We're off on that historical [hysterical?] tour of Complaint and Debate

tammymc · February 23, 2001 8:38 am

All righty folkses... time to load up the tour bus. We're off on that historical [hysterical?] tour of Complaint and Debate today that we was promised. ;] And along the way... we'll try to meet a few of our most colorful personalities. Me you've already met... I mean our OTHER more colorful personalities... One of the things I can see you're starting to notice is that some of the regular names you've been seeing in the apps forums are notably absent in here. Heh heh. A lot of them just quietly go on about their bidness and never bother to drop in. And I'm sure that a few of them look over into here averonce and awhile in shock and dismay and exclaim: "My gods, what are those people DOING in there?" *snicker* A lot of time we wonder that ourselves... It's real easy to write off C&D as a flame wars forum, when it really isn't. Trust me... over at Planet GeForce there's an honest to gods "Flame Wars" forum... no holds barred, abandon all hope ye that enter here. Drop in sometimes, you'll see the difference right off. The now defunct 3DfxGamers.com used to have a similar "What's on your minds" forum that served the same function. Heh heh. I'm a graduate of that one. ;} Oh yeah, we have flame wars... and some of them get pretty hot. Some of them jest kinda fizzle... none of them get quite as tooth and claw as some of the other forums I just mentioned. Maybe us artist types are a bit more genteel? Nah... But - you're going to notice on the list of reference threads that I've posted down there at the bottom that C&D is really a lot more of a catch all forum. That's where everything loose at the site rolls inta eventually. We've done flames and site wars. We've also done books, movies, conventions, poetry... if you can think of it, we've done it. And we'll do it again, sooner or later. There are some names you will see a lot. Mine for one - I find the place vastly entertaining and I make no bones about it. When we go to the back end and start forward, you'll also see a lot of other regulars - some of which are no longer members, some of which are. I won't list actual names ta pertect tha guilty. You'll possibly think that its odd that in spite of my statements to the contary... the very first thread I weighed in on there was a flame thread. So why do I say it's not primarily a flame forum? Because while that one was ongoing... there were at least two dozen others ongoing at the same time that had absolutely nothing to do with flaming. That's why we're starting in the back. If the references to the place have gotten your curiousity up, you've already seen some of the ongoing stuff. I want to show you what the place was like when I joined... and how it's evolved. After all, C&D can't be all bad. That's where I met Jackie and Wizzard... Later... Sherman [Ironbear at Renderosity] Ironbear's Featured Column (click here) Here's just a quickie selection of some threads to get ya'll started... we'll dig back into the er, bowels of this forum on our next installment before moving on. These are at least semi current. Most of these are NOT flame threads, I'm sure ya'll kin find those on yer own. ;] Musings While the Snow Melts... 2/1/2001 A lengthy discussion of all of the things that make life worthwhile... Candidates for "Signs for the Stupid".. 1/30/2001 Something way too entertaining to while away the moments with... Somethings wrong... help needed... 2/16/2001 I have no earthly idea what this one's about, but it's fun. ;] Chihuahue caught shoplifting! 2/15/2001 And, we ALWAYS need our stupid crook stories to liven the day. *snicker* This should get you intruiged whilst I figger out how to profile the past history of this weird and very entertaining forum.

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