Some computer problems awhile back led to a reinstall of Windows and I think that ate up an activation.

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