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Girls From T.N.A: Breitlenger Jar: Ch 5 P 29

Digital Comics Story/Sequential posted on Jul 17, 2016
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Just got finished with this, and wanted to get it posted tonight. Hopefully it will provide at least a few moments' respite from all the freaking insanity going on everywhere. I may have more to say about that later (and if you're part of the "politically correct" crowd you might want to skip it), but for now, I hope you enjoy this latest page in the adventure. One more page to go in Chapter 5, then on to Chapter 6 after a short break. If you've joined the story late, or can't remember who Layla is, I refer you back to Page 4 of this chapter: I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable week! And if you get a chance stop and say "Thank You" to a police officer. I've made a promise to myself that next time I encounter a police officer in line when I go to lunch, I'm picking up his tab. These guys - and gals - are catching hell lately. As always, thanks so much for dropping by, and for all your comments, friendship, and support - and for all your inspiring art!

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11:55PM | Sun, 17 July 2016

Awww! with a tear all so happy Rod . Absolutely beautiful work of this fun and entertaining scenes.So LUV this Cheers ☕



12:08AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Yes sir this is so cool :) More please :)



12:48AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

As the son of a former officer of the law I still find it hard to believe what a hazardous profession that is with very little public support. It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Sorry to get off track, Rod. Nice tying up of loose ends with the girls.



1:49AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Great update.....thanks for the effort you put into these :)



3:18AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Beautiful update, RodS-san!



4:12AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Wow! Beautiful comic!!!



6:23AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

fantastic composition and all the ladies are looking their finest



6:39AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

cool work my friend how have you been?



6:47AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

I love your work my friend... It's absolutely FABULOUS !!!



7:36AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

She gets to intern at the Smithsonian? No fair! Harrrrumph!

Go ahead, rant away, everyone needs to every now and again. I think I can take it. 'Sides, this planet seems to be going to hell in a bucket. Seems to be a never ending source of inspiration for doom and gloom stories.



8:16AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Just love it, this is amazing looking work (love the last one a lot)!!!!




9:22AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

+5 from doarte's MADHOUSE Wonderful creation Rod, had me in a smile. (*you should print/publish the series)



10:04AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Great chapter, Rod. So glad that Kayla got her job back but that her sister has an internship as well.
I try to thank them for their service every chance I get.
a far as I'm concerned, anyone that shoots at a Police officer should be considered a terrorist and treated as such



10:38AM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Some well deserved smiles all around. Fabulous job!



1:06PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

You did a great job here. It must have taken agen to do. :)



1:30PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

I came, I liked , I faved and moved on. I also loved your comment



1:33PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

I like a happy ending once in a while. There are so few in the world today. Great idea to post this as you said. It's nice to see some side characters reaping positive rewards from the girls' hard work. Well done.



2:39PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

A wonderful new page in this chapter. Marvelous work with all the characters and the backgrounds, there is so much great detail. Thank you for sharing. 😀😀😀



4:57PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Nothing like a group hug...Nice job!



7:05PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Love the last frame, sometimes words are just not necessary! Wonderful work, and by all means, rant on !!!!



7:47PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Rod, this is just stellar work dude, enjoy your gals in their car. They will be getting one each here from Tina. Highly professional job as always and they just get better bro. Great gesture and idea for our police officers who risk their lives Dailey for us. And when I'm in line somewhere I will thank them also. This page rocks bro, soooo wish I had yoyr talent, eq and patience for art this tremendous. Yes put in print! I would buy it. Now I need page 30.



9:54PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Oh, suuure... I finally get used to all those sentimental greeting-card commercials, and the warm, fuzzy coffee commercials, and then you pull a fast one with the girls and blind-side me like this. Sheesh! (wipes a tear) Let a guy hold on to his dignity, will ya? (Hey, wait a minute - those commercials... It's been YOU all along. Hasn't it?)


10:46PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

Muaaaahahahahaha.... cackles maniacally to self



10:55PM | Mon, 18 July 2016

This page came out just awesome!... I like that she got her job back, and that Layla is going to be interning.. and next stop, TNA!!! this is just super, can't wait for the next one, and I have to say, great work on getting this one out so soon, I myself have to work on the some of my stories... I still need to load the scenes to my new computer... have a good one!



1:35AM | Tue, 19 July 2016

Wonderful work !!!!



9:13PM | Tue, 19 July 2016

Awesome work Rod!! I likey!!



8:11PM | Thu, 21 July 2016

An awesome reunion of these wonderful ladies! Love the comics and stories that you put together, Big Bro!



8:18PM | Thu, 21 July 2016

Great work as always, Rod!



8:25PM | Sat, 29 October 2016

As always, you've created a meeting with your usual panache, and with all kinds of different angles, front, side, 3/4, etc, to show the different personalities of your characters. And a very rich visual counterpoint, as well as a very positive love-filled meeting. In the first frame, you give us the car in motion, crossing the grid of the street lines---visual 'drama'---with the building in the back on an angle as well (and someone walking---all fine counterpoint, Rod). I love what you do with cars too: the reflections, light, sheen. Even in the next frame, the Pharmacy store juts into the image with a curve: more fine counterpoint.

The meetings take us from people far apart (next frame), to people close and in couples (next), to an even closer proximity, in the next frame; and your usual angles, juxtapositions, color contrasts, etc, make them really musical. Along with your usual masterful shadow and light, etc. The TNA ladies have beautiful sheen in their clothing, and the other two have none---nice contrast. (The latter 2 outfits seem to be made of similar materials, with different colors.) And I'm always magnetized to your background stuff: Looks like a photo of an old farm machine (Yours? I love it), some pastoral photography or painting, I think more Betty Boop---a regular in a number of your TNA pieces (love it)---and "Cozy Coffee"---a local coffee, maybe?---and a poster for an artist I'm familiar with. Ok, lemme me look this up, I know this person. Yes: Hope Gangloff! A show you attended? I love how you adorn your interiors with so much detail. And fascinating furniture and layout, and a great door with complex shadows, and other visuals I wish I could see close up. (A winter in aerial view?)

And the last frame is all happiness, with the two women fresh out of a great meeting; and that great car-sheen, with a perpendicular street in the background as 'backing'. Ok, I just gave a lot of details, but this series is filled with them, and you do them masterfully. I don't know how you don't collapse after each of these, and not be seen for a week. (If you think I'll ever get close to this with Poser, you better have a long lifeline, dude, because Bozo the Clown will be president when that happens.) (Well, we're not that far off.) Great work as always, Rod.

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