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Pool Party! For July Birthdays

Poser Pin-ups posted on Jul 05, 2015
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I'm trying to get back on track with many things, including the monthly birthdays.. :-D So, for all these wonderful folks.... July 04 Diemamker - Dan 04 tenesseecowgirl - Lynell 07 ANIMATES - Roco 07 Julchen aka Julisonne 11 jac204 14 missblue - Mona 14 Legolie - Patricia 18 nefertiabet - Elke 18 Xfitz 20 rhanagaz - Johnny 21 DAGrant - Delaney 23 PeterN64 24 Schaefchen - Manni 25 J5ive - Johnny 27 heavensblonde - julie aka jules 27 rohl_figament 29 zil2008 - Liz 29 Drifterlee - Sherrie 31 Alida 31 Crunch 01 - James Around this time last year, we purchased Dreamland's Country House as a secluded getaway for the T.N.A. Girls and friends. It hasn't had a proper house-warming, yet, so the Girls invited some friends over for a pool party to celebrate the July birthdays. The guest list included Dan's three hotties, Ranpha, Trish, and Rico, and a special guest who the Girls haven't seen for a very long time... The lovely Robotoko from Johnny C's - (AKA Rhanagaz) wonderful cast of characters. There seems to be an inordinate amount of giggling from around the Barbeque pit..... I could be wrong, but I think it has something to do with the size of Ranpha's bratwurst.. With the present company in mind, I'm going to refrain from any off-center wisecracks concerning said bratwurst... I have no desire to find myself hurtling through the stratosphere with some kind of rocket-pack strapped to my back..... Back row: G4, Robotoko, Ranpha, Trish, Betty, Arawen In front: Rico, Melanie. I have so many freaking things in this scene, I can't remember all the stuff I used, so I'll credit what I remember, and try to add the others later.. One day, I'll remember to keep notes! LOL Hope everyone had awesome weekend! As always, thanks so much for dropping by, and for all your wonderful comments and support!

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Comments (24)



10:39PM | Sun, 05 July 2015

Holy monster Brat! I, too, shall refrain from any off-center,off-colour jokes or comments Great looking scene you've created wonderful dedication to the July Born artists here at Renderosity


11:58PM | Sun, 05 July 2015

love the thumbnail!!!!!!!



11:23PM | Sun, 05 July 2015

Where is Dan? Oh that's right he's sorta not been himself lately, oh well the girls are having fun



11:37PM | Sun, 05 July 2015

YES SIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :) Wonderful work With your can try this over neighbor swimming pool :) :)



11:41PM | Sun, 05 July 2015

Very very beautiful composition of figures with wonderful poses and expressions !!!!



11:45PM | Sun, 05 July 2015

Wow! Delightful and lovely scene,RodS-san!



12:43AM | Mon, 06 July 2015

Lovely & funny looking scene - It's very well done dear Rod!!!!



12:47AM | Mon, 06 July 2015

Lots of different characters at this party - nice compilation



6:17AM | Mon, 06 July 2015

Awesome party!!!...the girls seem to be having a great time... hope they remember not to go swimming right after they eat... specially such big bratwurst!... well I better not say to much or they won't change me back to normal!! Great scene bro! the girls could use some time off after the drone affair.... have a good one!



7:04AM | Mon, 06 July 2015

You seem to have recovered well !!! ... lovely method of attitude adjustment :)



8:30AM | Mon, 06 July 2015

a true bevy of delectable babes. superb posing and composition



9:02AM | Mon, 06 July 2015

Looks like a fun party.



2:13PM | Mon, 06 July 2015

Looks like everyone is having a great time. I could use that pool right about now. Marvelous scene!



3:02PM | Mon, 06 July 2015

Now there's a pool party I would love to attend. The ladies look delicious. Looks like there'll be some taco eating and I see Ranpha has her eye on a big hot dog. LOL! Some sangria and a few glasses of hurricane punch and I'll bet this party could get down right raunchy! You know how to throw a party Rod! Happy 4th!


5:08PM | Mon, 06 July 2015

Psssst..... Don't tell anyone, but I'm delivering the Sangria and hurricane punch..... :-D



5:23PM | Mon, 06 July 2015

I appreciate the birthday inclusion. Thanks. Perhaps you could also swing me an invite to this party as well. I would not decline. Great scene. I find it difficult to create a scene with just one model. But eight! Wow!



5:34PM | Mon, 06 July 2015

your computer rocks! wish i could get a group like this all in a render, Rod, love the gals all together for this shoot. also on the birthday list is rohl_figament on th 27th. looks like G4 amd Ranpha knows how to handle the sausage. snicker.. excellent job on this scene my friend.. best lg view.



8:13PM | Mon, 06 July 2015

Dammit...I would be a Scorpio... Nice render!!!



12:25PM | Tue, 07 July 2015

An absolute perfect summer image!!! smile ;-)



9:11PM | Tue, 07 July 2015

Cool scene!!! Looks like the gals are havin' fun!! Nice job Rod!



1:37AM | Wed, 08 July 2015

Great pool party scene with the all the girls Rod and yes one needs to be careful what one says around these ladies as one could very easily disappear forever. A great birthday image also. Keep up the super work on these mate!!



10:50AM | Wed, 08 July 2015

I hope it's vegan food (sausage included). Excellent meeting around the swimmingpool. Have a good day!



7:42AM | Mon, 13 July 2015

Well hello girls! A pool party.. Can I come, I mean join in.. ;-) Excellent work Rod, and a stunning Dedi for the Birthday Dudes and dudesses! Can I ask a question aimed at the girls, something I've always wondered.. ? Why, when it is beyond dangerous, do girls here and in movies totter around in heels around pools with cracks everywhere that will obviously catch the heels and make them fall.? Why not go barefoot around a pool, its what normal people do..? O.K. thrown out to everyone of the female gender why? Rob P.S. Rod? Not taking away the render, its great! Just making a real point.. Bond films are the worse lol


5:07PM | Mon, 13 July 2015

I'll see if I can shed some light, mate..... 1. Style, man, style! 2. The T.N.A. Girls live for danger. They laugh in the face of adversity. Haaaaahahahahahaha. 3. Please define "Normal." Try as I might, I haven't figured out exactly what 'normal' is.... I know I'm not 'normal' (but then I don't wear high heels around the pool either. I'd look pretty silly....) 4. WHAT?? Bond films aren't mirrors of reality?? Damn! Now I AM depressed. Next someone is going to tell me that diploma from Hogwarts won't get me a promotion..... 5. Reality is overrated, anyway.. That's why we escape to an Art Site where girls can wear spike heels around the pool... Or while kicking bad guys' arses. Or running from hungry dinosaurs.... :-P :-D



7:41PM | Mon, 20 July 2015

I just enjoyed your pool creation and did not noticed that they were wearing spiked heels!



1:23AM | Wed, 19 August 2015

Oh, MAN, Rod! How could I miss this post! And I've had a good laugh at all the comments (great way to start the day!). When I saw the brat-wurst my immediate thought was "Uh-oh! Looks like grilled colon. Now where on earth....whose is it?" I must stop thinking like a hungry T.Rex! He's having a strange influence on me (or, maybe it's "normal"?). Great job with the birthday list! A nice way of getting all your friends remembered without having to send several dozen posts individually!
By the way, there's a very old hunting society in Germany who among other things eat the intestines of their kill (stuffed with ground meat and strong spices mixed in with the natural contents. YUCK!). Now that may keep you awake, but, that's not the intention. I'm just back to brat-sausage. Aha! I got it! It's the neighborhood brat's guts! Hence the name "brat-sausage"!
Looking forward to your next post. I understand the small post size means illegible talk bubbles. Perhaps posting one image at a time will solve that problem. At least it will keep us on our tippy-toes in waiting for the next image.
Keep up the good work!



11:11PM | Sat, 10 February 2024

I'd love to be the pool boy here. great scene.

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