1950mm High Gate

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Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This gate is 125 cm wide and 195 cm high over the 10cm square gateposts. It is fully rigged. The hinge line is at X=0, Z=0 the distance between posts from X-12.5 to +112.5. The posts are 10cm square. The latch and hinge operate normally.

Hope you find a use for it.

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richardandtracy 8:23AM | Sun, 11 September 2022

Glad to be of service. It's one of the types of props that most needs the dimensions to be quoted somewhere, otherwise how can you accurately line it up?


NikKelly 6:16AM | Sun, 11 September 2022

Thank you. And, *thank you* for the size info. Scaling eg a ported XPS or FBX scene can be a tad exasperating when done 'by eye'. I've even pleaded with several prolific 'rippers' to include a yard-stick, metre rule or 'bench-mark'...


richardandtracy 3:18PM | Mon, 05 September 2022

One thing I forgot to mention: There is no obj file included as the zip file would have grown by 2.5Mb.


richardandtracy 10:26AM | Mon, 05 September 2022

Glad you like it. It's close to the design of one we fitted on the end of our sideway at our last house, ooh, 27/28 years ago.. We liked it & didn't want to leave it behind when we moved.

miketee10021 9:57AM | Mon, 05 September 2022

Thank you!


GrandmaT 10:47AM | Sun, 04 September 2022

Fabulous job! Thank you!


maneki_neko 10:17AM | Sun, 04 September 2022

très chic! thanks a lot ^^

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