SIGGRAPH 2007 - Organic Motion

August 15, 2007 2:02 am

In 2004, I reported on the various Motion Capture, or MoCap products available. They ranged from $14,000.00 to over $100,000.00. Each was unique. There were soft fuzzy balls that IR cameras detected, and the soft fuzzy balls let live action martial arts experts fall and roll and not injure themselves. There were exoskeletons, wired frames, magnetic chips, LED chips and even bendable magnetic strips that could be attached to animals. You name it, everyone had their approach.

What did they all have in common? Well, yes, they captured live action motion, but something else too. They were technically involved. They needed technicians and calibration and hours and hours of time to install and set up a MoCap session. Some were limited to a very small working stage. Some actually restricted free movement of the individual going through the motions. And they ALL required the actor to wear something. Not any more.

Andrew Tschesnok, CEO of Organic Motion, is proud to introduce his artist based system. Yes, that’s right, now an artist can be an artist and not a technician. This is "come as you are" MoCap.

Companies will no longer have tens of thousands of dollars of equipment sitting in a back room because the technicians left and there is nobody around that knows how to make it work. Back in those days, dinosaur days, it used to be one hour of recording for every 5 hours of editing. Now, one person can set up the system in minutes, go back and forth between editing and operating, and finish their work with time for coffee.

What does this mean to the industry? Not just time savings, or money savings, oh, yeah, there’s that. What this really means to the industry is that an entire new series of applications can be found for MoCap.

For example, Organic Motion is working with a medical team to track Cerebral Palsey patients and motion capture their body movements to see, over time, if there is improvement to therapy.

One major advantage to the Organic Motion solution is that the patient doesn’t need to spend 2 hours getting fitted with the device. There’s nothing to wear! And that’s not all, the unit is accurate for measurements of limbs and bones, etc. If a person walks with an abnormal gait, it will measure that.

This ease of use combined with accuracy lends well to all kinds of applications where movement is studied. Physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and medical doctors can use this on patients for both training and patient movement analysis. Imagine trying to train a medical student on the finer parts of manipulative therapy. Just put your patient and medical student on stage and go! Have your student doctor do the manipulation, then look at it in editing to point out how the manipulation can be made more accurate, or smoother, or what range of motion to consider when performing various manipulative tests.

Organic Motion is even starting to work with major sporting goods manufacturers to capture a full range of motion and use that data to design customized sports equipment for individual customers.

Organic Motion has three packages right now. The "Stage" runs about $80,000.00 and comes with the camera system and reflective cloth. All you do is get on the stage and act. This is a one person system with animation software.

Also, at about the same price is the "BioStage" which works with the same 12 foot x 12 foot x 7 ½ foot stage, but comes with a biomechanical plugin for the system.

Then there’s the $100,000.00 "Open Stage." Yeah baby, lets have a party! This package tracks multiple actors throughout the day.

The software has 21 bones per person, with 6 degrees of freedom per bone and an accuracy of about 1 degree. 3D mesh generated vary from 500 to 8000 triangles.

Great stuff from Organic Motion! Karaoke will never be the same, and, oh yeah, you can go back to being an artist again.

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August 13, 2006

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Article Comments

nemirc ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 15 August 2007

That sounds a lot like the MOVA capture system that was shown last year. You mentioned that the system generates a 3d model? Is this a "model plus bones" thing? I would like to see how this one would perform compared to Movimento, which supposedly generates the animation data from filmed footage.

deemarie ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 15 August 2007

Thanks for the article. I've been very interested in Organic Motion since viewing it as a feature on the Fox news coverage of SIGGRAPH. Very innovative. I especially like the idea of using it as a health aide, to diagnose, and heal, health problems. I can also see this as a great way for golfers to improve their swings. Does the company, in the near future, envision a version that would be affordable to the general public?

Warangel ( posted at 12:00AM Mon, 20 August 2007

Cripes! I seriously need to sell my art for more as a hobby artist!!!

Flog ( posted at 12:00AM Sat, 05 April 2008

New and fun technology but is it reall worth it? If it was innovative and more affordable I would say so. This product doesn't have the length of field as the upper cameras. For this price I can get 2 Phasespaces or 2 moven systems. The only advantage is an actor walking in with normal clothes as opposed to putting on a funny looking suit with dots on it. Given the cost I'd rather go with the dots and save myself the extra 45,000 dollars on a 2 people or more motion capture system. Great concept and I've seen the technology first hand but I cannot equate the cost when Mocap prices are going down. Why invest in the new technology when the old is still coming through and probably cleaner data. There is a 5,000 motioncapture system that gives off clean data! For 80,000 of those I can get more than 10 motion capture systems. Change the price point and I see a competitor!

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