Renderosity Breaks 25,000 Mark!!

Jack D. Kammerer · August 13, 2000 12:00 am

Hello Everyone!! Almost a year ago, Ed and myself, along with many other talented individuals got together and took over Renderosity. In that time allot of things have changed... some of the great's moved on to new area's or directions, while new people came in and took over... Change has been a regular thing around here... where it is the faces that help to keep the show on the road, or the program that houses Renderosity... and with every change, we continue to advance in the directions that we originally intended for this "Large" and "Great" site!! Every week someone NEW hears about and comes to Renderosity, bringing with them their talents, products, skills and desires to our fine home!! No longer are we just a small nitche' Web Site, but a small CITY... think about that for a second... a CITY!! Three months ago, on May 06th, I reported that we had OVER 15,000 active members here at Renderosity... just 3 MONTHS AGO!! While today... TODAY... 3 Months later, we now have over 25,150 ACTIVE MEMBERS!!! 25,150 people that come here at least once a month, to surf through the galleries, pick up Freestuff,visit the forums, or just hang out with some of their new friends!! 25,150 PEOPLE!! That is a SMALL CITY!! That's allot of people!! I also wonder what other Site (like can boast that...?? NONE, and I MEAN NONE, of this would have been possible, if not for the hard work that allot of the staff, both New and Old, put into this place. NOR, would it have been possible had it not been from YOU the Community!! Think about it for a moment... YOU DESERVE TO BE CONGRATULATED!! ALL of you help to make Renderosity what it is today, through all of your dedication, hard work, your desire to share with others what you learned, your WILLINESS to accept people... not from the color of their skin, not their religious views, but from a common thread that we all share.... ART!!! Renderosity has become a Small City made up of Poets, Lovers, Visionaries and Dreamers! Sure, sometimes we have squabbles and arguements, but look at what YOU HELPED TO CREATE!! And nor are we finished... not by a long shot!! So where do we go from here, and what is on the horizon for Renderosity?? Our goal has been, and remains to be, to bring the companies that make the products that we all use closer to US, the consumers. That as the company developes the new versions of their products, that they listen to us, the users, to bridge the gaps and tailor the product to meet the needs that we need. Rather then them "guess-ti-mating" what we desire to see in the next version, that by hearing us and working WITH us, the product will NOT ONLY fit our needs, but also insures the sale of that product, rather than it sitting on some store self gathering dust, a loss of profit to the company and eventually bringing about an end to a product that we would use. It is our desire, by working with these companies, that we would ALSO help to bring to YOU more affordable solutions to the products that we use. That instead of going out to CompUSA and buying, let's use Poser for example, for $300 bucks, that you would be able to get Poser here at Renderosity for $200... a savings to you!! To also be able to host CONTESTS that would give people a chance to WIN the software or products, Online classes and Support Forums to help LEARN how to use the software or get the most out of it, FREE or AFFORDABLE plugins and accessories, a place for YOU, the members of Renderosity, to advertise your talents and resumes so that you can get jobs, Full or Part time, in a field that YOU enjoy! There are ALREADY several members of Renderosity that has been contacted and hired by other companies (such as Microsoft, the Comic Industry, Advertising Agencies and Gaming Companies), so we know that if we hosted people's Resume's they would be looked at!! What is currently in the works with Renderosity and Dark Soul Images? Lot's!!! This has been a very busy month for the Staff of Renderosity and Dark Soul Images: Internet Media, inc.!! As many of you may know, Ed and I have hardly been around much do to everything that we have been doing,leaving most of the work to fall on the shoulders of the rest of the Staff. For that we are sorry, to both you (the Members) and to our wonderful and talented staff!! Mark Wieger and Greg Mazurek, along with Ed and I, have been working long hours to create a NEW and IMPROVED Online Store Catalog that will not only represent the products of Artists. Also, I have been working with Mark Wieger who owns and, a company that offers affordable web space and site design. He will be offering web space, domain registration and site design to Members of Renderosity VERY CHEAP, without the Content restrictions and Banner Advertising that other Web Sites impose on it's users!! So if you keep getting slammed by Yahoo or Geocities for having content or high download ratios and tired of not having a thumbnail showing on your Freestuff, this will take care of it for you!! With Sincere Love and Appreciation, Jack D. Kammerer

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