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Table and Chairs Inspired by Heath Robinson

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Softwares: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

This is a prop inspired by a cartoon drawn in the 1920's by eccentric UK cartoonist and satirist Heath Robinson, the UK contemporary and equivalent of Rube Goldberg.

It took a considerable effort to model the continuous steel tube frame, having come up with a design that was bit evocative of the original and - most importantly - possible!

The character is KI, from the freebies here. In fact, there are only two items not found in the freebies here, Kai's hair and skin texture.

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missoo 7:53AM | Tue, 03 May 2022

Awesome many thanks :D

herhey2000 10:29AM | Sun, 17 April 2022



maneki_neko 6:07AM | Sun, 17 April 2022

haha.. yeah, guess i would be an epic fail as a furniture designer, tolerances and solidity stuff might not be my forte XDDD. but imagine a ceiling with a clasp system for every table set, in a big room like a restaurant or sth, and when you wanna clean, all clasps come down, pick the table sets and move them up - et voilà, free room for big broad cleaning robots to whirr around ^^ ok. calming myself now. XD.


richardandtracy 4:04AM | Sun, 17 April 2022

Thanks for the vote of confidence! In all honesty, this would be virtually impossible to make in one piece of steel tubing due tolerances and errors in the bending process. In addition to this, not being able to move the chairs in and out would probably make it quite uncomfortable for most people. However, I thought it was an enduring piece of ridiculous fun, so made it work.


maneki_neko 4:42PM | Sat, 16 April 2022

wow this design is pure awesome! you & robinson make an excellent team! i'd love to own this as real furniture... thanks a lot ^^

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