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gToon · April 20, 2017 11:12 pm

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The Renderosity Fan Favorite Award for 2016 goes to


Maddelirium is a subtle and detailed artist that focuses on the mysteries of female beauty and power. Her work frequently touches on fantasy and the supernatural, but is highly realistic. A member of Renderosity since 2009, her specialty is character design. The video above depicts 10 of her recent character creations. It's no wonder Maddelirium is so popular!

Be sure to visit her Renderosity store and gallery to see more fine work from this very talented artist.

Interview with Maddelirium - Renderosity Fan Favorite for 2016

Renderosity: Thought I'd get the ball rolling with a question on your recent store item "Lacie for G3/V7":

What a wonderful render! How did you get such a great looking skin render? The character is also wonderful with a nice expression.

Maddelirium: Well, as I'm learning with Daz Studio, lighting makes all the difference. Much the same as Poser, Daz lighting really effects the skin detail, color and shine. When rendering with Lacie, I tried various different light packages. I found that Sveva's "Itensity Lights" worked out really well. I still have to master the IRAY render settings but luckily the Intensity Lights come with render settings. Also, like with Poser's specular maps, Daz has glossiness maps that really help with the skin shine. When it comes to realistic characters I try to put a little bit of glossiness in areas where real skin would be highlighted. Daz is still a learning process for me, but i'm getting there!

**Renderosity: with the results you are gettting, it's hard to imagine you are still in the "learning" stage! I notice that you favor portrait framing of your characters. Is there a specific reason for that? **

Maddelirium: It's the best way to highlight the character itself. I'm very particular on the eyes, so I like to make those stand out and that's the best way to bring attention to that feature. Hopefully if and when I get more time, I would like to try other concepts. I always have so many ideas in my head, but executing them is a different story!

Renderosity: You know I think that very creative people "have so many ideas in my head, but executing them is a different story". I'm the same way; there just arent' enough hours in the day. How do you deal with scheduling your self? Do you have a set routine?

Maddelirium: Well, as this is all I do, scheduling time isn't an issue but sometimes if get an idea block, I walk away for a day or two and come back to it refreshed. When I have a good idea going, working on it for 12-14 hours a day isn't uncommon for me. Thankfully I love doing this so working many hours on a product is never a problem.

Renderosity: Thank you! Is there anything you'd like to add for the interview?

Maddelirium: I really want to thank everyone that's supported me through last few years. To do what I love for living couldn't happen if it wasn't for the support. That goes out to my buyers and the Renderosity community itself. Thanks!!!

Be sure to visit Maddelirium's Renderosity Store and Gallery

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