The Mighty Februus

vette · March 13, 2001 7:46 am

Greepings, folkses... We're back yet again, with yet another of our "Featured member" spotlights. Kewl, huh? Hope you enjoyed the last one... Heya, it's not every job where I gets ta wander around the forums leading tour groups AND I can con my fellow members into doing my work for me. ;] Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell the boss. They might actually make me break down and work for my living. I keep being reminded of the immortal words of Steve Martin: "And the hardest thing for me to believe is... I get paid for doing this?" Ko... and ennyway. Today's victim is [drumroll please], The mighty Februus. And I can just hear all the voices in the background... "Who?" You there. Down in front. Seriously, Februus is a member that possibly doesn't need much introduction to a lot of the long time membership. Like Lestat, he's one of the founding members of this site... dating back to the first split. He's also another of the friends that I've made along the way via C&D. That forum seems to be a good place for that, for me at least. We didn't neccessarily start out in that vein, as I recall, the first out of forum interactions we had were during and immediately after the site war. And those kind of grew from infrequent messaging to the occasional email and Icq conversation. Interesting friendship, and not one I would expect - at first glance, we really don't seem to have much in common: Like Lestat, Februus is witty and urbane, where as I tend to be blunt, sarcastic and obnoxious. ;] Then again... we do have one thing in common that struck me right off in our C&D encounters - neither of us suffer fools gladly, but both will go to extremes to help out when it's needed. You'll see that dichotomy in a lot of forum residents as we go... makes for some interesting encounters. And we both share a liking for the works and style of Frank Frazetta... some thing you'll see when you visit Februus' gallery. So, since I said he needed no introduction and I gave him one anyway, here ya go. Ironbear: Hello, how the devil are you? Februus: Fine, thanks for asking. Splendid. Ironbear: How long have you been a Renderosity member? Februus: I entered the gates on the first day, swept here like Dorothy from Kansas into Oz. Ironbear: How did you discover the site? Februus: As a PFO member I was given a choice as I recall- stay with PFO, or move ahead into the uncharted wilds. I chose the latter, although it was hardly a "greener pastures" kind of thing, more a "pell mell" sort of thing. If anyone else here remembers it, there was this impetuous rush to join up or be lost in the void. Anyway I was at work at the time, and knew little of the great corrupting drives of novice pros, and the motivation I had was to just not go with what was frozen there on that screen. I just decided I should move along: maybe just a little like the steer just before they swing the axe down on his head. It felt a little idiotic. Ironbear: Take a moment please, and describe a little bit about yourself and what you do. Nothing too personal, just whatever you would like to share with your fellow members... Februus: Lifelong artist, from an artistic family. I draw, paint, whatever out of an innate desire to learn and grow. Not out of any urgent need to find immortality or riches. I married a very wonderful woman (Heidi, nee Christensen) who understands this need of mine to continually dream up new worlds. That's all I do when I'm not earning money from my job, which is in the field of digital pre-press, work I'm also very proud and happy with. I get to be right at the forefront of the digital to print business, and it's a huge, thriving and adventurous field. In my case one thing always fuels another. I have to be in the real world for the dreamer to emerge intact and perform, for the artist to exist. I'd hate to find out what being a slave to art would be like, to earn anything from it might destroy the thrill. I'm a father. My son, Nicholas(b.1998) is my great joy. Ironbear: Something I've wondered... sometime ago in a thread you mentioned that you er, punched out Tom Sellek at a party, is this true? And do you have any other intruiging reminisinces you'd care to share with us? Other "Brushes with greatness so to speak?" Februus: Well, it is true I punched out a celeb named Tom, but it was Tom Snyder, the talk show host. Not Tom Selleck the actor. During a very ritzy party in Bel Air, CA And he deserved it. Needless to say, it involved the honor of a young, pretty Aussie. The other brushes are probably more embarrassing to me Ironbear: My mistake... it's been a long time since that hread... How long have you been in computer graphics? Februus: Seriously for 2 years, although I played with computer graphics for at leat 6. Ironbear: Was it difficult for you to decide to make your first image post, and if so... why? Februus: It's still in my gallery. No, there were no real qualms, I'm an extrovert. Ironbear: What software do you generally do your most work in, and why is that your preference? Februus: Poser3, which I've never upgraded, Bryce 4, and Photoshop 5. Lately, it has been Rhino 3D, which I just can't put down, I'm only waiting to get really good at it before I set my models out for fun. I also use Lightwave 6 and Max 3.1, but have never been very good at either. I have World Builder, too. My wife made me start a Technology CD at the local bank. Ironbear: Do you consider yourself a professional or an amateur in the CG field? Februus: Amateur. I have a copy of Spectrum 7 to prove it. Ironbear: Heh. I can't even say that... Spectrum 7, eh? Do you own pets and if so, are they artists also? Or do they just walk acrost your keyboard while you're trying to type, like mine do? Februus: I have a nasty black Tom named Frankie that has been a faithful, if annoying companion for 16 years. He is diabetic, gregarious and troublesome. Ironbear: Have you made very many friends among the membership here? Februus: I'm sure that I have. But my primary tendency is to give all my friends latitude. I don't call much on them. versionthirteen, Syyd, Lestat, anvilhead, some people just go off and you never hear from them again, which is rather sad. Ironbear: What has been your most memorable experiences here since you joined? Februus: That I discovered that acceptance wasn't punishment. Ironbear: Your least pleasant? [And why?] Februus: That this Community has members whose sole function is to pychologically devour others or themselves for no apparent reason. Expose that isolation in any one human being and it trivializes everything else. Dwarfs it. Ironbear: Have you any views or observations on the recent "site war" and other altercations between the online forums and personalities? Februus: Dislocation can occur under the right circumstances, that's about all I'll say about it. Ironbear: Do you spend much time in the Forums? And if yes, which of them is your favorite and why? Februus: I do, I have learned to use these programs from browsing the forums. I've delighted in C&D bitch-fests, too. Now my favorite spot is Spike's Rhino Forum, where I go daily for modeling tips. Ironbear: What do you have in your pockets right now? Februus: I'm wearing pajamas, which while possessing pockets, are rarely comfortable with anything in the pockets. (OK OK, it's a flask of bourbon!) Ironbear: What would you reccomend to new members wanting to get the most from their experience here? Februus: You can't get home from here. So don't ICQ me. Ironbear: Ko... and here's the biggie. Who are your favorites among the other artists, and what is it you like about them and their work? Februus: I fondly hope that nobody asks for a februus certificate of merit. I enjoy the wide-ranging selection of artists, the new and old. Any artist who is true to themselves will get my vote, although I favor the artist who avoids spelling out every goddamn detail and instead draws you into their vision with some subtlety. (Sherman Barnes excepted, of course!) *snicker* No point in trying to butter up the inteviewer at this late date. Subtlety has never been my strong suit. ;] Er... or maybe I should just say, "Aw, pshaw"? And pass me some of that bourbon... Thanks... always a pleasure, Februus. Later... Sherman [Ironbear at Renderosity] Ironbear's Featured Column (click here) Februus' Gallery images: (click here) Take note... the man does some amazing pencil sketch work. Also, if you happen to be inclined, drop in on the Rhino forum and meet him yourself.

Article Comments

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 15 March 2001

As a former pencil, rapidograph and paint marker man myself, I've always loved his pencil and pen and ink work. In some ways, he does Frazetta better than Frazetta. Thanks for the comment... was begining to wonder if anyone actually reads these things. ;]

Syyd ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 15 March 2001

Februus work has always been amazing, I was awed by his 3d work many moons ago, and went seeking advice several times, in fact, I probably drove him crazy. I nag him continually about printers. He also encouraged me, and was a big help that way. Sometimes somebody's comments spur you on. I read his posts to the forums, and thought to myself, this man has a bizarre and brilliant intellectual nature, very free. I wish I could post comments in forums that just shone like this, I have learned to keep my mouth shut though :-), mainly because sometimes just reading words such as Februus' and others is enough. His pen and pencil and ink work is beautiful, and I like how he portrays woman, exotic and lush. We do read your interviews Ironbear....all the time. Syyd

ronmolina ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 15 March 2001

Good to here about you Februus. Ron

lalverson ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 15 March 2001

One of the finest artists i have ever had the pleasure to work with and admire.

februus ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 15 March 2001

Thank you, Friends! Thanks, Ironbear-I'll certainly try to live up to your kind words. Matt

Ironbear ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 16 March 2001

No problem Februus. Everything Syyd said goes for me also. 'Cept that I haven't bugged you on printer questions. ;]

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