Water & The Underwater Effect In Paint Shop Pro

AsherD · November 21, 2003 12:00 am

This is a relatively easy method of achieving an underwater effect on any 2D or 3D image. (For this tutorial I used Paint Shop Pro (PSP) version 7 and the following plug-in filters: Greg Factory volume 2, Alien Skin's Eye Candy, Almathera's Puddle filter, and Visual Manipulation's Natural Lightburst filter. All these freeware filters can be found at the following web site: www.graffici.com/commun/filtreindex.htm.) This tutorial was written with the novice in mind. However, many different looks can be achieved by adjusting the layer blend modes, layer opacity, or effects settings. I usually start out by creating a new image. I make sure that my new image is the same size as the final image that I need and that it has a transparent background. In my new image, I used the paint bucket in the toolbar to flood-fill the background with a light to medium shade of blue; for this tutorial I used #00C0C0. Then, I applied the Effects [Image] / Plug-in Filters / Greg's Factory Outlet Filters / Pool Shadow using its default settings. On top of that, I applied the Effects [Image] / Plug-in Filters / EyeCandy3.0 / Swirl filter--I toggled through the dropdown menu and selected "Typical." (Be sure to click the filter's "checkmark" to apply.) The last effect I applied at this time was Effects [Image] / Blur / Gaussian Blur with a Radius of 7.
To create this particular underwater effect, several duplicate layers are needed. (To duplicate a layer, select Layers / Duplicate from the main toolbar. To name a layer, go to Layers / Properties on the main toolbar, and type the name in the box that opens. To view the different layers, click View / Toolbars in the main toolbar, and check the Layer Palette box. I named my new layer "Shadowswirl".) With the "Shadowswirl" layer active, I duplicated the layer. Then, I used the Effects / Geometric Effects / Ripple (In PSP6, it's Image/Deformations/Ripple). I used the settings shown in the default. Then I applied the Effects [Image] / Blur / Gaussian Blur with a Radius of 10. I opened the Layer Properties box (Layers / Properties), renamed the layer "Ripple", and changed the opacity setting to 60.
From here, I made the "Shadowswirl" layer active by clicking on it in the Layers drop down menu (or the layer palette) and clicked Layers / Duplicate. I then moved it above the Ripple layer by dragging it in the layer palette. (I could have done the same by using Layers / Arrange / Bring to Top.) Then I applied the Effects [Image] / Plug-in Filters / Almathera / A Puddle filter, with the default settings. I changed the name of this layer to "Puddle" and selected a Blend Mode of Multiply and the Opacity of 60.
At this point I placed my figures, image, tubes, and whatever else I needed in my scene on top of these three layers. I used a dolphin tube I created (which is included, with 2 others, featured in this Issue's CD-Rom) and the "resident" PSP grass tube. For the larger example image, I created a scene in Poser, saved the render as a TIF file and inserted it at this point. With the elements in my scene completed, I made the Puddle layer active again and duplicated it. I moved this layer above the scene. Then, I applied the Effects [Image] / Plug-in Filters / Greg's Factory Outlet Filters / Sine Blobs III, using the default settings and also the Effects[Image] / Blur / Gaussian Blur with a Radius of 6.
On this same layer, I applied the Effects / Illumination Effects / Sunburst with the default settings. (If you are using PSP6, you will not have the Illumination Effects that PSP7 does, so you will need to go to Image / Plug-in Filters / VM Natural / Lightburst use the default settings there.) I then changed the name of this layer to "Sine Puddle," set the Blend Mode to Dodge and the Opacity to 37.
The "Sine Puddle" layer has the most effect on the scene beneath it--I adjusted this layer's Blend Modes and Opacity for different light and dark effects until I was satisfies with the resulting look. Finally, I duplicated the original Puddle Layer and changed its name to "Top Puddle" and adjusted its Blend Mode to Multiply and the Opacity to 23. At this point, I decided I was done! (Remember, nothing here is cast in stone and this tutorial was intended to provide some basics to get you started--play with the background color, filter settings and layer settings to achieve the look you want. Most of all, have fun!)
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Kithaniel ( posted at 12:00AM Sun, 30 November 2003

Well. I find it odd you're drawing skills are bad. :o) *scratch head

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