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Girls From T.N.A. Breitlenger Jar Ch. 7 Page 45

Digital Comics Story/Sequential posted on Feb 18, 2024
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Yes. Believe it or not, here - finally - is Page 45! It's been too long. Enjoy! To make this short and sweet(?) I've had a LOT of issues to work through of late. Some, I'm not going to go into, and some you know about (having to do with several things regarding this site and my lack of motivation and creativity). After some awesome support and encouragement from friends here, I'm just going to get back to having a good time creating art, interacting with my pals here, and not worry about the other stuff. Thanks to everyone who still takes the time to visit and comment on my efforts - I love you all! Onward and upward.. Rod Rod's Lair Official Girls From T.N.A. Website Rod's Blog Facebook Twitter Girls From T.N.A. Twitter Page DA Art Station Discord AOY 2019

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Comments (20)



3:23PM | Sun, 18 February 2024

Pranking the aliens, are we? Nice opportunity to send a message while they're at it.


3:35PM | Sun, 18 February 2024

Well, pranking someone... LOL Good chatting with you, bro!



4:35PM | Sun, 18 February 2024

great use of the sci fi labs by mapps. only set i have and used in my series. your panels with Ranpha and other gals are so well done Rod. and i see that nasty most like next President of our country again. he plans on dumping SS benefits .love that prop that they are looking in to. i can almost hear them screaming from last panel. top notch page Rod.. also i think a few artists have purposely posted multiple images cause of your words. ain't no thing i guess. i don't have time for 8 comments per day on really fine artists.


5:40PM | Sun, 18 February 2024

God help us if that piece of 💩 gets back in power.

Yeah, I'm done dealing with all the BS here. I'm just gonna have fun creating what I enjoy, post it for my friends here, and ignore the multi-image stuff. More than 4 images posted at the same time by the same person, I don't comment.


10:58PM | Sun, 18 February 2024

Great chapter - always enjoy your work! :)



12:02AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

It would be like Ranpha to do something like this... she can be so devious at times. awesome work, can't wait to see more!


1:26AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

She's a little bundle of dynamite - and soooo cute! Thanks for letting her and her pals be part of the adventure, buddy! You rock!



12:10AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

This is great work!



2:26AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Amazing work on all five panels my friend. In the last panel I glimpsed an unpleasant face, I hope the United States doesn't put itself in the hands of that character again 👍🙋‍♂️



6:08AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Hey, notifications let me down again!

Hmm, sending home that drone with a surprise on board might lead to some serious chances at grabbing whoever sent it. Get ready girls!



7:45AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

A really awesome looking new T.N.A history little Brother! 😍


7:46AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Really an amazing set of panels, all the characters look fantastic, and their outfits look excellent. Very cool sci-fi props and fabulous story. Very interesting and entertaining. Well done!



9:19AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Lovely work Rod. Well worth the wait! Glad you're not getting so upset.about you know what!



9:53AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Yep the girls are back! And good for you.

Ain't nothing gonna break my stride Nobody gonna slow me down Oh no I got to keep on moving Ain't nothing gonna break-a my stride I'm running And I won't touch ground Oh no I got to keep on moving.

Break my stride by Matthew Wilder


11:47AM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Hi, this is your comic, simply wow :)

Greets Stormrider75



2:04PM | Mon, 19 February 2024

Thank you. That final panel made my day! I could even hear the girls laughing! LOL

Either the aliens are frightened from the new images and stay away, or they come even faster to fight (or join??) the evil. I'm excited and waiting for the next page.



6:04PM | Tue, 20 February 2024

Your TNA must survive as it is mandatory reading for those seeking escapism.

So glad I caught with the latest installment and create for yourself and when I figure that out for me I will be knocking on your door for the next installment, peace :)



4:20AM | Wed, 21 February 2024

Excellent work



3:29PM | Wed, 21 February 2024

Your series just keeps getting better and better Rod...keep up that great story you have going, coming from the mind of a true creative such as yourself! :-)



12:02PM | Thu, 22 February 2024

You're taking a break---wholly needed and deserved w/ all you've been through---but I had to say something before you disappea so you know I haven't stopped looking. I have slowed to a halt for a while now, and I appear to be one of those artists who gave up. I'm doing my best to come back, it's just taking time due to health (january i barely moved because of my hip and sacro iliac joint) as well as submissions (to the market) and so on. I'd planned a long response to this piece, at least to let you know I'm looking and deeply, but right now I'm being brief---for me---but let me say that your compositions here are stunning, your 'camera' shows so much experience and wisdom, I just love your angles, the amazing lines and energies of how you place everything, the sudden shifts in pov, so that we see a corridor, for example (in frame 2), that lets us glimpse into just how huge their world is---I love that hall or corridor suddenly widening out in the upper left: It wasn't necessary to the action, but your compositions are action in and of themselves, you widened the view and mystery of these interiors by doggedly including it. IN the last 2 frames, look at how you let the elements at the bottom of the frame---they jut into the action and give all this energy and intrusion that are a microcosm of just how complex these scenes are. And the play of light and reflection in tile after tile that floods all the frames...and the wonderful angles of the balloon module: a whole fugue or sonata movement in each composition. And of course you furthered the story, peaked the viewer for more, gave a great dig at a dude who may be our president soon, and the characters are all consummately dressed and posed and given from so many angles, as always, though here the angles are visually very dramatic. You're showing real depth as a designer/director of all this: Your years at doing this art come through in so many ways. Kudos. This is something to sit back and bask in.

I sympathise with your site frustrations, and always hope for the best in your personal life. I came to the point where i was getting 4 comments, maybe 5 on half my pieces, and even people who love my work stopped coming by, and that was when I was posting and commenting regularly. It's made me all the more appreciative of you and the handful of others who always showed up, and of course for your very indepth and caring comments always. Always. I'm in 2D and writing and photography, all sparsely populated galleries, so I don't expect large numbers; but it's hard when the numbers dwindle even more. But there's a lot going on in my life outside of here, so I've not commented or posted in a while. I just want you to know that I see everything of yours, and always, always jump to your gallery when I see another upload. And I always am cheering for the best n your personal life--god knows you and Jo have been through the ringer. So take all the time you need---what, I'm gonna complain that you take off a 'week'? A 'week'??? I got you beat 100 fold on that score, dude! I can't complain...I just hope you replenish and flourish. And at some point I'll comment on more. Take care on all fronts and hope you get well-deserved rest! You deserve it. And maybe when you return at least one candidate will have left the race. I'll let you figure out who...Rest well, Rod!


6:05PM | Thu, 22 February 2024

Wow, Mark! I hope your hip and sacro iliac cut you a break soon, buddy! I'm doing OK, but I think Jo could relate to your hip pain.

As always, your comments always make me feel like the greatest artist on the planet (if not the entire galaxy! 😁)! I always read your comments several times with your wonderful detail - it really helps inspire me and is so encouraging! And I thank you so much!

I've had such a lack of motivation lately with all the foolishness in the galleries, but I'm not leaving. I'll not allow the image spammers that victory.

I still love creating, and continuing the TNA story (started on May 6, 2010! Can you believe it's been almost 14 years?), and it still has a lot of fans - and for that I'm very grateful!

Yeah, I feel bad for you and some of the others that get very few comments. And all the latest nonsense in the galleries doesn't help. And I fully understand about life getting in the way - boy, do I! LOL And... OMG... I truly hope and pray with every fiber of my being that Mr. Cotton Balls piece of 💩 ends up behind bars and not in the White House again!

Anyway, thanks so much for this comment and all your views, Mark! You rock, sir! Take good care of that hip, buddy!



7:45PM | Thu, 22 February 2024

I just love the complexity of your scenes. So much to digest!!



8:52AM | Fri, 23 February 2024

So worth the wait! This is briliant, great narrative, rendering and humour! Made my day :)



7:19PM | Sun, 03 March 2024

Way to go, Rod! A most amazing and wonderfully detailed chapter to the story line! Many super fine kudos from me!

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