'The Numinous Place' - A Truly Multidimensional Work of Fiction

August 7, 2012 12:58 am

The Numinous Place is a bold new way of storytelling… An ebook where technology and imagination come together to form a unique entertainment experience. A chillingly realistic adventure world that transports you to the afterlife and back.


The Numinous Place has the visual impact of a Hollywood blockbuster, and the pace, depth and intrigue of an irresistible work of fiction. After you download it onto your device of choice—iPad, iPhone, Android, ereader, computer— The Numinous Place will take you on a literary journey like no other.


Video, audio, images and text are artfully merged to reveal the greatest conspiracy of all time - It’s as if The Da Vinci Code came to life in your hands showing you actual video footage of the clues and interviews with suspects, presented the real life historical documents and artifacts, and played you recordings of crucial pieces of evidence.


The Numinous Place does all this in such an authentic way, you’ll be swept along in the cosmic detective story like never before, as you gather the evidence that proves none of us are who or where we think we are.

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