Pixologic releases ZBrush 4 Trial version for Win and Mac!

February 27, 2011 10:32 am

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Pixologic, Inc., maker of the Award-Winning ZBrush is pleased to announce the latest release of the ZBrush 4 Trial version for Windows and Mac OS X!

ZBrush is the leading 2D/3D digital sculpting application for artists today and is used extensively in the film, game, concept design, toy and collectible industries as well as scientific illustration.

Following the successful release of the critically acclaimed ZBrush 4, a Trial version of the software is now available for download at the company website: http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/trial/

The Trial version includes all features and functionality from the full commercial version of ZBrush 4 with 30 days of use which may be spread over a period of 45 calendar days.

This will give artists and users plenty of opportunity to evaluate and experiment with the world's most powerful and popular 3D sculpting tool, opening the door to a world full of creative possibilities!

Commenting on the release of the ZBrush 4 Trial, Jimmy Golding, Director of Marketing at Pixologic said:

''Many ZBrush artists, professionals and hobbyists are really enjoying creating spectacular art while working with the new ground-breaking features in ZBrush 4. We are confident that firsttime artists and users wanting to try ZBrush will be thrilled to get their hands on a full-feature ZBrush 4 Trial version. This is the perfect opportunity to experience first-hand why ZBrush has become an industry standard, used and celebrated by digital artists around the world!''

The ZBrush 4 Trial is also accompanied by the recently launched training resource: the Getting Started with ZBrush guide a 52 page digital document packed full of useful steps to walk new and existing users through ZBrush's concepts, techniques and key features to help them get up and running with ZBrush in no time!

About ZBrush 4

Pixologic has achieved another breakthrough with the release of ZBrush 4. It sets a new standard for digital art software, changing the way artists create by introducing a brand new suite of sculpting features and expanding on the directions established by the innovations of the existing ZBrush toolset.

Scott Spencer Designer at Weta Workshop says: ''ZBrush 4 leaves me speechless. The breadth of new features and functionality has blown away any notions of what is possible in this program. My mind is still catching up to the possibilities!''

Artists can explore new ways to create sculpture ready meshes with Shadow Box, refine hard surface edges with the new Clip Brushes and manage complex multi-part models with new SubTool features.

With the new Project All features, ZBrush 4 lets you combine multiple SubTools into one and use the new MatchMaker Brush to fit parts perfectly together - the possibilities are endless!

Stay in ZBrush more than ever before!

ZBrush 4 offers the freedom to explore and create; to take art from concept to final production asset without the need to leave the ZBrush environment. The flexible toolset is designed to fit artist and professional needs and the working pipeline.

"ZBrush has become a game changer for those like me, who have continually relied on external modeling programs for things such as hard surface modeling. I can finally see myself generating full character and prop content exclusively in ZBrush and that is a great thing indeed."
Trevor 'Lukavi' Hennington – Character Modeler Supervisor

With Version 4, ZBrush users can combine hard surface and organic modeling tools or techniques to create fantastic creatures, superheroes, vehicles, environments and more! With the new Spotlight feature, it becomes even easier to texture and deform any sculpt in edit mode. Spotlight will also allow any or all textures to be manipulated in the ZBrush workspace. Spotlight will adjust the texture, scale, hue, color change, tiling in vertical or horizontal, nudge and much more.

Steve Warner 3D Modeling Instructor Digital Animation and Visual Effects School says:
"More and more I find myself working entirely in ZBrush. The new Shadowbox and Clip brushes in ZBrush 4 make hard surface modeling a breeze. And Spotlight is one of the greatest texturing tools ever invented. With the new animation and rendering features, I can even finish my work right in ZBrush! I don't have to interrupt my workflow or rely on another 3D application. ZBrush 4 is a comprehensive 3D modeling, texturing, animation and rendering solution!''

"My production manager recently asked me why I decided to use ZBrush when planning our latest production and not just stick with our other software. I told him I have no problems with that as long as he was willing to triple the schedule. I convinced him! As a modeler with ZBrush 4 I can just forget that the other software is there and work three times as fast!"
Martin Andersson – Lead Modeler, Storm Studios

Art in motion!

Now ZBrush 4 includes an animation, 'art in motion' Timeline, letting artists to create moving turntables for their demo reel or presentations to their art director. They have the power to animate poses, blend shapes, store camera positions, sync animation to music and import audio - all within ZBrush.

Render Your Art Directly in ZBrush!

Using the Best Preview Render (BPR), ZBrush 4 can now render amazing still image(s) or animated turntable(s) using additional features such as 3D Shadows, Ambient Occlusion (AO), Subsurface Scattering (SSS), Multiple SubTool Transparency and 3D Fibers.

Productivity is the key!

With GoZ* artists can seamlessly transition between ZBrush and other applications. GoZBrush (or GoZ) has been extended and improved in ZBrush 4.

*GoZ with Autodesk Maya (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), Autodesk 3DSMax (2009, 2010, 2011), Luxology modo 401 (Sp2 to sp5), Cinema 4D R11 and R11.5. GoZ SDK for integrating GoZ in additional software packages (special request).

''With ZBrush 4 and the new updated GoZ plugin, Pixologic has made the process of moving between 3D packages extremely smooth while simultaneously eliminating many of the reasons one would have for needing to use another 3D package at all.''
Matt Silverstein – Sr. Character Artist, THQ San Diego

See ZBrush 4 in action

Users and newcomers can learn more about these exciting ZBrush 4 features (and many others) at www.pixologic.com.

Examples of top ZBrush artists and Beta testers' images and work created with ZBrush 4 can also be seen at Pixolgic artist community: www.ZBrushCentral.com.

''Pixologic's recent additions have taken ZBrush to a whole new level. ZBrush 4 will exceed all expectations. With its hard surface and rendering capabilities, Pixologic and ZBrush prove once again why they are number 1.''
James Van Den Bogart – Arenanet

"As an Artist, I've always felt as though something was missing- a piece that would allow me to express more clearly what I'm dreaming of and finally bring the creatures lurking in here to life. I never knew the name of that missing part until I experienced ZBrush. Now ZBrush 4 lets me delve more deeply and explore new themes in the most exceptional way. I wouldn't be where I am today without this wonderful tool!"
Cameron J Farn – Character Artist/Designer (World of the Red Sands)

Commenting on the release of ZBrush 4, Jimmy Golding, Director of Marketing at Pixologic said:

''This is the 10th anniversary year of ZBrush! We are in an exciting phase of our company history and very much looking forward to seeing the creations from ZBrush artists, newcomers and future talent using this milestone concurrent version of ZBrush 4 for Win and Mac.''

We trust that this exciting version of ZBrush will continue to play an important part of the day to day artistic workflow, opening artists and industry professionals to an ever expanding world of creativity and implementation.''

Additional information

Pricing and Availability

ZBrush 4 (for Win and Mac) will retail for USD $699.00
ZBrush 4 is a free upgrade for all ZBrush registered users.
ZBrush 4 can be purchased and downloaded online at Pixologic's e-store
ZBrush is also available from Pixologic-authorized resellers for both Windows and Mac platforms.

About ZBrush

ZBrush is an integrated modeling, texturing, and illustration environment. ZBrush's innovative set of real- time, sculpting, texturing, and deformation tools is used in major film studios and game companies worldwide. It is also used extensively in concept design, toy and collectible industries as well as scientific illustration.

ZBrush's instant feedback and real-time response makes it the most natural feeling digital sculpting tool available today. As a stand-alone application, ZBrush offers tremendous flexibility and appeals to a wide audience.

About Pixologic

Founded in 1997, Pixologic Incorporated develops and markets innovative software tools for the film and video, games and illustration markets. Pixologic is privately owned and is located in California, with offices in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and France.

Web: www.pixologic.com
Community: www.ZBrushCentral.com
Blog: http://www.pixologic.com/blog
Twitter: twitter.com/pixologic
FaceBook Pixologic Fan Page

© 2011 Pixologic, Inc. All rights reserved, Pixologic and the Pixologic logo, ZBrush , and the ZBrush logo are registered trademarks of Pixologic, Inc. Various patents pending.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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