White Wyrms Chapter 81: Don't Growl at a Queen

Writers Fantasy posted on Feb 02, 2023
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Deyama sat with her feet up. She was not happy. She’d felt lightheaded earlier and had wanted to lay down. Vor scried Shunati who was there before Vor could finish speaking. Shunati had helped her feel better and said she was fine. But it had happened in front of the elders. They insisted she take it easy. They insisted she eat better. They insisted she put her feet up. It made her feel vulnerable. “You could put them in my lap,” Vor offered. “I could massage them.” She smiled at his attempt to cheer her up. She did enjoy it when he did that, but this was hardly the place. There was a knock on the door and Teya entered. “Excuse my interruption, but Thailyn is here with two children. He insists they see Deyama. He says it’s urgent.” Deyama frowned. Thailyn wouldn’t be there without a serious reason. But why bring children? “Let them in,” Vor told the aide. “If Thailyn’s here and saying it’s urgent, it is. He probably brought Lamdi and Ruzi as assistants.” Teya nodded and allowed the healer to enter. Lamdi and Cari followed. Deyama guessed he’d been babysitting. “Sorry to interrupt. We have reason to believe that Shunati’s healing was incomplete earlier and felt we should check you.” Deyama nodded and held out her hand. “I’m sorry, but I’m more accustomed to healing in private and feel that might be best at this time.” Deyama sighed and nodded. Vor wouldn’t let her argue. She led them from the room. “May I request one of the rooms without an eavesdropping spell?” Thailyn whispered. She frowned that he knew about that but nodded and led him to her office instead. “We have reason to believe your lightheadedness was caused by poison,” Thailyn explained and told her what had happened to Tolin. “Cari’s healing started and she’ll help me detect any poison and then if there is anything, Lamdi will remove it, since I can’t do that anymore.” “Jerta’s able to detect more than most and can drain poisons. Should we contact him?” “I already spoke to him. He’s not available.” Deyama held out her hand. Thailyn took it and Cari put her hand on his. It reminded Deyama of when someone was augmenting magic, but she’d always been told healing couldn’t be augmented. She didn’t say anything. Shunati would tell her when it was confirmed. “Can you see it?” Cari asked. “No.” Cari sighed and Deyama felt a tingle. “How about now?” Thailyn looked thoughtful, then nodded. “Now I see it and what it does. You’re lucky. This could have been very bad for you and the children.” He traded places with Lamdi who started draining the poison. “All this from a sip of wine?” Thailyn nodded. “Be glad Tolin took the rest.” “But he’s okay?” Thailyn nodded again. “He’ll be fine. He may need some therapy. We’ll test him in the morning.” “Good.” “You’ll be fine and so will the babies,” Lamdi said as she finished. “You didn’t want to do this in front of the elders. Why?” “I didn’t want to deal with their questions and second guessing me. I’d like to protect Cari as long as possible. I trust you to be discreet and let them think she’s just spending time with her grandpa. And based on what Kritalla said, we worry one of the elders was involved. The less they realize we know, the better.” “You’ll keep me informed?” Deyama asked. Thailyn growled. “Grandpa, mind your manners. You don’t growl at a queen,” Cari scolded. “I’m sorry. But she should know better than to feel the need to ask that of family. We’ll let you or Vor know.” “Thank you.” “No Problem. Please forgive me for the interruption. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get these two home for supper and bed.” “Of course, and thanks again.” She waited until he transported away before returning to the elders and her husband. “Is everything okay?” Vor asked. Deyama smiled and nodded. “He was just double-checking Shun’s work.” “Since when doesn’t he trust him?” Vor grinned. “I think he just wanted to check the babies.” He switched to Baj-tisk. “He and his mate need to have one.” She smiled slightly and nodded. She hoped they did too. “I think we should sleep here tonight in the safe room,” she also used Baj-tisk. He nodded and they returned their attention to the elders.

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