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Time For A Break - And An Apology....

Photography Landscape posted on Sep 01, 2016
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It's time for me to take a little break, my friends. I need to take some time to address a lot of issues and stresses that have been keeping me wound up like an 8-day alarm clock. Work has been absolute hell the last few weeks. I haven't been sleeping worth a darn, and right now, I'm just an emotional mess. Last Sunday, we had a lightning strike that blew out a circuit breaker that controls the whole south side of the house. We have extension cords powering the TVs, microwave in the kitchen and a few other items. But the strike apparently blew out the circuit breaker that controls that circuit. The breakers in this house are an older, less common type known as "pushmatics" and they are very hard to find, I'm discovering. The strike also apparently took out the sound in this main computer (the one I use for all my non-graphics stuff) - just the sound, not the drives, motherboard, or graphics card. Weird. I tried one of those USB sound dongles, but that didn't even work. Oh well.... I'm thinking about replacing this computer anyway.... I won't be gone for long, and I'll try to get caught up on comments before I go. And while I'm gone, I'll hopefully be able work on some of the special T.N.A. projects I have in the works. My plan is to start posting Chapter 6 on or around the first of October. Stay tuned. Before I go, I wish to make an apology to all my friends here. In my last post (We're Not All Idiots) I think I did a pretty bad job of making a point. I used three examples to try and illustrate how irresponsible it was to condemn an entire group for the actions of a few. I think some folks thought those examples were my real thoughts, and of course they weren't. At any rate, I sincerely apologize if it offended anyone (aside from the "Furry Nosed" one, perhaps. I found HIS remarks pretty offensive..) Anyway, onward and upwards! I'll take a bit of a break, and I'll be back soon! Take care! Rod

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9:22PM | Thu, 01 September 2016

Beautiful scene, Rod No need to apologize to me as I feel the same way
Take a break dear friend. I can hear in your voice when we talk. So take a few days and fly your copters around and get some good movies and photos. get things fixed around the house and sleep in!!!

Jo! if you read over his shoulder, then pull him away for a few days and get him to relax. Thanks



9:26PM | Thu, 01 September 2016

Sorry dude!! At least you didn't get the attic fire and the burst hot water heater that I did with my lightning strike! or the move for 4 months while the repairs were going on and then the move back ! (((Hugs))) been there !! Remember don't T off mother nature! Sorry on the computer also, but maybe you will get an even better one? Talk to the insurance company about replacing it?

Sigh though totally understand the need for a bit of a break.


9:32PM | Thu, 01 September 2016

OUCH! Yeah, I guess I was lucky in that regard. That doesn't sound like fun at all! :-O



9:46PM | Thu, 01 September 2016

Hey dude I so know how it is, my job is living hell with my boss. If I had time I would mention the crap that he has been giving me. I'm amazed I have not told him to screw off. But at my age and would not get a good review for another job from this night and day asshole. And I never use cuss words here. I was going to take a break also but my art holds me together and my dear friends here. My very first post here was called I did my time, just finished a image I was going to use too say goodbye here also with the same title for my TGIF tomorrow. But I will stay for a bit longer. And yes the weather here has been outrageous as of late. Another freak hail storm hit another part of the city. I hope thing will be ok for you my friend. Drag it will be a bit for AR & G4 I guess. And no need for an apology. We love you and understsnd. And you have never ever offended me bro. Hope you have some kind of enjoyable holiday weekend my friend. Best to you and Jo. Lol steve/ see ya when you return. BTW beautiful shot!!



9:49PM | Thu, 01 September 2016




11:09PM | Thu, 01 September 2016

Don't stay away to long!... you know that drone is flying around somewhere! I look forwards to seeing more of the girls..

Have a good one!


12:11AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

I won't be away long 😃



12:23AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

Take care Rod thinking of you.. And come back fresh big cyber HUGs cheers



1:46AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

I know what it like. Take care of yourself and family first always. I personally will miss you.



2:37AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

Rod, I've been doing big no-nos, writing from my job and job computer. You have my fullest sympathies with your computer problem. I haven't had time to solve mine yet - hopefully this week end. Have you checked any of the drone videos on YouTube? I did last night before going home. Some are a RIOT of laughter! IF you have time, take a look for some fun. And there's outrageous stuff, too. I tried avoiding that as I need something to laugh at. Man, electrical outages drives one nuts! Hope you get those "circus" breakers. Better stock up on them once you find a place that has them! And thanks for the beautiful photo. Keep up the good work. Looking forwards to seeing you back again. Keep up the good work! :-)



3:55AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

Egads, I hope I ain't the 'furry nosed one'. I was meaning that in the "you are a responsible user" kinda sense. People who spend some time getting to know you should have figured that out.

I'm glad all you did was blow out a circuit breaker, as much as that in itself is a pain, at least you never had an electrical fire. I've seen that happen with lightning strikes. I blew a PC that way too.



4:12AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

Absolutely fabulous my friend... I love it a lot !!!



5:31AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

Beautiful capture!



8:23AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

superb capture ..i love it!



9:25AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

I love silhouettes and this is awesome

sorry to hear about your problem with lightning. good all of you are safe and it did not fry your computers except the sound.

over the years there has been a few people like one other member that feels like they have to give someone the shaft because they object to their art. there has been nudity on this web site since it was launched. there is no way that someone could not notice if the person had their settings so they would not see any. then there would no problems, but they are trolls wanting to cause problems. things now are far better than a few years ago and I truly enjoy being a member

I will look forward to your return and take care friend



11:17AM | Fri, 02 September 2016

I'll be back soon, and in the meantime the Girls will be happy to go Kylo Ren on those trolls! 😄



2:18PM | Fri, 02 September 2016

IT wasn't My Fault! I blame Rendosity Prime Anniversary for the Freebies of 2nd World's Quadcopter drone without my Render would be Just some Girl Sun Bathing on a secluded Beach and don't Blame FurNose too Much he did say "Nice render though!" If you Haven't seen it Oh Yea Nudity Tagged!



2:51PM | Fri, 02 September 2016

A lovely capture with a great light showing the silhouettes beautifully. Sorry to hear about your problems with Mother Nature giving you a hard time, she can be a hard taskmaster. She seems to delight in making us do rock n roll down here, a 7.1 quake yesterday but thank goodness she was deep and out at sea, so very little damage. I hope you can find those circuit breakers and get back to normal again. I hope you enjoy your break and come back soon. 😀



3:54PM | Fri, 02 September 2016

Ah, the internet... it connects everyone in the world... whether we grok each other, or not. (Lol.)



8:23PM | Fri, 02 September 2016

I Feel your pain! For our lightning strike, we lost our alarm system (which we discovered 12 months later when the fire alarms would go off and could NOT be turned off!!! I met a very nice fireman. tho) and my PC.
I'll miss you while you are gone and will welcome you back with Joy!!

Great image!



3:19AM | Sat, 03 September 2016

A lovely image and yes stress........ it also keeps me awake and wound up. I hope everything settles down for you soon.



3:25AM | Sat, 03 September 2016

This is beautiful.....I luv it!!!! Nice work Rod!!



5:48AM | Sat, 03 September 2016

Such a beautiful image!!! BRAVO! Have a fantastic weekend!



7:49AM | Sat, 03 September 2016

Hang in there my friend. BEAUTIFUL SHOT



6:40PM | Sat, 03 September 2016

Beautiful image. No need to apologize. I hope things get better soon for you. Hang in there. I for one Love your work. Hugs.



9:48PM | Sat, 03 September 2016

.... blown sound card doesn't sound too bad, but throw in all that other schidt and the fan gets messy... take some chill time and come back loaded for bear grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol



5:27PM | Mon, 05 September 2016

I understand about real life and what going on. need to take a break also which i am lol



12:25AM | Sun, 11 September 2016

Yes life does get in the way so you take the time you need to heal yourself from the stress and craziness life brings. I offer you the open invite to talk via my contact here if venting to a fellow artist and stranger would in anyway help. Sometimes you can say things to someone distant in a way you can't to those close. Be well and I am sending good thoughts your way.



2:34PM | Sun, 11 September 2016

Gorgeous photo. Everyone needs some time off. I can't wait to 20 years!!!! Aack!



8:40PM | Sat, 29 October 2016

you were very kind to me when I stepped down, and you deserve as much from me, the other way around---though my response to you is many weeks later. (I read this when it went up, I just couldn't get words out at the time.) The photo is beautiful and restful, with a sense of repose---what you needed and I hope got (and will get again). And I understand how things piled up on you, you've had a number of maddening days for a while now; and you deserve breaks whenever it gets too intense. You're a real foundation-stone around here, and one of the people who keep this place always inspired, genuinely fun, caring and honest. So I hope you rest whenever you need it.

Well, believe it or not, I've been in your gallery for over an hour (because I left a few reeeeealllly long comments), so I'll have to move on. (I have comments inside me for a whole lot of other pieces of yours, but this visit to RR is a short one, so I have to go now.) I'll be back for more soon, I hope. As always, it's a pleasure; and I hope your visit with Tara and Bill was great too. I haven't talked/written to tara about it yet, but I hope it was great. Your recent photo uploads have been wonderful. Just know that I felt that, even if I haven't commented on a lot of them...

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