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Review of Adobe Premiere Elements 7

December 7, 2008 11:42 pm

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In our current economical environment of high prices and low value, Adobe broke the vicious cycle (especially when it comes to quality software at a reasonable price), when it introduced its newest versions of Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. Both programs can be purchased separately, however, if you are planning to purchase (or upgrade) to either software package, it would be to your benefit to take advantage of Adobe's generous offer of providing both Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 as a bundle with an insanely low retail price.

As to Adobe Premiere Elements 7, if you are a previous owner of the program, you may be wondering why the big jump from Adobe Premiere Elements 4 to Adobe Premiere Elements 7, and what happened to versions 5 and 6. As previously mentioned, Adobe is offering both Premiere and Photoshop Elements as a bundle at a discount, so to make it less confusing to the consumer—Adobe went from Premiere Elements 4 directly to version 7, which in turn matches the newest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.

Why Buy?

For the non-professional photographers/artists, who have longed to experience either the full version of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro, but find themselves...on a creativity high...but low on funds...the Elements 7 bundle is definitely the way to go.

The best part of purchasing either Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements is that, although both programs obviously lack all the bells-and-whistles of their advanced counterparts...both programs still offer many of the same higher-end functions, but with easy-to-use interface shortcuts.

For those of you who are longtime Adobe Premiere Elements and/or Adobe Photoshop Elements user, the upgrade is well worth the price, due to the many new features available in both programs. Version 7 is not an update, but a full-blown must-have upgrade.

In both programs you will be greeted by the following screen. Which, first prompts you to signup to Adobe's newest online: backup, saving and sharing option ...


Opening Screen


The basic membership is included with both Photoshop Elements 7 and Premiere Elements 7 (a more advanced package is also available for a yearly fee). allows you to receive new and innovative creative tools delivered directly to your Adobe Elements programs. It also gives you peace of mind, by providing online backup to your images and videos. Which allows for you to view or use your image files anywhere you happen to be, not just on your home or work computer. Premier Elements 7 is the focus of this week's review.

Premier Elements 7

In this era of advanced technology, consumers often feel overwhelmed with which software to purchase in regards to compatibility with their new "toys." It is comforting to know that when you install your Adobe upgrade, that you are getting the most advanced technology available at the time, as Adobe is always on the cutting edge of technology. For example, the latest generation of consumer HD camcorders require the AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) file format, which is now available in PE7...a top reason to upgrade to Adobe Premier Elements 7.

If you are a long-time Adobe Premiere Elements user the one thing you will notice as soon as you get past the opening screen, are the new options in the interface. Especially the new button titled Organize, which is ultimately what Elements is all about, organization.



As this was my first time using Adobe Premiere Elements 7, I was excited to explore both the new and existing features that make PE7 the best-selling consumer video-editing software. A few of these features: being able to share movies on a variety of devices (mobile, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.), or upload videos instantly: from creation to popular Internet sharing sites, like YouTube.

PE7 allows you to create video with a professional edge by using your movie-making elements that you want to use, such as: fonts, songs, sound effects, supporting images and movie clips. Two other functions that made creating a video a snap, were the Sceneline and/or Timeline features. Both features allow you to have total control of your video creation.

Within the Organize tab, the user can easily bring images and videos into PE7 to be organized and grouped by using tags and stars. This makes creating a professional looking video easy, and it all starts with these improved and advanced organizational functions. Smart Tagging is the perfect launch. Smart Tagging is "an intelligent content analysis process advanced technology" exclusive to Adobe Premiere Elements 7.

Each analysis stores values for every frame, which in turn helps you to pick the perfect clip for your production. Categories analysis include: Audio (dialog, music, and sound effects) Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Faces (which includes close-ups and wide shots of a single figure and group shots), Motion (Panning, Tilting, and Zooming), Static, Shake, and high, medium, and low quality.


Using Stars and Smart Tags


Finding the perfect clip is also easier by utilizing Automatically Analysis and Smart Tags to pick the ideal clips for your production. The Clip Preview and Tagging Windows take the guesswork out of which scenes will work and which won't. The Smart Albums, gathers media content, and allows for additional viewing of metadata for videos.

With the InstantMovie function, creating a movie in mere minutes is now possible. By employing the unique themes from this feature, you can easily manipulate your movies to make them truly yours, while adding Adobe's cinematic flare.


A small sample of the available themes


With Adobe Videomerge technology and SmartSound (which automatically adjusts the sound and clips lengths), you can utilize special effects and add sound. As well as the ability to make use of PE7s built-in royalty-free music library.


Sound Effects


Another fun feature is the individual audio functions. Especially the ability to synchronize video edits to the musical rhythm of your favorite song.


Visual Effects


PE7 makes it possible for even the most inept novice to create video with a professional edge by using various movie-making elements, like a wide variety of special visual effects. Like the visual effect shown above, where one click gives the video an "old film" appearance.

Adobe Premier Elements 7 allows even the first time user to create a video within minutes. Making movies has never been so much fun!

In summary, the more important new features in Premiere Elements 7 are:

  • The ability to upload, save and share your images on
  • AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) file format importing.
  • Creating movies with just a click using InstantMovie
  • Automatically Analysis and Smart Tags
  • SmartSound and Videomerge allowing the user to easily add FX and SFX

We invite you to visit Adobe's official site to view additional statistics or download a trial version!

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 7: $139.99 USD [Full Version] $119.99 [upgrade]
  • Bundled with Photoshop Elements 7: $179.99 [Full Version] $149.99 [upgrade]

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Excellent review, Dee! This does look like it makes for an easy and fun way to organize and create videos.