G8F Walking Poses 21 to 25

3D Figure Essentials Poses and Expressions posted on Apr 10, 2022 2746 downloads

Softwares: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Base Figures: Genesis 8 Female

License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.

Product Notes

Please find attached five G8F Walking Poses 21 to 25. As usual, there are five poses, five mirror poses and a zero pose.

Poses 24 & 25 are the sort of poses you see when disconsolate teenagers have a kickabout with a football (soccer ball).

I do hope that they will be useful to someone.

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Freestuff Comments


richardandtracy 10:09AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

Thank you. It's always nice create something others can enjoy. Спасибо. Всегда приятно создавать что-то, чем могут наслаждаться другие.

Diletant59 9:05AM | Tue, 26 April 2022

Благодарю За красивые работы


richardandtracy 2:25PM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Many thanks for all your comments.


mich40ish 2:19PM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful poses.

rich7865 10:26AM | Mon, 25 April 2022

Thank you!


android65mar 3:58PM | Fri, 15 April 2022

thank you !


richardandtracy 2:16AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

I just hope you like them. These are possibly a little less useful than some of the others due to the high heels, but it's not too hard to change the feet to flat shoes.

miketee10021 12:54AM | Tue, 12 April 2022

Thank you!

PhthaloBlue 7:28PM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Thanks very much!


richardandtracy 3:56PM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Thank you. Walking poses, ordinary ones, actually seem to be quite hard to find. Runway/catwalk model strutting is rather easier to find. However, that's not what I want in my images, and it's not really something I have an aptitude for, so I simply do what I can.


dbwalton 2:43PM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Thank you. Walking poses are fantastic.


richardandtracy 5:44AM | Mon, 11 April 2022

Just a few model details: Hair: Dragonfly Hair for G3F by Goldtassel. Character: One of the freebie Celeb characters by Shinteo on Patreon. Dress: Arryn/Onnel 'Alika Candy Dress'. Boots: From '3dLab/Mytilus Strappy Suit'. Dress shader tweaked by hand to remove texture & replace with plain colour.

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