xaitControl for Unity Now Available for Mobile Platforms

May 14, 2012 1:04 am

xaitControl for Unity’s new mobile support simplifies the creation of realistic character behaviors and game logic for games running on iOS, Android and the Unity Web Player

Quierschied, Germany – xaitment, the creators of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software for video game and simulation developers, today announced that its xaitControl for Unity plug-in now supports the creation of realistic character behaviors and game logic for games running on Mac, iOS, Android and the Unity Web Player, in addition to Windows. xaitControl for Unity, which launched at this year’s GDC, is a visual state machine editor and runtime library designed to work seamlessly with the scene editor and Mono Develop environment of Unity and Unity Pro (versions 3.4 and later). The first 250 customers to purchase will get the xaitControl for Unity plug-in, with support for all platforms, for $249 instead of the standard $499 price.

"Let's face it, dumb characters and poor game logic can ruin a gaming experience," said Mike Walsh, CEO of xaitment. "xaitControl for Unity is designed for AI programmers and game designers of any skill level who want to give their game characters more realistic mannerisms and logic. And with mobile support, they can now bring that invaluable gaming component to mobile games."

Mobile support enables xaitControl for Unity users to develop in Windows (Mac support coming soon), and to deploy their character behaviors and game logic on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the Unity Web Player games. Notable features include:

- Visual Scripting: Create AI behaviors, interactive objects, game logic and more within a graphical state machine editor.

- Drag and Drop: Drag and drop states, transitions or even complete state machines in order to organize and speed up development.

- Visual Debugger: Visually examine the flow of state machines, and watch state and variable changes and events, with the real-time debugger.

- Supports State Machines as Mono Behaviors: Both C# or Java are supported.

- Optimized performance: Small overhead, small executables, fast loading times.

xaitControl for Unity, with support for all platforms, can be purchased from xaitment's web store for $249 (for the first 250 customers). A 45-day free trial is also available. The plug-in comes with community support, full documentation and a number of video tutorials. Premium support is also available upon request. For more information, contact xaitment via its website or email.

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