Renderosity Online Store's Grand Opening! (Update)

Traveler · May 10, 2000 10:13 am

Announcing the Grand Opening of the Renderosity Online Store: We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our new online store! The good folks at have joined up with, to provide their catalog of offerings here at our site. Some of the Bbay artists have found alternate outlets for their items or are working on their own online stores, and we wish them the best of luck. As soon as they are settled we will let everyone know where they can be found. Thanks to everyone for being patient with while they were having technical troubles, and things should be running smoothly again now! The opening of this online store will allow Renderosity to grow and offer even better features similar to the ones that you already use and love. Expect to see bigger and better contests, special programs, and even more forums and galleries! Perhaps some things that will even knock the socks off your feet! "Well what about the freestuff? What is going to happen to that?" The freestuff section will be there as always, loaded with fun things to download, collect, and use. Outside of the items that the staff makes and uploads, you the members are in control of that section. You are the ones that add and contribute to that, so it will not suffer if you don't allow it to. Our staff members will continue to help stock the freestuff and their own sites with loads of things for you to use that won't cost you a dime other then the download time :) All items uploaded into the catalog are screened by our staff to maintain the original level of quality that Bbay was and is known for. We have not only the buyer in mind, but also the sellers, and the community. Artists will receive 50% of their individual sales, a rate that is better then the going average for Brokerage programs, and at the same time not have to worry about the technical particulars of having to run an online store. The format of the store will change over time growing bigger and better as we continue to build and upgrade it. We are open to all suggestions that you may have as to that aspect. We plan, in the future, to be able to provide a place to purchase discounted software titles as well as Artist Brokered Goods. Thank you all for making Renderosity the biggest and best online graphics community on the net!

Article Comments

black-canary ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

I think there's a bit of a problem with the layout being exactly like freestuff. When someone posts a, for instance, "clothing pack" in freestuff, we download it based on the quality of the item(s) shown in the thumbnail--our only investment is time. But when you're paying, more information is needed, like what format is it in, how many items, what model does it go with, etc. I think the current setup will bring in fewer sales than a more zygote-like layout where you can click thru for details on what you're purchasing. I, for instance, like the look of the traveller clothing packs, but I don't know exactly what's included, which model they fit, do they conform, etc. Even posting with a URL to follow for more info would be a plus. Also, an info page on how purchasing actually works would be good. Right now I don't know if it's an ebay-type thing (send a check, get stuff later), a zygote-type thing (type in credit card, get stuff "now" if the server's in a good mood) or some other type of thing... Those are my suggestions! Mary

SewerRat ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

I don't like it is this a prelude to the dying of the freestuff section if it's as easy for an artist to sell as to give away, and more profitable? of course, it's the artists right to sell, but I liked it when the sales/renderosity was kept seperate, or at least on seperate sites (like renderosity/renderotica) SewerRat

lalverson ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Excellent!!!! bought something already and it worked with no errors!!! (Alverson doing the happy dance!!)

zorger ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

I think the store is a good idea. There are plenty of times I want to use something here in a comercial project but cannot contact the author or don't know how much they would charge. I think the license page you have up now is to hard to read. Please do a little formating of the text. Also is the license standard? If not I want to know what the license is before I buy.

FahQ ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

The best in one stop shopping !!!!!!!! Not seeing the secure server lock in the systray though- might scare people off. The download went smooth . Thanks

Dmentia ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Great!...I love it...possible suggestion, with more people being able to upload items for sale, how hard would it be to offer people a credit or a check so they can use thier own profits to purchase items from others in the store...just an idea

dlm ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

I,m afraid I agree with Sewer Rat,There is nothing I can see in the store any better than the free stuff,but people who have donated a lot of time & effort to there creations are going to look and say "some guys getting $25 for a corset-gimme some of that".I dont blame them, but I think the looming shadow of commerce will affect the hitherto unmatched spirit of co-operation displayed on this site.

Wynter ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Great idea! However I do need some clarity here. Sorry to be obtuse but what exactly do you mean by "You will be paid approximately 50% of all sales made from your items every month." Does this mean 50% is your cut or commission? And the "approximately", does that mean some months it might be 43% and others 57%? The thrust of my question is the ambiguity of your statement, not that you might take a commission. As an artist, 50% commission is right there in the middle range if you took an overall average. Is this and related info somewhere and I just haven't found it? If not a submission/all parties responsible guidelines page would be extremely helpful. Thanks

Siegbert ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

This had to happen sooner or later, I suppose. I wonder if all the good quality items; which are currently available in the free stuff areas, will soon be found only in the store ? The main concept is a good idea, though. However, 50% of the sales. Hmmm...

bazookajoe ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Great, now all the other starving artists will be even more starving and sleepless. Now they'll have to pay out the nose or spend trillions of hours making every single thing they need. If you can make money from your model so easily now why on earth would anyone want to put it up for free? Pretty nifty trick that Renderosity gets FIFTY percent of the take. Whether you want to admit it or not this will have a seriously detrimental effect on the freestuff area. Many people who were happily putting up goods for free will now be sorely tempted to take a fifty percent cut for their work. It is the end of the era. -We have seen the end of Kobain, we shall soon see the end of th

a_super_hero ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

I dislike this particularly being on the same site together. There should be some more of a wall. I can easily see a slippery slope of textures, props, clothing, that will only work on stuff for sale. Turning the Free Stuff into just a advertising area for the pay items. Also, I see this as a very very slippery slope that may turn renderosity into a fully pay site. It is just my opinion (which the people running say that it is wrong) but I do not like how I see this change. I know that I am a newbie/lurker and have to many things to do other then being that. But my opinion of Renderosity just dropped a lot with this announcement. It would be better to seperate and distance the main site like you have from Renderotica, if you have to have a pay section. But that is just my opinion. (Wanting a fully free Renderosity - A Super Hero)

Jim Burton ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

black-canary's thoughts are exactly the same as mine, which is why you will not see any of my ex-BBay items for sale in the current setup. I've downloaded some excellent Freestuff items in the past, Allie's excellent hair, for example, but also a lot a junk with holes in the models and missing textures. I've tried to put more detail and inovation in the items I put up for sale than people would be willing to put in something they were giving away, and yes, the money is helpful, It allows me to buy things like 3D Max that I normally couldn't afford. And now I have no real way to show the purchaser what they are getting, and no way to show a product idenity between my items. The current setup favors a bunch of simple, cheap items, to fill up "whats new", get your stuff to the front of the stack, just like the galleries. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this kind of setup, except it doesn't fit the way I want to sell my items.

Trapper ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Unbelievable! First you bait us with an excellent free forum to share our experience and talent, and then once we begin to embrace it wholeheartedly you slap a price tag on it. Of which, you get approximately 50% for yourselves. I wonder if this was the plan all along? What's next? A Pay-Per-View Gallery section? Oh no, I shouldn't give you any ideas.

JeffH ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Zygote takes 70% of the sales on a brokered Item.

the3dwizard ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

I too am afraid this will erode the spirt of the site. I am not against commerce for example using banner ads to pay for the site is fine. It is like watching TV the commercials pay for the programing. However, this site was built on the free exchange of ideas, images, models, textures, etc. I upload some of my stuff and download someone else's that is what makes this a great site. I fear this is about to change.

jonrd463 ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Zygote has a good reputation.

davo ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Before you totally flame the new Online store, please remember that things take time to evolve. Remember Millie? Everybody hated her, now look at the progress made. Please don't be a prophet of doom or jump on the bashing bandwagon, give it time, changes will come around that are tailored to the buyer's and seller needs. There will always be good free-stuff because most people like to give it way, and if they put crap on the ROS, nobody will buy it. Take it easy. I am. Davo

DTHUREGRIF ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Excuse me, but do any of you who are complaining about this have any idea what it costs in man hours and bandwidth to run a site like this? There are over 15,000 members here posting messages and uploading images! And do you have any idea the time and energy it takes to make a quality model or texture? There's still a free stuff section and there will always be as long as people contribute. But even if you never get another free download off this site, you get a wealth of information for FREE! You should be ecstatic that there is a way to help pay for this site that offers you such quality in return. Otherwise, you might not have a si

bast ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

I wish you would put a # of purchases on each item, similar to the number of downloads in free stuff. I believe this would instill confidence in the better products.

bast ( posted at 12:00AM Wed, 10 May 2000

Hrm, I also wish one could rate these products after purchase and use, much as one rates things in the gallerys. Again, this would instill confidence.

Trapper ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

Being one of the "complainers", I feel that I must respond to Dthuregrif. I fully understand the amount of work that goes into modelling. I've spent hundreds of hours creating numerous models that I've put up on several free 3D websites. Some have even appeared here. Many of the other "complainers" have done so as well. So please don't confront us in this manner. I can't speak anymore for the others, but the issues I have with this new store are the tactics used by the people who run this place and the questionable quality we will get in return for our money. And for there always being a free section...think about it for a while. Where do you imagine most people are going to post their stuff? The information here is quite good, but it is the Free Stuff that made this place great. As usual, ecommerce has tainted another great site.

beelzebulb ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

I have to wonder Jack, if, as Trapper says that this wasn't the plan all along. I fought for you and this site to the point of being banned at one time from the other forum. And now as I watch over the last few months and see the slow but sure commercialisation of what once was a true community I am beginning to feel that I was sold a bill of goods last year. I believe that this site will eventually be all commercial and that was the plan all along.And DTHUREGRIF, there are a lot of sites out there on the web with a wealth of information on them for free so that isn't a real strong selling point in favor of this venture. And yes I do have a real good idea of what it costs to run a site like this. And don't think a lot of us don't know the costs because I am willing to bet more do than don't. And much as I hate to burst your bubble 15000 members are not posting messages and uploading pictures. Most of the members are downloading things. The large majority of members here on renderosity never even read the forums or care what goes on here. They are here for the free stuff. When the free stuff goes so do they. Believe it. P.S. I'm not complaining but stating my opinion to which Jack promised us last year we would always be free to do.

lalverson ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

While I have now purchased two thing from the on-line store. I got things from artist's who's work I've used and found the free stuff of a professional caliber. I look at the whole thing this way, the free stuff is where the kinks can be worked out and improvments ,or Ideas tested. In short beta testing. Which is a good this and IMHO what this place does best. Now the on-line store could indeed mean the end of the free stuff, only greed will tell. Personally i think that the folks above me here have said it already as to the sheer number of us and all those ideas for props, characters, textures and the like. I mean since I've been here even me the non-maker of cool things came up with some texturtes to share. so I would say that as long as greed remains low and the freedoms allowed here are used the site and the free stuff wil be ok.

ziggy3d ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

Well I think it looks quite good. But the layout has to differ slightly between the shop and the freestuff a bit [which you were probably planning on doing anyway]. Keep up the good work.

viper ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

I don't think it will result in the end of the free stuff I for one will only buy from artist like nerd, traveler and philc (the one who also make items for free) I dont mind paying for some good work.

sargebear ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

50%?????? of what i make?? something isn't right here, beening a artist/photographer for 25 years,, I have never heard of a 50% take of the profits taken from the artist,, the usual fee is is 10% to 15% of the take,, always has been in my feild. if you cut that 50% take from the artist, then you might be able to make some money. for your either looking for artist to help or to help your self to the artists gifts. theres a old saying,, when you get too big for your pants,, they will fall off and you wind up naked,, meaning you will have nothing to show. keep renderosity free. and don't forget to copyright your work,, you can

Jim Burton ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

Compairing Renderosity and BBay and Zygote as a sales outlet from a vendor's standpoint isn't really compairing apples to apples. BBay's split was 47.5% to the vendor, here it is 50%, Zygote's is 35% (not 30%). On the other hand BBay did all the site setup and gave you a proper display for your products, while Renderosity doesn't. BBay and Renderosity expect you to furnish finished products (I'm not aware of any testing that was done at BBay), while Zygote tests (or they say they do, anyway) and makes an installer. I guess most of you guys have no idea what a pain testing is, I have three copies of Poser on my PC, in two operating systems and patched and unpatched Poser, just to test the stuff. BBay also spent money advertising and on the contest from its share (Incidently, I wonder if the winners have been paid?), while here the advertising is sort of "built in", I'm not aware of any advertising Zygote does. I would expect the vendors here will do pretty good on volume, and I would still love to join them, if Renderosity come up with an arrangement that meets my requirements. Last I heard they were still working on it, so we may see some changes. And while some of the stuff looked like good value for the money, I find it hard to belive that people would pay for some of the things that were sold at BBay, let alone some of the stuff that is currently in Freestuff, but on the other hand I am cheap, and I have the modeling experence to build almost anything I need. I did buy the Poserworld CD, a great value for the money, but mostly to see how they did some of those nifty textures. Anyway, this is why I mostly offer my stuff in "sets", as this is what I would buy myself, and sets don't really fit into the current arrangement. Meantime, I'm looking into setting up my own "for sale" site, and I may try Zygote's arrangement, it might work well for some Millie clothing.

texboy ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

Woo-hoo! Another place to buy specialized items for Poser Dude and Dudette! I've gotten some fine things from the Free Stuff areas, with hardly a clinker, and I sure don't mind paying for things that (hopefully) reflect more work and polishing. The people at bBay have always been so pleasant and calm, even when their server was down and they were reduced to taking phone orders, I thought maybe they were from Texas! Maybe this will lighten their load a bit. Rock on, Renderosity Store! ---Paul (texboy)

bloodsong ( posted at 12:00AM Thu, 11 May 2000

jim b: i think you mis-read zygote's brokerage info (or i am misreading your post); the 35% goes to the artist not the vendor -- they get 65%. as for this site 'going commercial,' that was a huge contention during 'the big split.' i didn't know then what the big complaint was, and i still don't. at least, not yet. i still have faith in free stuff. after all, zygote still has free stuff. baument still has free stuff. dedicated digital still has free stuff. (perhaps not a lot, but how many artists do they have compared to us?) i do agree the store, as it is now, needs work; needs to lose the 'free stuff' look and feel, and needs more images/information available for each product -- especially in light of the 'no refunds' policy. i am not sure about ratings/comments, seeing how much trouble we have with certain person(s) in the gallery section abusing this function. but ours is an information society, and whoever has purchased a model will probably help you out if you have questions about it.

bbascuba ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 12 May 2000

I think it is perfectly fine to charge for items of outstanding quality. Also, patches and updates should be provided for these items. As for what Jim said, I agree. He has posted some new FREE STUFF! We all know that Jim's stuff kicks some sweet and serious. Jim, I bought your Bustier from BBay! I love it! We need more textures for it! Nerd, what happened to your for sale post? Everything cannot be free. We live in a society that expects us to pay our bills. I for one am an IDEALIST and HATE money, but am willing to pay these people for the fine work they do. George Deep just sent me a message informing me of his new texture extension... Bone. If you remember, I've been searching for a good bone texture for weeks. He made this to accomdate me and a few others. I'm sure it will be worth the $5.00 or so he will ask. In todays world it is important to get paid for doing something you love. Not everyone wants to keep the job they have at present and they DESERVE the opportunity to reach for new horizons. We should support these guys, the free stuff will never go away. If it does, so will the members. I don't think this is the plan with Renderosity. By the way... is BBay gone? Is Codeman going to post here (I would like to purchase something from him)?

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