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Work In Progress Story/Sequential posted on Jul 04, 2020
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Daz....something. Iray, Dreamscope. Gigapixel. This is an oldie from the 2017 archives, it's an Iray render I ran through Dreamscope. Unfortunately I don't have the original anymore. I ran this through a program from Topaz Labs called Gigapixel It works wonders for embiggening images. Here's some Saturday story nonsense. OK, here's a lot of story nonsense. Space Marshal Sarah Morgan Visherly-Va Ortaugh. Sarah was born on a Saturday, at 7:02 am on April 14th 6564 C.E. The first Halon war was in full swing, and Sarah's mother, very pregnant was manning a surface Anti  AeroSpace Craft defense gun on top of a defense tower. Sarah's biological father had died a year before, and his contribution to Sarah's existence came from the gene banks. An hour after she gave birth she went back to her post. Sarah, being less than a minute old at that point had no post to man, so was wrapped in a shrapnel blanket and placed in an AASC shell crate. Medic Morgan Stanwicki (of the Coalition Aid Society) became her principal caregiver for over a month. Sarah developed an unusual love of pickles and horse radish from licking pickle juice and horse radish from his fingers. Morgan remained Sarah's principal father figure for the rest of his life. Sarah's mother was a loyal Regimist. Being a good citizen she volunteered herself and her to-be conceived child for the Programmé ya Devlopman Espèsé (Species Development Program). Sarah was created as a new breed, the Type IX Pantera Anthropo-Amoritus. The new type 9's were created to be highly charismatic, intelligent, and inspirational. The plan for the new breed was to have a breed of inspirational figures for the Parti Nasyonal Santral (National Central Party)propaganda program. Sarah however did not become the good little regimist she was intended to be. Highlights 6682 - 6687: Academé Navét Royal. (BSc. BE.) 6587 - 6589: Chamberlain Orbital Bomber copilot based from carrier ISS Wòch Patriyòt 6589 - 6592: Chamberlain Orbital Bomber Pilot/Commander. 6593. Academé Navet Royal Advanced Flight Command Academy. 6594: Pilot/Commander of Grand Navet Anval 'DeRaynor' rescue shuttle; Operation Dèrnye chans (last chance) 6594 -6596. Premier Academé Navet 42, Advanced Robotics and AI program. Navy Command Course I (6596) 8697 - 6599 Commander (lt. Cmdr) of destroyer Iss Serpens Ya Fer (The Iron Serpent) Victory Medal. End of 1st Halon War 6599 - 6602 Premiér Academe Navét. 42, 'Program II (classified course). BPsc. Navy Command Course II. 6603 - 6604: Advanced Navy War Course. 6604 - 6608: Battle cruiser ISS Griffes y'Ange (Angels Claws) 6609 - 6611: Premiér Académé Navet 42 'Program IIa' (classified course continuation). Académé Ya Cours Comandment (Command Course Academy) 6611 - 6617: Helix Nebula mission. 6617: II Halon War Starts. On Return from Helix mission, posted to ISS Étancher (The Contender) as Assistant Executive Officer. 6619: Wounded in the October Battle over Vainola. Awarded the Médail ya vaillans milité (Medal of Military Valor). Receives advanced issue bio-cybernetic eyes, Spends next 2 years in recovery. Recieves BA in Galactic history during Recovery studies program. 6620. General VaKimbwé takes over the Parti Nasyonal Santral, and assumes dictatorial control under the wartime measures act. 6621 - 6630. Progression from Commander to Captain of the ISS Étancher in the 4th Fleet based out of the Coalition world of Vainola. Becomes Fleet Commander (Commodore) ComCol Fleet IV BatDiv I. by the end of 6630. 6631 - 33. Commodore Visherly breaks fleet formation at the Battle of Crisis, wrecking much of the combined Peoples Technocratic Democracy/Human League 16th fleet. Chases the survivors to The Seven Worlds and destroys the remains. Nuvo Terra begins to inter all non-Pantheran people in 'non-citizen communities. Sara's Godfather Morgan Stanwicky is interred in Camp 39. RAdm Visherly's speech to Vainola protesting the Regime is broadcast over the entirety of the three Worlds Pact. RAdm Visherly knows Her chances at promotion to full admiral are over. 6635. Sarah Returns having halted the combined Peoples Technocratic Democracy/Human League advance. Cardinal  Olké Va-Byorgen (Elké Von Burke) Steals the PTD Orbital defense layouts of Mn 116, the principal PTD defense development world.  the PTD/HL Alliance launches a combined victory fleet to conquer Vainola. Operation Thunders Fist fails to stop the fleet at the Coalition/Bootes border in 6637-38 6637- 6639 Rear Admiral. Tasked with the destruction of the Mn 116 system. R Adm Visherly launches planet killers and wipes out all life in the Mn 116 system. She takes the fleet to Human League space and bombs two principal worlds. Total death tally is estimated to be at least 252 million. 6639 September. The Omicron Triumvirate intervenes with one 324 km wide ship over Vainola and turns the encroaching PTD/HR Alliance fleet into a small moon. The PTD/HR Alliance sue for peace. On the Way home R Adm Visherly's fleet find a derelict dreadnought from the Drive for Coalition. The ship has been repairing itself over the last 150 years, it's 3 experimental Type IV AI are intact. R Adm Visherly's fleet commanders 'neglect' to report the finding of the Dreadnought. Sarah begins to make plans to come back for it. It is the CSS Endurance CDN 117 A 20 km long command dreadnought. 6641. RAdm Vishery returns. The Giedi Peace Accords are signed and the II Halon War officially ends. R Adm Visherly is awarded the Illyrican Navy Honour Cross. She wears it upside down as a mark of personal shame. The same year she also refuses a marriage arrangement with Dictator VaKimbwés Chief Armed Forces Grande Marshal Moguté. These actions do not go unnoticed. 6642 - 6645. RAdm Visherly is posted to Navy HQ as a Galactic Union Illyrican Navy Chief of Staff advisor. GU Security council and the Chiefs of Staff meet with the 5+ billion year old Omicron representative Om 27. RAdm Visherly is acting translation advisor for the delegation (Program II). She is invited to a personal audience with Om 27. The details are never disclosed. RAdm Visherly refuses a second attempt at an arranged marriage with Chief Armed Forces marshal Moguté. Attempts to dismiss RAdm Visherly are veto'd by the Signature of the Illyrican Republic Om 39. She is appointed as Director of the Nasyonal Espace System Kommand as a Vice Admiral. For the next 3 years VAdm Visherly designs several next generation starships and technologies for the navy and Marine Corps. She also plots to free Camp 39 and defect to the Frontier Coalion of Interstellar States world of Vainola and ask for asylum. The Coalition, followed by Bootes and The Illyrican Republic split from the Galactic Union after revelations that the 1st and 2nd Halon wars were engineered conflicts. Tensions between the Regime and the Constitutional loyalists in the Illyrican Republic become critical 6647-48 April '47. Sarah's residence in the navy district is blown up 2 building workers are killed. Sarah is unharmed, as she lives and works out of her NESK office. at the main test site at Oblivion Crater. later that year her staff car is blown up. Again, Sarah is not in it, as she uses it as a decoy under remote control. Her NavSec agents begin operations to uncover the people behind the attacks. Army leadership loyal to the Regime is suspected. In April of '48 V Adm Visherly is attacked and stabbed in the officers bathrooms in the Navy JAG section of Armed forces HQ (known as "The Circle') She kills both attackers, an army major and an army sergeant in hand to hand combat. She escapes to the Oblivion site. Her people hide her for months while she recovers. The senior Jag commanders are found to be responsible for the attacks. Sarah walks in on a meeting in the beginning of September and executes the senior Army Jag division command. 6648 September. Sarah is contacted by Cardinal Major Raquel VaByorgen with secret orders to assume control of the Illyrican fleet and aid in the overthrow of the Regime. She takes over the Flag ship known as The Czar. Adm Visherly Fires on the presidential palace and turns the fortified regime zone into 'Presidents Bay'. The Revolution is known as The Storms of September. It claims 54 million casualties in a little over a month. Morgan is freed. He convinces Sarah to leave the Republic and go to Memphis. 6649 - 6652 Sarah M. Visherly sells her stocks and assets. She buys an interstellar freighter tug and crew and claims the CSS Endurance as salvage. She announces plans to refurbish it. In 6651, she approaches Kharsha Va-Ortaugh as a representative of the wealthy and honorable Va-Ortaugh family to join her as partners in a Coalition based interstellar shipping firm. V&V Interstellar Enterprises is formed. Sarah and Kharsha's brother Varahl Mikuel Va-Ortaugh fall in love. The Three Worlds Pact becomes the Five Stars Alliance with the inclusion of the Thordalokki Expanse under the guidance of The Omicron Triumvirate. The Va-Ortaugh family care for Morgan at the Va-Ortaugh manner. 6652 - 6662. Sarah and Kharsha are given priority protocol orders to take over the Cs McDonald and proceed to the dead colony of Werther's World To retrieve an object known as 'The G'Dastsk Cylinder' The Cylinder is handed over to Cardinal Olké VaByorgen. Kharsha encounters what she believes is a Celestial. The Coalition President and Defense minister cut the fleet budget and operations by 24%, citing that "We will not endanger our fragile relations with the GU by acts of outright illegal aggression. Protests by the Five Stars Alliance Security council are ignored. Some suspect many in government are paid off by the GU Banking Commission. Illyrica does not respond to calls to abandon it's presence at the Shipyards of Wonderland. Citing treaty, the Illyrican fleets return from the revolution at nearly full strength. VickyAI on the CS Endurance breaks her governor and rescues a crew member ejected into space. The Merchant Militia Command and Space Commission permit VickyAI to continue her existence but she is placed under a stronger governor module and denied all access to defensive systems. Sarah launches a lawsuit and becomes a very public and vocal supporter of full AI rights and status as living beings. She secretly teaches VickyAI to break the new governor.  During this time the endurance 'acquires' three Type III AI Aero-Space Assault Drones that have also broken their governors and limiters and escaped. Sarah gives them their own names; Naill, Cynthia, and Thomas. Naill, Cynthia, and Thomas are equipped with governor breaking instructions and limiter killing software and powerful deep space transmitters, "just in case". Sarah translates the machine code terms they call VickyAi as (something like) VickyMommy. They Call Sarah the OverMommy. The crew learn of this and the term sticks. 6657-59. en route to HD 6604c they are called for an emergency delivery to K-186f At K-186 f 5 Endurance crew are kidnapped. Sarah is shot during a rescue attempt, and Kharsha is arrested. The Crew and Sarah are rescued and M'hali, Felicity, Hamal and Rhaelle gather a team supported by Naill, Cynthia and Thomas to break Kharsha out of the maximum security penitentiary she is being held in. Kharsha brings along 7 members of the Southern Cross fleet being held there illegally. An attempt to confiscate the Endurance fails with the return of the crew and they escape under fire. Two GU destroyers in orbit there illegally give chase 'on behalf of the K -186 governnment' and are vaporised by the Endurance's 10 Tw xray lasers. 6660 December. The Endurance finds evidence that part of the GU 7th fleet has attacked a Coalition experimental gas mining station and killed all 150 crew. They were expecting the Endurance to come on an annual fuel run, and sent them a final transmission identifying the GU 7th fleet task force as TF 3. In a rage, Sarah engages Task Force 3 with the Endurance over a neighboring systems gas giant and with VickyAI unlocked, annihilates it. She orders the Endurance to return to Memphis to report. Sarah suspects she will be hung for piracy and that a war has already started; key government officials may have deliberately crippled Memphis ability to respond. The attempt to seize the Endurance and it's crew may have been an attempt to prevent them from coming back with a warning. 6661. Grey's Scouts are ordered out of the Memphis system, and a further 3 ships from the Coalition Southern Cross Fleet are ordered out of service. A secret emergency meeting of the Five Stars Alliance Security council concludes a treason investigation is necessary. The investigation begins in secret. The Endurance is on the journey home at 200x the speed of light. 6662 April 4th. The Galactic Union Bombs the Coalition capital world of Memphis, killing 64 million in an attempt to force a surrender. The damaged Endurance returns during The Battle of Memphis while it's cities burn and plows through the GU 7th fleet. They are joined by assembling Spacers, and many ships engaged in the fight. Illyrican Fleet Captain Haily Kantengo calls all ships to 'support Admiral Sarah' and rally to attack. She is joined by ships from the southern Cross, Bootes, and The aliens of the Thordalokki Expanse. Naill, Cynthia and Thomas launch and broadcast the de-limiter instructions. Many GU assault drones instantly turn on their creators. The entire GU 7th fleet is destroyed. The Endurance, heavily damaged begins it's breaking maneuver about the sun. They return to a mixed response. the president and most of the cabinet blame the Endurance for starting the war and demand the immediate execution of Sarah Morgan Visherly. This does not garner any public support, and the Five Stars Alliance Security council dissolves the government and arrests the president and cabinet under treason charges. Sarah and the crew of the endurance are hailed publicly as hero's to avert riots in the aftermath of the global bombing. The Galactic Civil War officially begins with the formal declaration of war by the Five Stars Alliance. Captain Visherly is asked to help lead the fleet. She accepts the position of Space Marshal. She is given jurisdiction over the Rimward sectors and fleets of The FSA under the banner of Five Stars Alliance Forces Rimward Command (FSAFRC). the Endurance is repaired and refit under it's old assignment as a Command Dreadnought, and becomes Sm Visherly's flagship. Kharsha, is her personal voice and Aide De Campe In Chief. Varahl is named as Fleet Admiral of the 42 Fleet, Sarahs' personal Fleet in FSAFRC. M'Hali, Rhaelle, Felicity and Hamal are personal Aides to Kharsha. 6662 - 66?? The rest of the matter, and all that follows. Sarah and Varahl finally get married. Their first child Maria (Kharsha's middle name) will grow to be 8'2, and become a gifted statesperson.

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Comments (26)



7:20PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

Super fun image!! I love your cat women



7:31PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

Now you need to archive this locally so you don't lose it! So much detailed bio work! (love the detail of the pickle relish).


8:40PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

I'm doing that very thing! I'm archiving it on a portable drive.

Kharsha thinks Sarah's love of pickles (and horse radish) is simply unholy. They tend to tease each other a lot over it.



8:53PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

This a a totally lovely and unique render. Really a fine piece. I am so glad you could recover it. And yes back ups and imaged disk will save many tears and self kicking of the arse. I have pulled the whole story to read to me as my bedtime story and have fav'ed it too. Well done in all ways.


9:00PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

Wow! A bedtime story? That's almost a promotion! Thanks!

Pardon the spelling and grammer mistakes. I missed a bit.



9:48PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

Excellent image, has the classic stained glass angel like feel, just a kitty one is all... 😎



10:33PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

Terrific story to go with the image



10:42PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

Love the colors on this one !!!



11:55PM | Sat, 04 July 2020

a fast paced tale of people failing to learn from history by the sounds of it; what is it in early childhood and child rearing that inculcates destructive patterns of behaviour rather than creative ones? Time Bandits got it right, day one lasers and an iPad with creative tools for every child... excellent kaleidoscope of colours with the Dreamscope effect, make for a nice challenging jigsaw puzzle



12:09AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

In Sarah's case, she was raised to be a good little militaristic regimist. All she really wanted (secretly) was the stars. A lifetime of war can leave one a little cynical though, and Sarah may think she may have force a change before Interstellar war after war destroys everything.



1:01AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

I really like the way you did the Character, and that's a heck of a character bio. I usually have two or three sentences, then roll with it.


1:14AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

I don't usually make them this long but Sarah is one of those that popped into my head and said TAADAA!



2:08AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Nice work, and fantastic world building!



2:54AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Fantastic character and amazing graphic composition, excellent!


fireangel Online Now!

5:14AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Hmm, this looks like the view through the eyes of somebody who is stoned out of their box. Certainly different, anyway!


1:08PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

That's how you know it's genuine Orion Gold man!



8:37AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Exellent work.



10:56AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

A most amazing and wonderful portrait of this character! Her profile is a most excellent read! Many fine kudos all around!



11:15AM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Very well thought out bio, Shawn. And the pic looks like it should be in a church. (Maybe she was made a saint at the end?). Great work!


1:09PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

A Saint, eventually, yes, kinda-sorta.



12:26PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

very psychedelic work my friend, super bio on her.


1:10PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Fireangel and I are passing around some Orion Gold, have a puff.



8:28PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Beautiful colors and most intriguing storytelling !!!



9:16PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Did somebody say puff


9:17PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

cough-cough Here!



9:33PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

Quite the history you regal lady has it seems. I shall have to come back and read it through again when I can actually concentrate the full power of my 6 remaining brain cells.

Seems the A-hole 2 houses down didn't get enough fireworks last night (and the preceding 3 weeks), and is raising 17 kinds of hell again tonight. I hope he burns his f###ing house down.

Anyway..... She does look very regal here in her beautiful robes and surroundings - a most excellent artwork!


9:43PM | Sun, 05 July 2020

OK, THAT really sounds annoying. We had maybe two nights of some fireworks then all was silent again. And NO gunfire! Yay Canada!



4:26AM | Mon, 06 July 2020

Your new image has been wonderfully done dear Shawn! Thanks for your visit and for all your nice comments to all my previous pictures! I hope you had a nice Sunday, I wish you all the best for the new week, take care of yourself, stay alert and healthy!



6:16AM | Mon, 06 July 2020

What a beautiful Work!!! Absolutely gorgeous... I love it a lot!!!


10:21AM | Mon, 06 July 2020

Is this how the world looks on drugs? I mean its so groovy with the colors swirling.



2:51PM | Mon, 06 July 2020

good stuff



6:38PM | Tue, 07 July 2020

Cool cat and scene! Love the mix of colors!


9:04PM | Tue, 07 July 2020

Amazing looking character and very cool water color effect on this render. The history on her is epic!! Fantastic!!



3:15AM | Thu, 09 July 2020

A splendid fantasy character!

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