White Wyrms Chapter 77:Get Away!

Writers Fantasy posted on Jan 24, 2023
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Norka stepped in front of Bre and Cari. “What have you been told about running in the palace?” “But it’s an emergency,” Bre protested. “Where’s Grandpa Thailyn? Cari asked. “At the home with the new girl.” “Lamdi too?” Norka nodded. “I believe so.” “What about Shunati?” “He’s up in Erilu.” “What about Mom and Dad?” “Your mom went to help with Vishom. Your dad’s in a meeting with King Emeton and Master Ti.” He gestured to the door behind him. “But they don’t want to be disturbed.” Bre glanced at Cari who nodded. She feigned trying to slip around Norka. As the steward tried to grab her, Bre went the other way. “Go help Vaila,” he called as he slipped into the study. Norka released Cari to grab Bre. She took off back the way they came down the hall. Norka snatched up Bre to drag him out. “Sorry for the interup…” Ti stood, growling. “Put my son down.” Norka almost dropped the boy putting him down. “Bremul, what is the meaning of this?” Ti folded his arms. “Sorry, Papa Ti. There’s something wrong with Tolin. Vaila’s helping him but he needs Uncle Thailyn or Shunati.” “Where is he?” Emeton asked. “The family gallery.” “We’ll finish this later,” Emeton said. Ti sent for Thailyn as they followed Bre to the family gallery. There they found Vaila kneeling next to a prone Tolin, his hands on the man’s face. Cari was next to him with her hands on his. “Get away.” Emeton started forward. “Wait. He’s healing him,” Andy said watching the scene. “He’s what?” Emeton looked shocked. “And Cari’s augmenting whatever he’s doing,” Ti added. Andy frowned. “You can’t augment healing.” “You can’t. She is,” Ti insisted. “Look out.” Thailyn came in followed by Lamdi. They knelt by Tolin. Vaila and Cari made room. “He started talking funny and his hand stopped working. Then he fell,” Cari told them. “It’s his brain,” Vaila said. Thailyn nodded. “Why don’t you two give us room and tell Grandpa Emeton more of what happened,” Thailyn suggested. “Stay close in case we have questions.” “Come on, guys. Let’s wait in the next room,” Emeton suggested, holding out his hand to them. “Papa Ti, I’m sorry for interrupting. We couldn’t find anyone,” Bre said once they were settled. “It’s okay. When it’s an emergency, interruptions are okay,” Ti assured the boy as he lifted him to his lap. Cari was already sitting on Andy’s lap. Vaila looked a little lost so Emeton held out his hands, inviting him up too. Vaila took the invitation. “I tried to make sure he’s okay, but I’m not sure what was wrong,” Vaila explained. “It was hard because it happened before.” Emeton sighed, worried about his brother. “It sounds like he had another stroke.” Andy frowned. “A stroke?” Emeton nodded. “He had one years ago, back when the northern governors were trying to dethrone me. That’s why he retired from being prince-general so young and I released Rem from prison. Tolin was okay but it took time to recover and the healers didn’t think the stress would be good for him.” “I tried to keep the damage down,” Vaila said. “Maybe it won’t be too bad this time.” “It’s bad.” Cari nodded gravely. “Lamdi’s going to have problems.” “Vaila, how long have you been healing?” Andy asked. “A few months.” “Why didn’t you say something?” “Dad doesn’t want me to be a healer because it hurts. Cari’s been draining me so it doesn’t hurt to touch people.” Andy looked at his daughter. “Cari, why didn’t you tell us you could do that?” “Because you and Mommy are so worried about my magic starting. You think I’m going to end up like Aunt Drepal. But I’m not. I’m okay.” “Did your magic start too, or just your augmenting?” “Both and healing.” “Healing?” “Just a little. It doesn’t hurt much. Grandpa Thailyn told me how to stop that.” “You told him?” Cari shook her head. “No. I just asked him how he did it.” “Is there anyone else you’ve been draining?” Emeton asked. “All the kids at the slumber party the night of the shades,” Andy guessed. Cari nodded. “Like you. And extra for Bre and Vaila.” “Is your magic starting too?” Ti asked Bre. He nodded. “I think so, I was going to talk to Mom and Dad, but they’ve been busy.” “They’re never too busy for you,” Ti assured him. “Tomorrow, we’ll take you all to the college for testing,” Andy said. Cari shook her head vigorously. “No.” Andy frowned. “No”? “I don’t want to be tested. I don’t want to be a freak. Princesses aren’t mages.” “Cari, you’re not a freak.” Andy hugged her. “Did someone call you that?” Cari shook her head. “They call Mommy that.” Emeton frowned. “After all she’s done, they still look down on her.” “Sweetie, having magic doesn’t make you a freak. Lots of people have magic.” “But not princesses and not little kids and not like me.” “Irkali, Piena, and Noyet all have magic,” Emeton pointed out. “Everyone in the royal family has had magic for thousands of years. And no one can control when their magic starts.” “Does this have something to do with why you won’t go to the nursery?” Andy asked. Cari nodded. “Babies with magic get sent away.” “Who told you that?” “The kids. They said it happened to Uncle Nim.” Andy sighed. “Uncle Nim went to live with Chapado because he was an Augmenter and his parents weren’t. I’m an Augmenter too.” “But you can’t augment healing.” “Cari, we are not sending you away.” “Perhaps Cari could go to Nim’s school. There are other mages there and they work with the kids,” Emeton suggested. “When she gets older, she can do some self study on the things Nim and Sinta don’t cover.” Cari’s face lit up. “Can I, Dad?” “Maybe. We’ll talk with Mom when she gets back.” “And, Vaila, don’t hide things from your parents,” Emeton told the boy on his lap. “Even if you think they won’t like something, they need to know. Your dad had plenty of problems he hopes you can avoid. But some of those problems were because he didn’t have anyone to help him. Now, we have plenty of healers who can work with you.” Vaila nodded. “But can Cari keep draining me? I don’t like gloves.” *** Shunati joined Thailyn and Lamdi working on Tolin while Tolin’s family joined those waiting along with Sinta, Pt’this, and Sinta. Ann would join them when she could. “He’ll be okay,” Cari told her Aunt Nambi. Nambi nodded. “He’s in good hands.” None of the adults were happy the kids felt the need to hide what they could do. Ti and Pt’this talked to Norka. Ti apologized for growling and explained the situation had reminded him of when the previous chief steward had kept Ann from her parents causing all kinds of strife. Bre admitted they hadn’t told Norka what was wrong. Norka agreed that he’d find out what the children needed before preventing them from seeing someone and he’d help them find the adults they needed. Bre and Cari agreed they’d tell adults what the problem is so they could get help. Finally, the healers came to give them the news. “He’s stable,” Thailyn announced. “The damage was minimal and very near the previous time. We think he’ll be fine.” “You think?” Nambi frowned. “Lamdi thinks there’s more to it than a simple stroke. Go sit with him if you want. I need to talk to who was helping him. They did something.” Nambi nodded and left. “That was these two.” Andy pointed. “Vaila did it. I just gave him power,” Cari explained. Thailyn frowned. “You two healed him? Vaila shook his head. “I don’t know how. I just kept everything okay.” Shunati squatted in front of his son. “Vaila, buddy, did your healing start?” Vaila nodded. “Did you heal your broken ankle?” Vaila shook his head. “I don’t know how.” “When he fell out of a tree? I did that,” Lamdi said. Shunati nodded. “We’ll talk. Right now, Thailyn needs to know what you did.” They took him and Cari into an office to talk privately.

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