Gallery Improvements

August 20, 2013 4:32 pm

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Renderosity Gallery Improvements

Renderosity is excited to introduce a brand new look for our Gallery Section.

The most recent undertaking by the programming crew at Renderosity has resulted in a fresher look more consistent with the rest of the site. With showcasing all the beautiful artwork in mind, the first thing you may notice is larger thumbnail images that will allow users a more detailed preview of a particular piece before clicking on the image.

From an artist's perspective, those who post images will now have the ability to organize their collection into Albums so as to make specific works easier to find by their loyal followers.

To help encourage the ‘community’ feel we provide our users, this new Gallery format will allow artists who post images the opportunity to directly converse with fellow members who comment on their work. Renderosity has also added a little something for the Social Media lover in all of us by placing a Facebook 'Like' button on each gallery page.



Come take a look around at the new and improved Renderosity Gallery!

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Article Comments

RodS ( posted at 8:46PM Tue, 20 August 2013

I like it! I think it looks good, and it seems to be faster as well! Keep up the good work! And thanks soooo much for the larger text boxes! Now, can we get a teeny-weeny bit larger file size than 512K.. Pleeeeeze.... :-D

-BrandyE- ( posted at 10:00PM Tue, 20 August 2013

love the new look and features!

bebopdlx ( posted at 10:51PM Tue, 20 August 2013

Well, I liked the other one, I had just learned it. Now, again it is changed.

Raages ( posted at 1:05AM Wed, 21 August 2013

Great improvements. Now I can create an album for my pictures. I can connect an image to that album, but how can I view my album??????

Pierrot_Lunaire ( posted at 5:07AM Wed, 21 August 2013

I like it!

doarte ( posted at 5:40AM Wed, 21 August 2013

It is very confusing, I liked the previous format, but will adapt.

K_T_Ong ( posted at 6:56AM Wed, 21 August 2013

Sounds good! Yes, can we get a bit larger than 512K... Pleeeease... :D

caty77 ( posted at 7:52AM Wed, 21 August 2013

I wish I could remove the facebook button. I hope it is possible, as before?

renecyberdoc ( posted at 9:01AM Wed, 21 August 2013

yeah looks good to me and it might even be faster pls handle the 512 kb limit. at least for paying members.

mikeerson ( posted at 10:34AM Wed, 21 August 2013

ya know, there is always good with bad.... this all sounds good, but I'm already overwhelmed with postings here AND AT FACEBOOK... this article just told me I'm going to get a hell of a lot more emails from FACEBOOK... Do you realize what you've just done???? WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO DO...... Is offer OPTIONS!!! cause right now, I'm really thinking of closing my fb account because of this - and the whole reason I go to fb is to keep in touch with my family and friends = NOT TO LOOK AT ART - THAT IS WHY I COME HERE.

brewgirlca ( posted at 10:52AM Wed, 21 August 2013

Please bring back the white text on a dark background - just like you have here. So much white is blinding me. Can you also increase the font size on the thumbs; I can see older folks not being able to read them?

mininessie ( posted at 11:20AM Wed, 21 August 2013

not so bad ...but the comments are is too bright...perhaps a soft grey would be better for our eyes please!

digiPixel ( posted at 11:26AM Wed, 21 August 2013

I would love to know if there's new sizes involved? Meaning the pixels of thumb and the pixel size of the large preview?

AureliusdeMercoeur ( posted at 12:22PM Wed, 21 August 2013

It's interesting to allow us to create albums and put our pictures into different categories. I think a dark background for the text ( and for the full size picture ) is better than a bright !!! More than 512kb for the picture would be good too !!

efron_241 ( posted at 2:19PM Wed, 21 August 2013

it is amazing

helanker ( posted at 2:35PM Wed, 21 August 2013

So we can create albums? I sure would like to do that, at it would be much easier to find our pictures, BUT....Does that mean, we also can decide what genre we want our picture to be in, without being corrected? I mean, can we decide the names of our albums ourselves??

Lyne ( posted at 2:52PM Wed, 21 August 2013

LOL! tiny box HERE to reply in, but you got a larger proper box to comment in, in the galleries now... that's good! :) BUT is there any way to make the artist's (commentors) NAME/link in a color that we can SEE better, rather than light blue on white? and have it more prominent? I normally use the commentor's name to go to their gallery... and lastly if there is a way to tone down the glaring, blinding white of your new text boxes, that would be helpful...I know this new look makes the galleries "match" the look of the website overall...but it's really NOT easy on the eyeballs, nor is it "pretty" or artistic's so plain...I still long for the format before these crazy changes. Thank you for listening.

lisalisette ( posted at 4:06PM Wed, 21 August 2013

I liked the old one more.. All that white is hurting my eyes.. and I don't have the album option, so I think that is only for the paying people. !

mytheos ( posted at 4:39PM Wed, 21 August 2013

cool .. thanks for the improvements i second the request for larger file size on at least the primary image. but even the thumbnail image ... especially now that it's bigger

Digital_Mischief ( posted at 5:05PM Wed, 21 August 2013

Don't like the white background with black text.- hard to read. The white on grey is much easier to read. Tand and blue text don't work well. Either bold them or use a different font.

bobm ( posted at 6:41PM Wed, 21 August 2013

On my computer the spaces are blank where the thumbnail images are supposed to be. I do get the full-sized image after clicking on the blank space. What settings have to be changed in Firefox?

DocMikeB ( posted at 9:21PM Wed, 21 August 2013

Sorry, but the previous style was a lot better. This one looks like Tumblr. The comments area is too big and the white is too bright and tiresome for eyes. I know... you tried to match the galleries to the look of the other parts of the site, but - no offense is intended - the result is quite disappointing.

myrrhluz ( posted at 10:43PM Wed, 21 August 2013

I like some things and don't like others. Dislikes: 1. Don't like the white of the text boxes. It's too bright. 2. I don't like that the next and previous tabs takes me out of the gallery that I am in. I don't see a way to go from post to post of the same gallery without going back a page. I found the way they were before convenient when I'm reading a story or seeing which image I want to comment on. I can see the usefulness of it as it is set up now, for browsing (provided you want to see everything from all the galleries) but it would be nice to have an option to stay in the gallery I am currently in. Likes: 1. I like being able to make albums. I tried it and it worked well. 2. I like that you can answer a comment directly below it. Does this send a message to the person making the comment? 3. I like the bigger thumbnail. 4. I like the larger comment box.

Windigo ( posted at 12:06AM Thu, 22 August 2013

Nice box sizes, overly bright, actually hurts to look at it and very distracting to look at keyboard to type! Overall much nicer but actually distracts from the experience of being part of an artistic community! You also wiped out a large group of work in the writers gallery, hope you have backups and can resolve that!

mikeerson ( posted at 2:08AM Thu, 22 August 2013

I've been here 7 years and this last year you've done soooooooo many changes to the site that was just fine.... I just went to my gallery - I don't like it.... The comments seem "spaced" out and the avatars are smaller..... and there are blue and green boxes everywhere.... and let's not forget you made the page bright white - MY EYES CAN'T HANDLE IT - AND READING THE OTHER COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE OTHERS CAN'T HANDLE IT EITHER. for those of us that are on the computer most of the day, this BRIGHT WHITE PAGE HAS GOT TO GO.... but, you Mods have it set in your mind this is an "IMPROVEMENT" - it's not..... NO WONDER WHY SO MANY OF US THAT USE TO COME HERE DAILY ARE NOT HERE - WE WANT TO SAVE OUR EYES - You really aught to listen to the complaints here - THIS IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT, YOU'RE RUINING A WEBSITE THAT WE ALL LOVE TO COME TOO..... These changes you've made are like when cops show up at a party - EVERYONE LEAVES - IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT???

2nd_World ( posted at 5:06AM Thu, 22 August 2013

It looks great!! Though the white background, especially when viewing an image full size distracts from the image. Mid grey whould be a lot better.

efron_241 ( posted at 9:06AM Thu, 22 August 2013

what is not so good is the prominent feature "delete my gallery" it should not be there, or in sevaral languages.. I already did it once because of language mistakes. many do not understand english and will use the red button

KarmaSong ( posted at 9:07AM Thu, 22 August 2013

I've been a member of Renderosity for quite some years now, and this new layout is for me the worst and ugliest of all those previously created to make Renderosity a pleasant and artistic site to visitors or future members , not to mention the current artists and members. -Is it an improvement for the artist or visitor when they have to click twice instead of once to get access to the current and usual display of a photo or image? now it is impossible to have direct access to any member's current picture in the usual one click , except from the menu ' what's new' . - Is it an improvement when the usual size of presentation of the current photo or picture of the artist has now been reduced in comparison with the former layout, in which the size was considerably bigger and more pleasant to look at ? ( not to mention the possibility of getting the 'full size' format which is maybe the only 'improvement' that has not been altered at all with this new layout ...improvements) -Is it a new improvement when the comments of the visitors appear in light grey over a white background? this is the best way to ruin one's eyesight, in my opinion ! -is it an improvement when you are in your homepage, and if you click on 'gallery' , you get access to a summary of your 'featured image' and 'summary' in which the advertisement scrolled menu on the right overlaps the vision of a part of your works? -Is it a new improvement when, what you call the possibility of creating 'albums' is actually reduced to the minimum, that is to say, if you don't have a skill in html programming, as it is the case for most artists here, there's no way you' ll be able to create your own 'albums' ? This 'album'-dedicated page (or pages) you may create are simply a blank and usual web page to be created....provided that you know how to write in html ...Where's the improvement if you don't know how to write in html ??? -Is it a new improvement, when you don't have any longer an overall and synthetic view of the people commenting on your current image as it was the case in the previous layout ? Now the - Is it a new improvement when the 'merchandising' aspect to the site has now taken over from the former and artistic aspect to every member's gallery presentation page? I remember the time when the artist had the feeling that he or she was managing things in his or her gallery. Previously , the links or threads to the commercial pages of the site were present , though discreet in the artist's presentation page. If you were interested in buying products, it was easy to do it but on dedicated pages with appropriate links or threads. Now , the distribution surface of the pages of the site, even in what is artistic and a source of enjoyment for the artist , is invaded by threads and advertisements. There isn't any longer a separation between the artistic site and the commercial site, and it is plain to see that the commercial aspect is slowly but surely taking over from the personal pages and galleries of the artists. From the photographer's or artist's point of view, is it an improvement to see bigger thumbnails, bigger thread spacing and a smaller size for your original works ? I fully understand that Renderosity needs some financing to live on, but the shrinking of the space reserved to the artists, sizewise and picturewise, is for me a cause for concern, not as a merchant, but as a member of a community in which this new layout makes me feel more estranged than ever before.

photogmark ( posted at 9:15AM Thu, 22 August 2013

Mixed. Change is good comes with bumps. blue on dark grey is nearly impossible to read on my hi rez monitor. I can't find my stats, which I really enjoyed. I find the image thumbnail layout takes up to much space so I am scrolling more, clicking more. I find it takes me longer to get places. Doing nudes, not a fan of facebook like, that button also puts my art into a realm where it can be stolen easier. It comes out of the protective Render community. WE have change, your team generally has great vision, just find these bumps.

tennesseecowgirl ( posted at 10:03AM Thu, 22 August 2013

Recently I have noticed the adds on the right side of images as you were trying to view them, and if you actually took the time to check out such things as details to things like shutter speed, ISO, f-stop that some artist include these are great learning tools and something that have helped me become a better photographer, those adds would cover most of that up or be so frustrating, those seem to be gone now so that is good. And I do like the fact that you can reply to your comments. Even though I am not sure how someone knows you did unless they take the time to constantly recheck. Some sites will give you a notification that someone replied to your comment. As for the "New Look" frankly it sucks... this old dog does not like new tricks :) well I am not really that old.. but I just don't like changes like this especially for something that already proved to work.. Thanks for your time. Lynell

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