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Putting Plans In Motion, Pt. 4

Writers Story/Sequential posted on Nov 13, 2019
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Returning to the desk, the Commander spoke to his partner, "I thought I was going to have to stun you both there for a moment, then suddenly you're both friends.  Why the turnaround?"

Leaning on the desk, Omega answered the man's question, "after listening to Syreena, I realized she could prove a valuable asset and a better ally than an enemy.  I don't really care for her profession, but she and her people provide a service that would happen, whether I approved or not."  Then added with a smile, "besides, even though they're looked down upon, they still  have it within them to put that aside when called upon to serve the needs of the unit.  I find that admirable."

"You never cease to amaze me, my dear," the Commander chuckled, "you were never like this before."

Responding to the man's words, "oh, it was always there," then with an evil glint in her eye, added, "I was just very particular who I showed it to.  I couldn't have my subordinates thinking I was going soft on them."

Just as the Commander was about to retort, the monitor on his desk signaled an incoming message. Pushing the button to answer, the image of Darth Nox and Lord Trego appeared on screen.  Immediately rising to his feet, the Commander addressed the Darth, "my lord, how may I serve you?"

Speaking to the man in a deadpan voice, Darth Nox replied, "Commander and Omega, excellent.  Report to my private conference room, immediately."

Without hesitation, both replied, "yes, my lord," with the Commander adding, "we are on our way."

"She didn't sound too happy," Omega said to her partner as they headed through the office door toward the meeting, " I have a bad feeling about this, Aurturo."

Hoping to ease the woman's worries, the Commander replied in a calm tone, "relax Shara, everything will be alright," then silently thinking to himself, "I hope."

Entering the conference room, the pair stood opposite the Sith Lords and bowed their heads in respect.  "My Lord," the Commander said to the Sith, "we report as ordered."

After a few moments of awkward silence, Darth Nox responded, "both of you have a seat."  Complying with the Sith's command, both took a seat at the table.  As Nox arose from her chair and began to walk toward him, with Trego walking toward Omega's direction, the Commander instantly noticed both had their lightsaber equipped.  With Nox  now standing beside him and Trego next to Omega, the Darth began to speak.

"It has come to my attention you made some changes to my group's operations," the Sith said to the man.  "At first, I was angry that one of my subordinates would dare do such a thing," the woman added.  Suddenly, the Commander began to feel a constriction in his throat.  Not wanting to alarm his partner, Aurturo fought the normal reaction to reach up in a futile attempt to pry loose the unseen hands clutching at his neck, instead turning to the Sith and looking her in the eye.  Intrigued by the man's reaction and his seeming lack of fear, Nox continued her speech, "but after careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that these changes would increase the efficiency of the unit."  Still struggling to fight the urge to react to the force choke that had tightened its grip on him, the Commander continued to act as if nothing was happening.  "And the idea of forming a reserve militia was one I haven't considered," the Sith added, "however, I find it to be a worthy addition to our group and approve."

As the Sith turned and headed back toward the head of the table, the Commander could feel the grip on his throat loosening.  With her back still turned to the man, Nox again spoke, "due to recent events, I realize I was unavailable to confer with you on these ideas.  And I did give you the authority to command this unit as you saw fit... however, in the future, I would appreciate you share these plans with me before putting them into practice."

With the force choke gone, the Commander was able to speak in a normal tone, "understood, my lord.  I live to serve you."

"Yes, you do," Nox replied, still gazing out the window at the dreary sky of Dromund Kaas, then raising her hand, continued, "your first mission will be available soon, we are still awaiting word from my operative about the target.  I will contact you when that happens... you are dismissed."

Rising from their chairs, the Commander and Omega bowed to the Sith Lords and exited the room.  As the pair walked down the corridor to return to the office, Omega turned to her partner and said, "that went better than I had thought.  For a moment there, I was sure we were going to be executed."

Not wanting to let the woman know how close to the truth her words were, the Commander nonchalantly replied, "didn't I tell you everything would be alright?  Now. I don't know about you, but I could go go some lunch..."


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Comments (17)



10:27AM | Wed, 13 November 2019

Beautiful and great work 🌟



10:35AM | Wed, 13 November 2019

The Commander got lucky.

Rule #1 when dealing with the Sith: Don't p!$$ off a Sith.

Wonderful story and illustrations, very well done!



12:48PM | Wed, 13 November 2019

The images fit the story to a tee, very well done on both.



1:03PM | Wed, 13 November 2019

Well done with the illustrations and the story. That was a close one!



1:48PM | Wed, 13 November 2019

Marvelous work on this chapter. Fantastic art work and excellent story line! Well done!



4:14PM | Wed, 13 November 2019

another great piece of art!



12:42AM | Thu, 14 November 2019

Cool work!!!



5:56AM | Thu, 14 November 2019

Very good work, well done.


9:12AM | Thu, 14 November 2019

Very cool render and story!



1:19PM | Thu, 14 November 2019

Its wonderfully done, just love it a lot!



1:55PM | Thu, 14 November 2019

The graphics fit the storytelling perfectly. Very nice work!


4:03PM | Thu, 14 November 2019




11:24PM | Mon, 18 November 2019




12:35AM | Sat, 23 November 2019

fine scenes and solid story bit.



4:47PM | Sun, 24 November 2019

Great story and characters.



4:32AM | Mon, 09 December 2019

Wow !!! Professional work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bravo!!!



1:03AM | Sun, 15 March 2020

Good work !!

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