World Construction Set Z-Buffer Compositor for Lightwave 6.5

tammymc · June 28, 2001 8:26 am

3D Nature, makers of World Construction Set, introduces version 5.52. This version includes a Z-Buffer compositing plug-in that now allows users to work with Lightwave 3D version 6.5b. This new tool will allow animators to combine their Lightwave scenes and WCS landscapes seamlessly. Recently, WCS and Lightwave 6 were used together in the creation of two productions in Sevrier, France. The first, a 14 minute webcast pilot and the second, a 28 episode series for Super RTL in Germany involving a planet called TX40 which contacts Earth from our future ( Adam Hauldren, WCS and Lightwave expert with N-Light Ltd ( worked with French Production House 9 Points ( to design TX40 and create terrain data both for the animated sequences, and as reference material in the form of maps etc. I created the overall terrain," Adam said, "and WCS was used for all the large scale visualizations. The ability to export Lightwave compatible meshes for use by the Lightwave animators, and reimport their camera work into WCS was a godsend. Combine that with a powerful texture editor, and the Z-Buffer plug-in, and I wouldn't have chosen any other tool to get the job done." World Construction Set 5.52 and the new plug-in is available free of charge to all owners of WCS 5 and can be downloaded from the 3D Nature web page,

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