HobbyHopper -- September '02 Artist of the Month

audre · September 9, 2002 7:41 pm

Congratulations go to HobbyHopper for being voted September 2002's Artist of the Month! Stay tuned for the interview.
HobbyHopper 20.90%
aartika 17.90%
page 17.90%
lazarus890 9.00%
Cdeery 7.80%
sophielerlei 6.00%
Radar 5.60%
carterhog 5.20%
theglenster 4.90%
abmlober 3.70%
Unokitti45119 0.70%
amiblood 0.40%

This Month's Catagories are: Other Apps, Fractals & Imagine

So, who is up for nomination this month?

Here they are in alphabetical order (click on a thumbnail to be taken to their Renderosity Gallery):
GalleryThumb213018.jpg aartika GalleryThumb228113.jpg abmlober GalleryThumb213435.jpg amiblood
GalleryThumb219968.jpg carterhog GalleryThumb188636.jpg Cdeery GalleryThumb206511.jpg HobbyHopper
GalleryThumb16260.JPG lazarus890 GalleryThumb45957.jpg page GalleryThumb226566.jpg Radar
GalleryThumb178638.jpg sophielerlei GalleryThumb242738.jpg theglenster GalleryThumb231162.JPG Unokitti45119