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Poser Illustration posted on Jun 22, 2020
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Say hello to Kayla Janson, our new Archivist in the Washington DC office. Kayla and her younger sister Layla were first encountered in Chapter 5, when the Girls discovered Layla’s hacking skills in a DC cyber-café. After several misadventures concerning a particularly nasty Senator, Kayla and Layla joined the T.N.A. Team – Kayla as our new Archivist, and Layla as an intern in the DC computer center with Lilla. The two quickly became best buddies. Kayla is a skilled researcher and archivist with a special talent for decoding ancient texts and anagrams. She will make some interesting discoveries. Look for a Chapter 7 story arc with Layla and Kayla very soon! Kayla and her little sis, Layla are by my pal Jenny (Pixeluna). I’m in the process of setting up some environments / locations for use as we proceed into Chapter 7. I’ve used Santuziy78’s STZ Office here and it is superb! I placed a hallway just outside the window-wall behind Kayla using a “floors ‘n’ walls” prop set (that I can’t remember where I got). I gave the walls a kind of dusty gray-green color reminiscent of the wall colors in many Government and/or military buildings – I call it “Government Green” LOL. In the story, this is an underground facility near Washington DC, long ago abandoned by the government, and taken over by T.N.A. This is where the archives from the Smithsonian have been relocated by Dr. Jones and the Director of T.N.A. For the past 2 days, I’ve been fighting a losing battle (so far) trying to get DAZ re-installed and working on the machine with the RTX2080ti GPU. I recently bought a 2TB M2 SSD with the intent to install DAZ on it, rather than the relatively tiny C: drive (“only” 500 GB) that Windoze resides on. My hope was to put DS on that drive, then link it to my content (My DAZ 3D Library) on another internal drive. For whatever reason it just refuses to work. It may well be because I tried to use that piece of S##T “DAZ Central” feature. I’ve uninstalled everything and will try again in a day or two using the D.I.M. which I liked much better than that DAZ Central piece of crap. My hope is to be able to use all my tools – Poser Pro 11.3, 2014, DAZ 4.12, and my still functional older version of Vue (10 Complete) to be able to move the story on a lot faster – IF I can get all these toys to play nicely for me. Anyway, that’s a bit of what’s going on here in between all the other stuff.. Thanks as always for stopping by, and for all your wonderful comments and support! Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Website Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA My Behance Portfolio Art Station Discord

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STZ Office
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Comments (31)



10:01PM | Mon, 22 June 2020

she is a darling sitting so cool in her chair. outstanding render Rod



11:00PM | Mon, 22 June 2020

Ooh, nice one Rod! Love it!



11:15PM | Mon, 22 June 2020

Very well done scene!!! Hope second try is the charm - good luck installing!


Wolfenshire Online Now!

11:46PM | Mon, 22 June 2020

Cool office. You could always go retro with a pencil and paper, no installation required.


1:22AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

LOL - it takes me long enough to get a page done with all this fancy software... 🤣 I'd get a page a year (maybe) with a pencil..



1:35AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

So well laid out! Totally socially distancing correct! Nice work Sir!


starship64 Online Now!

1:41AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Great character! Very nicely done.

I've never used Daz Central, so I can't offer any insights to you there. I use the DIM and install all my content on an external drive (that I back up regularly to a different external drive).


2:11AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Yeah, I'm going back to using DIM - that DAZ Central is a train wreck.... I set mine up exactly the same way with the external drives and backups. 👍



2:16AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Great work!!!



3:45AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Nicely done.



6:56AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Fantastic work



7:08AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Great render but just how dose she keep it so clean



8:29AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

She's a charming working girl, excellent scene !



10:16AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Great scene and render !!! Good luck on you endeavor ! ! !



10:23AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Impressive character and scene, loving all the details....great render and lighting....Workflow is and always will be an integral part of the creative process if it doesn't flow then...nor dose the image, all the best with it...they should all play nicely together...



11:08AM | Tue, 23 June 2020

wip? looks so well done already Rod. sorry for lack of comment. going through too much crap right now and have no muse at this time for my T.N.A. series, have several other images done though. stay safe as this pandemic is getting bad again, sorry about those daz issues. sigh..



12:06PM | Tue, 23 June 2020

I love her posing--and all the shiny surfaces! I remember the state department had a lot of this exact shade of green--someone must have bought it in bulk :D Also appearing at DMVs everywhere :D



12:12PM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Layla looks the part of the no nonsense, no frills type of gal who would be an archivist :) That's one big office she has! Hope you get your computer woes straightened out in short order. I don't even use D.I.M. because I like to keep external parties access to my computer to the bare minimum...



3:16PM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Wow you are to be commended. To take on a story of the magnitude you have done is amazing. I am only on my second render page of a short story and I’m already thinking about wrapping it up in about four more episodes. It is an immenseChallenge to keep the characters in the settings together. Good luck and know that I will follow your series. Be well stay safe.


3:26PM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Thank you, my friend! Believe it or not, I only intended to do 3 chapters of 10 pages each.. over 10 years ago.. That lasted until I got to Chapter 3 - then it took on a life of it's own... LOL But it's been a wonderful adventure, and it's far from over.. 😁


anitalee Online Now!

3:40PM | Tue, 23 June 2020



bugsnouveau Online Now!

4:36PM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Beautiful work, Rod. That DAZ Central seems to be incomplete and wouldn't surprise me if it introduced problems.



9:33PM | Tue, 23 June 2020

Nice looking office and lady! Sorry to hear about your computer problems. It really is irritating when those log jams develop. Hope you can get it straightened out so things run smoothly again for you! Hang in there. I have every confidence you will succeed!


8:31AM | Wed, 24 June 2020

Very cool scene lots of detail. It is a huge office. Looks awsome. All she needs now is a cup of coffee or if she is like me a glass of ice water. I have a stainless steel tumbler for my ice water lasts all day.Them office jobs can make you thirsty, lol. I even have a small fan on my work desk for those hot days. She looks amazing, great job Rod. Hope you get your computer issue fixed soon.


10:42AM | Wed, 24 June 2020




2:20PM | Wed, 24 June 2020



UteBigSmile Online Now!

3:27PM | Wed, 24 June 2020

I love your new image, which is very beautiful!!!



9:27PM | Wed, 24 June 2020

super image!! (I LOVE santuziy78's stuff!!!!) Take care, be well!!



10:53AM | Thu, 25 June 2020

Awesome image, Rod! Kayla looks right at home, in her new office....She has a very content look on her face.....just sitting there admiring her new surroundings! She is one very happy gal!! 'lol'! I likey!



7:58PM | Fri, 26 June 2020

Looks great!



1:01AM | Tue, 30 June 2020

not knowing daz or windows, I can't relate in detail to your struggles (above), but I appreciate the principle of it all: more madness with the digital world, on top of all your work with your home, preparing to move, and of course the world outside...Well you managed to create a quiet scene here, with some great angles---I love that desk with all that light, and how it sweeps back w/ the counterpoint of all those books and pencils and papers all making a busy abstract design. And Kayla looks so content...I love her outfit---you got real light in a mostly black outfit, great belt region too. And she looks content, looking up to acknowledge us before getting back to her work. And a beautiful blue screen in the background, with more open space and the stuff on the desktops. I love the background too---that green hall takes the place of a 'sky'...a large, open image with some wonderful angles, and a very tranquil friendly Kayla stopping to smile at us. (Hey---some really nice reflections too---I take it we're looking through glass? If not, those are reflections in the floor.) A really friendly image. All of which says, you haven't lost it at all despite all your talk of your "remaining 6 brain cells"---lol, I love that you use that expression all the time! There's a tale in that expression...) Rod---I just got to your gallery, and I have to go! I'll pick up tuesday, with the next image. I'm going gallery by gallery, and I'm going very slow! Take care and be well, and I hope your preparations are going well!



6:05AM | Wed, 01 July 2020

Nice work



1:58PM | Thu, 02 July 2020

Oh Daz Central...I have not heard good things about that at all. In fact I can't even get Daz Connect to work. D.I.M. works just fine for me. I thought about moving DS to an external drive to save HDD space on my potato, but I'm not confident it will like that, so I'll probably end up ininstalling a whopping 500 gb of content I have accrued over the last decade and reinstalling that on my external drive.


6:49PM | Thu, 02 July 2020

I finally got DS all set up and working (using old reliable DIM). All my content - and DAZ - resides on a 2 TB M2 SSD I bought specifically for DAZ. All my content is backed up in 2 other places. I have it set up so I can download the Rendo stuff into an external drive (into the "My DAZ3d Library" folder) then I use an app called "AllWay Sync" to install all the new stuff into the directory on the SSD. Works pretty slick, actually.

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