Meet Renderosity Artist Cornelis van Meurs [rocserum]

September 12, 2010 10:54 pm

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file_459674.jpgMeet Renderosity Artist Cornelis van Meurs [rocserum]

With the ambitious goal of uploading an image to his Renderosity Gallery each and every day, and the greatly varied works that they are, both artistically and in terms of software used, it was time we had a talk with this particular artist who goes by the name of rocserum. With now over 2600 images in his Renderosity Gallery, Cornelis van Meurs [rocserum], is a man of many artistic talents and chooses to share with us his unique works on an almost daily basis, and yet in his own words insists that "most people can be a lot more creative than they realize."

Meet the man behind this incredible varied work, and be sure to wish him well on his recently celebrated 75th Birthday (September 19th)!

Who is 'rocserum' and how did you come by this unique member name?

My real name is Cor(nelis) van Meurs. My first name in reverse made Roc and muddling up my last name made Serum. Hence Roc Serum as my nickname.

How long have you been involved in digital art?

From about 1985, I guess, starting with an Amiga running Deluxe Paint and Brilliance. Then, my first PC on Windows, and Paint Shop Pro (must have been version two). My interest in fractals came with the FractInt program, then Ultra Fractal came along, and landscape generators, like Bryce and Terragen.

Though you are seemingly constantly creating something, which is apparent with almost a daily upload to your Renderosity gallery, what might we find you doing outside of creating art?

As a retired glazier, I've got all the time to myself, so I'm volunteering quite a lot. Repairing books at the local library, making illustrations for some magazines, and helping people around on their computer. I am also a member of a graphics club - they like my support when drawing or painting issues come up. And I'm writing a biography, and some poetry as well. My wife and I photograph a lot, and then I use those pictures for my later images.


Do you have any traditional art experience?

When I was just married, in the early 60's, I followed the (American) Famous Artists School course, and even had a "meet and greet" with the great illustrator Norman Rockwell.

Then, I worked for 15 years photo retouching (that's analogue Photoshopping :-) ) at one of the largest Dutch printing offices, followed by another 15 years as a glazier. I designed glass decorations, did the sand blasting, and got assignments for cutting, polishing, gluing and everything, from small to monumentally large.

In the meantime, I did some small sculpting, bronze, and ceramics. And I'm still busy creating magazine illustrations, watercolor paintings and have a portrait assignment every now and then, in pencil and pen.

one day diary-sculpting 2

As a clay sculptor myself, I really admire your sculpture works. What materials have you worked with and which do you prefer?

Clay and plasticine, just cutting and pasting till the result is satisfying. The advantage of plasticine is, that it can be a start for further techniques, like molds for ceramics or bronze. And it can be reused.

With all of the many forms of artwork you do, do you have a favorite? Say, for example, you had to choose only one medium to work in for the rest of your time here on Earth, what would you choose?

Just drawing. For example, at the moment I'm reading some books by Mary Stewart, about the young Merlin the Magician. While reading, I'm making sketches every time something visual pops up in my mind. I've got four pages of scribbles already. I'll work that out later, given time.


What software is in your digital toolset?

Well, I can read and write with Paint Shop Pro (now version X 2). It's fun to combine this with the results of playing with any other fun graphics tool, like fractal programs (Ultra Fractal, Apophysis, Mandelbulb), Poser, Bryce, Xara and the filters in Photoshop Elements. Running all these programs simultaneously leaves me with a moaning dual core machine, I guess it deserves a serious upgrade by now.

Your Renderosity Gallery is filled with fantastic works using Bryce, PSP, and a multitude of Fractal programs. Out of all the software you use, what would you not be able to do without?

Paint Shop Pro is the one above all. It's essential for all my results, photos, fractals, 3D, Poser and everything.


What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

Analogue or digital? For analogue, I'm quite content with the water-color paintings of my grandchildren...


...and with some glass objects.


Digitally, I like the simplification of images to poster-like results, as can be found on my Dutch site and on Renderosity as well.


You've been a member of Renderosity since December of 2002. What brought you to Renderosity?

That's some time ago! I guess I started with Bryce, surfed the net for some graphical knowledge and stumbled into Renderosity. Forums are great places to go for meeting people with similar interests, and Renderosity then is the place to be.

Who, or what, inspires you?

Each beautiful image is inspiring, even television. My ambition to publish a new image on Renderosity each day forces me to follow each creative route around. My wife and I photograph a lot, and drawing life directly (like working with models) is fascinating too. Recently, I discovered "sketchcrawling" ( ), the worldwide drawing marathon sessions.

Also inspiring is working with people with a similar mindset. Whether we can get this organized in Holland, I don't know, but I take my sketchbook wherever I go. Later on, I rework them on my computer. As you can see, days are too short, as I'll have my 75th birthday soon.


What decides the medium you choose to use at any given time? Mmm...let me put it another way...what is it that sparks the desire to pick up the camera, the pencil, the brush, or the tablet stylus?

It varies. A nice image on screen can be inspiring, and ask for some playing around digitally. Now that the summer comes to an end, a lot of places become interesting photographically, like the mushrooms coming up.

But, it's the discovery of SketchCrawl that put me into a 'fast response mode.' Great fun, and exciting. Like recently, when I was just waiting at the airport and saw a heavily guarded El Al plane passing by. I couldn't resist making a sketch, but within a moment, a security officer stood next to me as if I was planning the next terrorist attack. We then had an interesting chat about my interests, and theirs as well.

And every now and then an assignment comes along, for a portrait or illustration.


Do you have any tips to offer other artists here, whether concerning software, or creating in general?

I have noticed that most people can be a lot more creative than they realize, as if the playing and making is more important than the result. And above all, creative people are never bored. Professionally, things can be different, with pressure and deadlines. Just lack of money can be frustrating, like having to save on my pension to get that new machine, as the current one is about to fall apart. And I can not afford the recent Photoshop and a fast Apple.

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Article Comments

durleybeachbum ( posted at 7:45AM Mon, 27 September 2010

Absolutely fascinating and most inspiring!!

aRtBee ( posted at 10:17AM Mon, 27 September 2010

Cornelis, really great, thank you for everything.

dochtersions ( posted at 11:08AM Mon, 27 September 2010

I am impressed by the versatility of this artist.

arlivre ( posted at 3:11PM Mon, 27 September 2010

Stunning and diversified artwork, absolutely inspiring ! Great interview, congratulations.

DestinysGarden ( posted at 4:32PM Tue, 28 September 2010

Lovely interveiw with a diverse and talented artist. Thanks so much for the wise words and inspriations.

tresamie ( posted at 7:33PM Sat, 02 October 2010

A beautiful showcase of one of my favorite artists! Congratulations :)

peedy ( posted at 8:41AM Sun, 03 October 2010

Interesting interview. Nice to get to know someone a bit better. A very belated Happy Birthday! Corrie

philsh ( posted at 3:36AM Tue, 05 October 2010

wow! fascinating! roc on me friend!! :) ph

ligt ( posted at 6:51AM Wed, 06 October 2010

en een zeer verlate felicitatie voor je 75ste verjaardag. en hopen dat we nog vele jaren een prent per dag krijgen. one pic. a day, keeps the doctor away!

mountmous ( posted at 3:09AM Sat, 09 October 2010

It's been said already: nice to read about you and to get to know you better. En nog van harte gefeliciteerd! :-)

Gaiadriel ( posted at 5:51PM Sun, 24 October 2010

By far one of the most fascinating, interesting interviews ever here at R'osity. Wonderful to read about the real life, diverse RS. RS, while that pension may be a pinch on the savings front at times when your machine is being taxed to within an inch of its world, your lovely tale reads of an obvious wealth in the greatest of ways, a life of your own making, boundless creativity, and inquisitiveness. Thank you, for sharing yourself and your incredible works with us. And thanks to Nick, for a meaningful, brilliant interview. Beyond well-deserved, and nothing short of totally inspiring! Congrats, RS! And happy, happy belated birthday as well... :)

h00nta ( posted at 2:22PM Fri, 19 November 2010

'Creative people are never bored' - what a great quote. An enjoyable an inspiring read that might just get me into looking at Apo over the weekend.

algra ( posted at 8:51AM Mon, 17 October 2011

Al surfend kwam ik dit buitengewoon interessante interview toevallig tegen. Mijn hartelijke felicitatie ermee en natuurlijk met je 75e verjaardag. Het is de leeftijd waarop ik met mijn grafisch digitale werk pas begon. We kunnen dus nog heel wat van je verwachten!

Ceth2 ( posted at 6:52AM Sun, 27 November 2011

Dag Cornelis; Je links gekregen van aRtBee gekregen. Ondanks je jonge leeftijd ;-) maak je nog steeds prachtige werken; van pentekening tot aan 3D. Ga aub nog vele jaren door! Groeten Ceth

jocko500 ( posted at 9:25PM Mon, 04 June 2012

this is a super talk here you all did. I now know more about this man and his work.

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