Engine Compartment Props kit

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Engine Compartment Props kit

These engines and parts are very simple props for a more complete engine compartment.
You can now have something to see when looking under the hood".
The Engine Kit has a V-Engine in Obj and 3DS that can be used as is for a V8 , or stretched or shortened for use as a V6, V12 or larger engine.
Two inline engines are included in Obj and 3DS to represent the Inline 4- and 6-cylinder engines.
Versions of each with transmission attached area also included as Poser props.
A battery, radiator and brake booster assembly are included for a reasonably complete look for your engine compartment.

The car model is Lucien Lilippe's very functional 1953 403 Peugeot (The doors, wheels, trunk and hood work!)


Charles Lipe, copyright 4-6-17

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