White Wyrms Chapter 76: Slow Down!

Writers Fantasy posted on Jan 22, 2023
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Tercala wandered the palace. He was feeling a little lost. He went to Nim’s school every other day and the college the other days. With his training from Cramda and Mishtali, he didn’t need many classes on magic. Both men were quite demanding. Mishtali’s expectations were higher, but the consequences weren’t as severe. He still strived to do his best. He’d finished his studies for the day and no one had any jobs for him to help with. He’d been scheduled to meet with Jo, but she was helping with the new girl at the home. He wondered if he should see if Remtani needed his help with arresting Ruzi’s birth father or if there was anything he could do to help find this Anisa. He was good at scrying. He passed a large man with a scar near his eye. Something about him screamed immortal. If Tercala could growl, he would have. The only immortals allowed unescorted in the palace were Morina and Chapado. He turned to the man, trying to look pleasant. “Is there anything I can help you with?” The man stopped and looked up at Tercala. He was tall enough it didn’t take much. “Actually, could you tell me where a good place to scry is? I’d like to contact my daughters.” “Your daughters?” Tercala raised an eyebrow. The man nodded. “I’d like to let them know I found their mother.” He laughed at the confused look on Tercala’s face. “I’m Kritalla, Morina’s husband. She has a tendency to go undercover and disappear for years. When she’s done she forgets to contact them.” “She forgets her daughters?” “They’re not children. Both are over 600 years old. Ertonians are used to going decades without seeing family. But it’s nice to hear from them. She’s busy right now so I thought I’d pass along the news.” Tercala nodded. “There are a couple of rooms you can use.” He led the way. Cari and Bre came running past, nearly running them over. “Slow down,” Tercala called after them. “Can’t. Emergency,” Cari called back. “No running,” Tercala insisted. They slowed to a fast walk until they turned the corner. Then he could hear them running again. “Do you need any help?” he offered. It was Kritalla’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “You can scry Ertonia?” Tercala nodded. “Across the desert, I can scry for an hour.” More if he didn’t care about being drained, but he didn’t think that was a good idea for now. “Cramda taught me.” “Ah, you must be Tercala. Morina mentioned you.” “Call me Wyrm.” “Wyrm?” “That’s what Cramda called me. Dad doesn’t like it so he changed my name to Tercala.” “Do you recognize any of these people?” Kritalla made an image of the people he’d seen on his way to Erilu. Tercala shrugged. “He used to work with Cramda. His name is Shotah. But something happened and Cramda kicked him out. He said if we ever saw him again, we were to kill him. I don’t know why. This one used to work for the senate. She was some kind of aide. I thought she’d been killed when the dragons attacked. And this woman was sometimes with Morcri, but I don’t know who she is.” “I can scry my own girls. Thanks.” Tercala nodded. Dad, is it okay if Kritalla is left alone in the palace, he sent. It’s fine. Thanks. “I’ll leave you to it,” He told Kritalla and left.

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Richardphotos 7:30AM | Sun, 22 January 2023

outstanding poses and such an original story/characters


MeInOhio 9:57AM | Sun, 22 January 2023

Good story. Nice image!


bucyjoe 11:52PM | Mon, 23 January 2023

good job keep up the good work