White Wyrms Chapter 82: Leave or You're Fired

Writers Fantasy posted on Feb 06, 2023
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Ann met Cari at Nim’s school the next day. Nim, of course, was more than happy to have her at the school. And he said he’d work with Elos to make sure she learned what she would in his class. “Mommy!” The girl came running out of the building. “I love my new class. Mistress Sinta is a great teacher.” She hugged Ann. “You don’t have to come down to get her. I’ll bring her to the palace.” Sinta offered. “Thanks, but I wouldn’t miss her first day. How’d she do?” “Quite well. It’s what I would expect from one of Master Elos’s students.” “No problem with her age?” “No. I don’t think most of the kids realized she’s only three. They think she gets her height from you.” “Thank you for letting Cari come to class with us,” Vaila told Ann. “You’re very welcome. Where’s Bre? How come he’s not with you?” “He’s talking with Master Nim. He’ll be out,” Sinta assured her. “Sapphire asked me to take him to the college for testing. She’s going to meet us there.” Sinta nodded. “I’m taking Vaila too. Thorgrey wants to test them together.” “That explains why he wants me to shield them,” Ann guessed. “Do you mind?” Sinta asked. “He could ask Tercala or Mishtali.” Ann shook her head. “I don’t mind. It’s just quite a change. There was a time when people didn’t believe I could do what I could.” Nim and Bre came out. “He was asking me about making a vial,” Nim explained. “It’s going to be a while before you can use one,” Ann told him. “And your dad has Kith’s vial. He’s going to give that one to you.” “How come Uncle Kar doesn’t have it?” Bre asked. “He said your dad should keep it because it’s doubtful he and Tor will ever have any more kids.” *** Nim transported to the college after assuring the school was empty and locking it up. He was head of the Augmenter department. He and Andy were the primary staff. They were responsible for testing and the college encouraged parents not to test their own children. A healing Augmenter was new. Most department heads would be there. He wanted to make sure they didn’t intimidate or harass the kids. He need not have worried. He found Mishtali in the observation room with several mages working to keep the staff from harassing the children. After seeing how the Tricot High Council treated him and his family, Nim understood. It was clear Mishtali was done with that treatment and wouldn’t put up with it for his grandchildren and their closest friend. “I don’t care what you say,” Mishtali was insisting. ‘They are my grandchildren. You are not going to treat them as freaks to be studied.” “Only one is your blood and she’s too distant for you to claim authority over,” a mage claimed. Mishtali growled. “Do you think blood matters in family? Carina is my great-granddaughter, Bremul is my grandson, and Vaila is my cousin. I am the eldest so that makes me the head of the family and you are not going to harass them. Anyone not involved in the testing will leave or they won’t get tested.” Ann, Sapphire, and Sinta entered while he was speaking. Nim saw Sinta’s surprise when Mishtali claimed Vaila as family. This was the first time he’d acknowledged a relation though his son was mated to Sinta’s cousin. “It’s up to the students to choose to get tested,” the teacher insisted. “Not when the oldest is only five.” Ann pointed out. “Some things have changed around here, but that hasn’t. And I agree with my grandfather. You will not harass the children.” “But...” The teacher started. “Prince Bacna is reviewing the funding for the college next month. Do I need to have him cut funding to your departments?” Ann asked. “You wouldn’t,” the teacher insisted. “She would,” another claimed. “Try me,” Ann challenged. Nim knew she had no authority to make Bacna cut funding and it was unlikely that he would, but he would do something. “What is going on here?” Thorgrey entered. “Why hasn’t the testing started? I’m an old man. I have better things to do than letting you waste my time.” “They won’t let us start,” the teacher claimed. “What are you doing here? You’re not part of the testing. I won’t have a bunch of strange adults scaring these little kids into doing poorly. If you’re not part of the tests, leave.” “What about shields?” “When did you become stronger than Nim, Mishtali, or Princess Ann? Prince Andy is on the way. Can you do more than them?” “No, sir, of course not,” the teacher admitted. “Then leave. Anyone who doesn’t will be fired.” Several teachers left. “Thank you,” Sinta told him. “It’s bad enough we’re testing little children. We don’t need to make it worse by adding to their nervousness.” He frowned. “That didn’t sound right, did it? I don’t mean I don’t think they should be tested. I mean young kids are more difficult to test. Now, let’s get this over with before the kids get more nervous.”

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RodS Online Now! 9:24AM | Wed, 08 February 2023

Fascinating story - I'll have to take a look at previous pages. And your artwork is outstanding as well!


Richardphotos 8:25PM | Fri, 17 February 2023

outstanding poses and characters