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September 11, 2006 2:06 am

file_353810.jpgWelcome to The 'Rosity Comic Strip!

September 11, 2006
Renderosity Comics - Cartoon Highlight - Gordon Syerson (Gordon_S) of FoToonZ. Also introducing The Little Wizard by VM Delor (vdelor).

Thank you to everyone that participated in last week's Caption Contest

- And the WINNER IS:
"Look, would you animate us already?" By: Nick_Jones With a total score of 19 points.

Watch for more exciting fun, coming soon, from the Renderosity Comics Strip.
file_353812.jpgCartoon Highlight - Gordon Syerson (Gordon_S) of FoToonZ
Gordon, what is the inspiration for your cartoons?

My inspiration? Hmmm. Well, I was brought up by a couple of inveterate punsters (my parents). I grew up with gags about the Infernal Revenue and Need a phone number? Call Inflammation. So, thats where the word play aspect of my humor comes from, although Ive probably taken it a number of steps further than my parents ever quite imagined I would.

The 3D aspect of my toons springs from my career in automotive design (CAD) and a couple of stints working in commercial photography. I discovered 3D rendering in the early 90s, and thought it would be a perfect vehicle for my weird sense of humor. I bought my first NT workstation and Lightwave 3D in 1996, but found that it would take AGES just to do one toon. Not acceptable. So, I waited until hardware, software, and content were available and affordable. I launched my website, FotoonZ , in December of 2005, and Ive been posting two new cartoons a week ever since. The positive response has been very gratifying, and now serves as a primary source of my inspiration and motivation. Thanks so much!!

FoToonZ by Gordon_S [Gordon Syerson]


Tunnelrunners by JamesRoden [James Roden]


continued next week ...

The Mousecapades - Mrs Clarke's Fifth Grade Class 1959-60 by coa


Echos From A Fractured Mind by BtaraKtahn [Anna Elkins]


Wren Derosity - Lost in a Love Coma by sparkyjones


The Smiley Faces from Outer Space by edhoover


Kuntry Life - by Nyghtwolf [Kevin Luce]


Frog Tales - Bump On A Log by frogdot


The Little Wizard by VM Delor [vdelor]


continued next week ...

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September 11, 2006

Article Comments

lh_cerdeira ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 11 September 2006

Little Robbin' Hood? lol Good to see we have a new "face" around... Does anybody knows what happened to the legend of Earl? It was funny...

LillianH ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 14 September 2006

And the winner of last week's Comic Caption Contest is . . . "Look, would you animate us already?" By: Nick_Jones With a total score of 19 points. ____________________________________ In case anyone is curious, the other submissions, scored as follows: "See?! I told you your mothers an evil witch!" By: 3Dman - 16 points "The out-of-state tourists, unable to understand sarcasm, never made it back to Iowa." By: AnteriorLobe - 14 points "Pull my finger!"By: 3D_Explorer- 11 points "OH MY GOD!! Look at the tip of my finger!!!" By: lh cerdeira - 11 points "Click on the "Material" tab right there, and try playing with the "specular" and "highlight" settings a bit more if you don't mind" By: kenpac - 11 points "Bet you fifty bucks the one on the left jumps first!" By: bykerj - 8 points "Look, it's a bird. No, it's a plane! No, it's Poser Man! And he is about to CRASH!" By: destro75- 7 points "Looks like Trump fired another one!!!" By: wolffman67 - 7 points "Damn it! Look, the Renderosity gang is there again. They think we'll make some joke. But not this time!" By: Nightwright - 7 points "Hey Martha! Lookit up there, pigs do fly!!!!" By: feeddacat - 6 points "Oh my God, that guy in the penthouse suite is about to pay too much for his car insurance!" By: Lendorel - 6 points "Made you look! Ha ha!" By: pdblake - 5 points ''STOP Michael Your going to drop Blanket!" By: justy6 - 4 points "Hey, Dude. There's your car!" By: tom_torrance - 4 points "And that one looks just like a bunny. Right?" By: tom_torrance - 3 points "Holy Snapping Ducks Feet! It's a renderosity cartoonist on the loose! Run for your lives!!!!!" By: shemia - 3 points "Is that a bird, no, that's an atrocity, Is that a plane, no, that's an obscenity, OMG it's Frogdot on Renderosity!" By: kirtlak - 1 point "Holy Cow!!! Superman forgot his briefs!! Maybe we should tell him he's not that super." By: wickedelf - 1 point "Much to his dismay, Kitten-zilla was never able to draw crowds like Godzilla and King King." By: AnteriorLobe - 1 point "Is that Donald Trump diving after his debit card?" By: sdorsey - 1 point "Look! Snakes on a Plane!" By: SBriggs - 1 point Thank you to everyone for participating. There's more fun on the horizon!

Nightwright ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 15 September 2006

Congrats to Nick_Jones! This was really great fun :)

glucas ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 15 September 2006

Love to see the new wave of Art & Humor. If I ever learn these programs I will create a new Cartoon called THE BALL FAMILY. Just love the work done here!!!!!!!!!!