October Render Rewards

October 1, 2013 1:00 am

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Rewarding you for October MarketPlace shopping!

Rather than the normal 5% payback on $100 or more spent, we are giving rewards to anyone who spends $50 or more this month in the MarketPlace. This is your chance to become part of one of the best loyalty programs in the industry!

Beginning today and running through the end of the month, anyone that purchases $50 or more in the MarketPlace during October will receive a 5% payback at the beginning of November! No forms to fill out, no hassle - $50 and the rewards are yours.

Render Rewards are issued on the first day of each month, meaning any rewards you earn will be ready for you to spend on November 1st! As always, all members are eligible to earn Render Rewards every month, but this is your chance to earn rewards with only half of the normal spending requirement. It's that easy! So get over to the MarketPlace today to beginning racking up your Render Rewards!

Find out more about the Render Rewards Program.

You are also free to contact the Renderosity Store Staff at store@renderosity.com for more information.


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Article Comments

kerrieanne ( posted at 9:42AM Wed, 02 October 2013

I wish 50 was the normal amount as i can rarely make the 100$

PREECHER ( posted at 8:03PM Wed, 02 October 2013

btw the black widow misses it's red spot... chills and thrills

Cimaira ( posted at 10:35PM Wed, 02 October 2013

Thank you for this! Been a little tight around here lately, but I think I've got almost $50.00 in my cart right now, lol

Savage_dragon ( posted at 9:25PM Wed, 09 October 2013


PositivelyCreative ( posted at 10:15PM Wed, 09 October 2013

Can you also do this at Christmas time? That's when we all could use a break! (Thanks though.)