White Wyrms Chapter 72: Forgive Me

Writers Fantasy posted on Jan 14, 2023
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Kritalla still sat in the dining hall. He’d been finished eating for at least half an hour. Ann still ate. He was amazed by how much food the tiny woman could consume. He was visiting with friends he’d made while running an inn in Thager. He didn’t know what surprised him more, Thailyn introducing him to Ruzi or Rejenn introducing his kids. Thailyn had sworn he’d never remarry. Rejenn had insisted he would never adopt. But Kritalla’s biggest surprise came when Morina walked in. She scowled when she saw him. “What are you doing here?” She demanded. “I had a message for his majesty. Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on staying.” “You know her?” Ann asked. “She’s my wife.” “She’s your wife? Morina?” Ann looked between the two of them. “Of course she didn’t tell you she was married.” He stood. “I’ll be in town for a couple of days. Scry me if you need more information about what we talked about.” “Kritalla, wait,” Ann insisted. “This is my father’s house. Morina doesn’t decide who stays here.” Kritalla laughed. “She doesn’t? You mean she hasn’t retaken the throne?” Ann frowned. “What?” She was staring at Morina. “I haven’t even tried. I stepped down when I was asked and said I would never wear the crown again. I never even told them who I was.” “Wait, you’re the immortal queen?” Ann asked. “You’re my several greats grandmother?” Morina nodded. “I am. It’s why I’m stationed here. I may no longer be queen, but this is still my kingdom.” Kritalla looked at Ann. “I appreciate your offer, but it would not be a good idea for me to stay here any longer.” He turned to go. “Kritalla, wait. Let’s talk before you go, privately,” Morina requested. Kritalla nodded, reluctantly. Morina’s talks could turn violent quickly. He loved her but she was dangerous. Still, he followed. He missed her terribly. She led him to a bedroom that had many of her personal things. She’d been there quite a while. “Morina, I…” She cut him off with a kiss. Surprised, he returned the kiss. He tasted tears and pulled away. Morina never cried. “I was a fool,” she said. “I should’ve never left you. Forgive me.” He pulled her close. “I forgave you centuries ago. I’ve been waiting for you to forgive me.” It was her turn to be surprised. “I know what I did was wrong,” he explained. “I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t have any other choice.” “I know. It just took me a long time to understand.” She kissed him again fiercely. It was a kiss he remembered, longed for, though he had doubted he’d ever receive it again. He kissed her back. *** Kritalla stared at the ceiling, mostly because he didn’t want to move and risk Morina getting up. She’d never been one to cuddle, but he enjoyed it so she indulged him, until he moved. Then, she’d take that as a sign they were done. Moving just his eyes, he glanced down at the top of her head on his chest as she lay, half on and half off of him. “You don’t have to be so still. I’m not moving,” she told him. “I never realized how much I enjoyed this.” He smiled. “I’m not moving either.” “I am very sorry for leaving. I should’ve been more understanding.” “What I did…” “Wait. The palace walls have ears,” she warned and cast a spell to prevent eavesdropping. “What I did was an abomination. I killed ten children in cold blood.” “No, you killed them in self-defense.” “I helped create them.” “You were undercover. You had no choice.” “That was why I was pardoned.” “Ten crossbreeds all coming into their magic at the same time would’ve been too much. They would have wiped out everything,” Morina reminded him. “I know. But I still helped make them. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had to kill them.” Morina looked at him. “They weren’t yours were they?” He shook his head, and she lay back down. “Morcri was the father. I’m a crossbreed myself, impure. But I still helped him find the mothers. And I helped make sure the children lived.” “When we’re undercover, sometimes even the best options are bad,” Morina said. “But Morcri’s dead now. Ann snapped his neck.” “How did that tiny little half-breed manage that? I know she’s Mishtali’s granddaughter, but still. And she killed Nor’than and Lyra if the rumors are true.” “They are.” Morina turned so she could look at him while still resting her head on his chest. She really had missed this. “You said you regretted killing those kids. If you could have let them live, would you?” “If they hadn’t gone mad, but they were already starting.” “What if they hadn’t?” “I wouldn’t have killed them.” “Do you swear that?” “Why? Is Chapado at her experiments again?” “Not exactly. Swear.” “I swear I will not kill in cold blood a crossbreed who hasn’t lost his sanity.” “Swear you won’t hurt one who hasn’t lost control.” “Morina, what are you implying?” “Swear it,” she insisted. “Okay. I swear. Shades.” “Ann is Chapado’s great-great-granddaughter.” “She’s what?” He started to sit up. Morina started to move off him and he stopped. “It’s been six hundred years since I felt this. Don’t move.” She settled back down. “Thailyn slept with an immortal and had a baby? Of all people. After everything his family went through both on Tricon and here.” “She was only one eighth immortal, and even she didn’t know. Her mother had Nielboh and had thought she told her when she hadn’t. Darina was already pregnant when they found out.” “That’s why you didn’t want me swearing only about sanity.” Morina nodded and her hair tickled his side. “I’ve known the girl since she escaped Lerjao. I’ve never seen or even suspected the need to kill her.” “Good. Because there’s more. She’s not only a crossbreed, she’s a white wyrm.” “She’s what?” “A white dragon.” “But that’s impossible.” “No, apparently, Chapado was on the right track, but rather than diluting the dragon blood, you need to dilute the immortal blood. And perhaps having a black dragon in the bloodline might help.” “And having a healer like Thailyn as a father,” Kritalla added. “No, Tercala is also white.” “I haven’t met him yet.” Morina explained about the boy, who his father was, who raised him, and how they were looking for his mother. “And Ann’s little girl might also be white. Obviously, since she hasn’t come into her magic, she can’t use a vial to change.” “I won’t hurt her.” “Good, because I think Drepal will hurt you if you tried. She’s very protective of her niece.” “Niece? Morina, Drepal is…” “I know. I was in Lerjao when she was. I saw her and what was done to her.” Now, Kritalla understood a change of heart about him. She hadn’t killed an innocent child, but for the sake of her cover, she’d let one be broken and become a monster. “Drepal is Ann’s twin sister. She was taken by the immortals that killed Darina and given to Lyra to raise. The two met in Lerjao. They don’t talk about it, but I think meeting Ann encouraged Drepal to run.” Kritalla nodded. Marino was telling him Ann’s cover story. The room was secure, but not 100%. “Twins, that would explain why people think Ann is Drepal.” “They do?” He nodded. “It’s part of why I’m here.” “We’ll talk more in Ann’s lab.” Kritalla groaned at the thought. “She’s excessive with her shields.” “She lives up to the legend, doesn’t she?” “She surpasses it.” She started to get up but he held her down. “I haven’t had a bed in seven years and I haven’t held a woman in six hundred years. We aren’t getting up.” “Six hundred? You waited?” “You didn’t?” He hadn’t expected her to, but he didn’t want to hear about it. “Of course I did. We are married. I take my vows seriously. “ “And I don’t?” “There was a time when I didn’t know, but I trust you.” “Good,” He kissed her.

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Great looking, well posed scene and story, it' would be also appropriated and much appreciated, if somebody would say to me "Please forgive me, I made a big mistake"! This would greatly relieve my depression!


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